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Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
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      Patrick on

      Both outlets need to monitor energy consumption as it was noted by others. Several companies already offer one outlet to be monitored. Offering both outlets will add value and differentiate the product from others besides the inserts.

      Moving forward offer two SKU's to compensate for the price increase in component costs. As other backers have noted lets get the major inserts ready for public release: Camera, Speaker, WiFi AP, Alexa, etc.

    2. Swidget Creator on

      Thanks everyone for continuing to share your input with us! We appreciate all of the thought you put into these comments. We are taking the below points into consideration as we make some decisions in the coming weeks. As always, we'll keep you posted!

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      James Bruce on

      Perhaps maybe having two SKUs for with and without power metering. But if I had to choose just one, I would choose with the power metering. While i have read comments about using separate devices, I'm more interested in a power metering outlet that is tied to the app to let me see the usage across my house. I'm very interested in knowing where all the power in my house is going; to my PC, kids laptops, TV, video consoles, my apple tv, etc etc etc. Once you collect that data and you have a good app, the sky is the limit to controlling power usage, enabling smart meters to turn power on and off, programming the outlets to disable power while we are all asleep or at work. Just like my Nest knows I'm not in the house and adjusts the temperature while I am away. Without the power metering, its really just another outlet.

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      Dustin Palmer on

      I'm for the lower price point and if that means no power metering function at all, I'm OK with that. I'd like to put these all over my house and if I need to monitor power output I can attach a separate device to it as I've always done. The draw for the product, to me, is the swappable input.

      If you must include power monitoring to keep with a promise, than I agree with @Kelvin Saggers's comment: having only one outlet monitored would be best.

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      John Fortune on

      I would prefer the ability to monitor both outlets even if increasing the cost is required. I think that offering no monitoring, single outlet monitoring and both outlet monitoring should be a available option

    6. Dave on

      Increase the price. Never drop parts of the components please. These are amazing! I will happily pay more for them

    7. Kelvin Saggers

      A} Keeping the design as-is but increase the retail price to reflect the higher cost (potentially increasing the retail price by 25%)

      B} Removing the power metering function altogether, and maintaining our price point

      C} Removing the power metering function of the uncontrolled (always on) outlet, and metering only the controllable outlet, and increasing the price marginally (10-15%)

      I personally think you should go with B or C and go with A as a separate dearer product. otherwise you are going to price them all out of a lot of peoples range. you could go with B but i don't think most people will be put off by around 10% extra. It also keeps up with the promised design if you go with C

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      Scott Sutherland on

      I would suggest sticking as close to your price point at first, make the one outlet monitor-able with plans to come out with a more expensive option later that monitors both.

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      Michael Davie on

      I am not concerned about power monitoring at the outlet level. I am mostly interested in the inserts themselves, so I can add functionality to an existing outlet location with the same in-wall form factor.

      Incidentally, I monitor power usage across my entire home with a Sense monitor:

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      Josh S on

      I'd like the option to have all outlets power monitoring ability.

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      James Caraway on

      I vote for monitoring the controllable outlet only.

    12. Andrew DeGarmo on

      I agree with Dan Murray's comment. Two versions make sense to me. Also, it sounds like shopping around for another manufacturer might be in your best interest for the future.

    13. Joan Maxfield Good on

      I don’t need the constant monitoring on either outlet. If I have concerns about a particular appliance or outlet, I can add a separate power monitor to it as needed. My major pull was the smart house control tie in. Could the monitors be added as a module?

    14. Missing avatar

      Dan Murray on

      I agree with the comment that suggests two versions; with and without monitoring. This may cause issues with the App development and may best be deployed on a new product release down the road. Thanks for the updates. All the best.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jared Howkins on

      I'd like to keep the original design and to be able to monitor both outlets. Thanks for the transparency and keeping us updated on your development progress. I'm looking forward to finally testing these outlets on my smart home setup!
      I'm curious, can you publicly (or privately) share the UL certified current sense component part number that was originally spec'd?

    16. Mathieu Dumoulin on

      Although some others might be here for the monitoring of the consumption, i'm definitely not there for that. As long as i can control 1/2 outlets or benefit from any insert's features i'm happy with losing monitoring and keeping the costs low.

      If someone is in for the monitoring, maybe you could have a second outlet that monitors power. They'd have to pay more to get it but if their goal is to monitor consumption, it makes sense that they pay for the feature. I don't think other users should pay for that feature if they don't need it.

    17. Missing avatar

      Marc Saegesser on

      Monitoring both outlets is a big thing that drew me to this product. I already have Z-Wave outlets where I can only monitor a single outlet of the pair. +25% isn't a small thing, but I'm willing to pay for something that I really can't get anywhere else.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dustin LaFavre on

      I'd be ok with being able to monitor the power consumption of the switchable outlet, but considering that it's only 10% more to monitor both, it might be worth offering both options, unless the manufacturing and packaging costs would be disproportionately higher.

    19. Swidget Creator on

      @Ben Burford - no, either way we go, we will not change the price for our backers. We appreciate you all being the first ones to support Swidget and will ensure that your cost doesn't change.

    20. Kyle Cottongim on

      I would also like to be able to monitor power usage on both outlets. That was one of the major selling points of this project. I do, however, understand the need to keep costs low and would only be mildly annoyed if it were restricted to just the controlled outlet. Removing it all together would be a major loss in functionality in my opinion.

    21. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      I would be OK if it was only on the controlled outlet. How much longer till you expect to begin deliveries?

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Engstrom on

      I would certainly prefer to be able to monitor power consumption on both outlets if possible.

    23. Missing avatar

      Terry Hurlburt

      I would prefer to be able to monitor both outlet’s power consumption, even if it is more expensive. Terry

    24. Ben Burford

      I'd really like to have the power sensing function on both outlets. Will this still be included in the kickstarter or will you need to raise the price for us as well?