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Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
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      Chris Adamson Collaborator on

      Thanks for the feedback, Dave. As we build out the ecommerce portion of the site, these are the kinds of features that we want to know would resonate with our community. It's in the works!

    2. Dave on

      One of the main reasons why I backed this campaign is the friendly nature of the creator. I love how receptive you guys are and actually take the time to respond with a proper response, not just a "Thanks"

      I would love to see contractor packs as well. Sets of 5+ for the receptacles. I can definitely see my self owning a dozen or so more inserts than receptacles.

      Maybe if you are offering bundles through your website you could do a "Build-Your-Own" type bundle? If they purchase 1 outlet and 1 insert, each additional insert gives you 5% off, something like that. I always see customers flocking towards the BOGO deals. Buy One Outlet & Insert, get One Outlet & Insert at 20% off. Or however that works out.

      Even bundles of the same insert are good. I can see myself owning at least 10 USB chargers, probably half a dozen Wifi Boosters & Automatic Timer.

      Man I am soooo pumped to get these and start installing!

    3. Swidget Creator on

      @Rexworthy and @Rivers, thanks so much for the feedback! We will definitely be selling the inserts and outlets as individuals (with a blank insert). We thought of the bundles more like starter packs for those who want them or don't know where to begin. Also, we LIKE the idea of a storage case! We hadn't considered it as something people might want, so we'll put it on the table. Thank you!

    4. Levy Rivers

      I agree with @Rexworthy - I also think that a case to store inserts would be must.

    5. Dave on

      Bundles are a nice idea but PLEASE make sure you sell them individually. There will be a high percentage of people when buying a bundle there will be 1 insert they have no interest in.

      As someone who if this product really takes off see myself changing out EVERY (50+) outlet in my house. I would prefer to buy a receptacle and have it with a blank&Wi-Fi, or blank&Z-Wave. These would be the better options to bundle. 1, 2, or 3 receptacles. All the additional inserts are individuals & bundles.

      I could really see myself wanting the Power Monitor, Wireless Boost, Automatic Timer, USB Charger, & Motion Sensor for sure!

      I might want the Temp/Humi Sensor, Video Camera, Mood Lighting, Carbon Monoxide Sensor.

      I can't really see myself wanting Bluetooth Speaker, Emergency Light, Alexa Repeater, Aromatherapy, or White Noise.

      I can also see wanting a nice accessory box to hold all my inserts to keep them safe when not in use ;)