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Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
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      Patrick on

      @Chris Adamson,

      I believe your last reply brings a little more clarity to the questions I and others have. This is why I have decided to keep my support and funding for this project. No less than 50 people from America have jumped into this project because of my Internet blogs for this new product.

      These people found the advanced insert the key reason as to backing it though. Its safe to say there were a few red faces in the crowd when they soon realized these advanced inserts were not actively being developed for the June 2018 release or no timeline.

      The majority of the backers I know have affirmed the company should be actively working toward developing these five advanced inserts for the June 2018 release date: Alexa, Camera, Speaker, WiFi Extender, Temp & Humidity.

      In the worst case scenario working toward the release of Alexa / Google Home should be at the top of the short list for June 2018. As many see no value in the USB, Night Light, which other cheaper products already have.

      The Swidget company has a money maker on their hands. But, one of the advanced inserts must be at the for front if success is to be had.

      Thank You!

    2. Renval Sanchez on

      After reading the comments here, I've decided I'll hold onto my early bird pledge and see how this plays out... I interpreted the stretch goals as included in the original pledge but I understand now that's not the case. My feedback is that the cost of the pledge is, in my opinion, not with the reward without the stretch goal items. I have no doubt you'll reach the stretch goals which is why I backed, but seeing that the stretch goal items will be an additional cost in the end, I'll eventually cancel my pledge unless you guys have a change of heart. This isn't a threat or anything like that. It was my misunderstanding, so please simply take this as customer feedback.

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      Chris Adamson Collaborator on


      We're not disagreeing with you at all, on many of your points.  We understand that the true value of Swidget lies in the functions provided by the inserts, and that our backers have pledged because they see that greater value.  Knowing this, we are working tirelessly to make sure that we can release as many inserts as possible, as quickly as possible.  But we are also limited by timelines that are dictated by manufacturers, regulatory bodies and the availability of resources to achieve each of these goals.

      We are very thankful for the backing we have received thus far, and we're certainly not looking to disappoint the community.  We are being cautious to not promise more than can be delivered reasonably, even at the expense of a more successful campaign.   Our goal was to come to Kickstarter to start the process of engaging with a community - a community built around supporting creators looking for help in realizing a vision for a product or idea.

      With all that - we are not excluding the possibility of opening up more inserts as we move forward.  Indeed, the landscape is very fluid, and we are doing what we can to be reactive to the community, and to our day to day operational realities.  We want to believe that ultimately, you, and others, can see the vision as we see it, and that that is the reason why you backed us to begin with.

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      Patrick on

      I am in agreement with Renval Sanchez in that these stretch goals honestly don't make sense. They also don't bring the value that 99% of us backers were seeking when financial backing was given.

      Over 700 plus backers came here because inserts that offer native: Alexa, Speaker, Camera, WiFi, Carbon, were featured and talked about.

      The company is offering USB / Night Lights at $100 / $250K?!?!?

      How in the world could you expect the Home Automation enthusiasts to be excited and drive sales? I've stated this in the open forums several times and must do so again because I fear the campaign will stagnate once the general public realize there is no time line of (IF) and (WHEN) the other useful inserts will become available for purchase.

      Never mind what the actual backer discount / retail price is . . .

      The entire leadership, company, and development team must sit down and rethink the time lines for the inserts that made this whole campaign into a reality!!! It came as no great surprise to me Z-Wave was pushed up the ladder as being a option. Failure to do so would have crushed this project and this is coming from 25 years of personal experience in the home automation world.

      The reality is none of the three stretch goals are unique, cost much, or drive sales. If your goal is to hit $500K for a emergency light you are going to be disappointed. I can tell you right now more than one hundred thousand people have been tracking my blogs in various forums. While others have million views (depending upon topic) and these people are not moved by the fact three of the stretch goals are nickle and dime features.

      Lets have a reality check and move the *Premium* inserts up front ~ That will push this campaign into the millions . . .

    5. Lowell Misener Collaborator on

      @Renval Sanchez,
      Unlocking these add-ons as stretch goals helps us in ensuring that we have the necessary volume. With each new insert comes additional costs of manufacturing, and our intent is to offer these at discounted pricing to our backers, should they choose to add inserts to their pledge.

    6. Renval Sanchez on

      So, the stretch goals end up being add ons rather than included in your existing pledge?
      What's the point in that? You've clearly already designed and developed the add ons, and your campaign is already a success.... why is there any necessity to "unlock" these?
      I originally figured they'd be included if the campaign achieved the respective clip levels.