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We built five sculptural boats, are floating them 400 miles down the Ganges River to a 5-day show in Varanasi. Now we need to get home!
We built five sculptural boats, are floating them 400 miles down the Ganges River to a 5-day show in Varanasi. Now we need to get home!
75 backers pledged $7,150 to help bring this project to life.

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Backer Rewards

Greetings all ye Backers!

First off happy holidays to you and yours - we hope you have a wonderful Yuletide or Krampusnacht or whatever you wind up celebrating.

We want to update all of you on the progress of your backer rewards in exchange for BRINGING US HOME!! Again, thank you for your support. We were hoping to have the silkscreened bandanas to everyone before the holidays, but that obviously isn't going to happen.

Some of our crew are still in India, and we're looking for a local artisan in New Delhi to fabricate the bandanas for us - so they'll have that authentic sub-continental touch. We hope to have these in hand by early February, and in turn to you shortly thereafter.

The other rewards will be delivered around this time also. The DVD by Marin Tockman will be ready by Summer 2012, so if your reward bracket included this please expect it then. And everyone gets a Hello Kali button!

Feel free to send an email to if you have any questions or comments.

And oh yeah, did you see all the awesome photos from the trip? Photos by Ben. Photos by Irene. Photos by Marin. Awesome!

See you in 2012

images of Your Crew!

Having docked in Varanasi and settled back into civilization (access to Internet), a recent flood of images and videos are arriving. It’ll take time to process so in the interim here are images of some of our lovely crew along the way.

Check out the blog for the most comprehensive updates and news.

One more bend in the river

The crew are nearly there, to Varanasi. What a journey. If you haven't been keeping track on the blog, a LOT has happened along the way, including capsized boats, how to make country liquor, a journey on foot through Allahabad including scouting the river and ashram ahead, not to mention the many lovely people we've met along the way:

We'll see you all soon.

We Thank You All!!!

We're all here and accounted for - we can't thank you all enough for making our Kickstarter a success! We're about 9 days out from Varanasi and we're already beginning to plan our return. That's crazy. But we'll see you all soon, so soon. We have LOTS of stories to tell.

93% funded, 63 backers, 58 hours to go!

Thank you everyone for your continued support. We're so close, almost there. A couple key pledge donations have really pushed this thing to the finish line - you know who you are!!

Meanwhile, here are some snippets from Porter's latest story, it's at times scary, and enlightening, and beautiful - 

the rest of that bike ride, and the next day at the ashram

"Suddenly I’m at the middle of a small shanty, there are wooden shacks and tarped houses all around. A small intersection with a road that looks like it goes down to the Ganges. A man steps out of the shadows, grabs my bike and starts yelling at me. I ask him for the ashram for the Gange for the sadhus. He points off to the east, and then points to the bread. He takes a loaf and then takes another loaf. I say, “Naheen,” No, and he takes another one. And then I say, “Dhanyavaad,” Thank you, and ride away. He tries to grab my arm but I get away, ride 300 yards and the chain on our Indian bicycle jams."


"After another hour of walking and getting off the trail when people were coming, I see police lights and hear a siren. I walk toward it, take a left, it’s the ashram road! The police are there in a jeep, they picked up the rest of our group in the market who asked them for a ride. They turned on the lights and the siren just to show them how it worked."


"The cargo boat sank overnight. Most of our power tools were underwater. Luckily the generator was not on the boat. We dry them out on the riverbank, flip the row boat over, scrape it down and caulk it with 3M 5200 (marine sealant)."


"We spend the afternoon at the ashram, a young boy there tells us about the Hindu religion, about various traditions and the celebration of Divali. He walks us through the neighboring village, tells us the names of the trees, the fruit, the animals, the names of the stray dogs thye’ve taken in. Everybody is kind and generous and takes good care of us. The well has clean water. The trees provide shade, so we sleep and read and recuperate after a long week, then have a big dinner that night."


Read this story and plenty more on the blog: