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Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
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    1. Jeffrey Min on November 1

      Sorry electric control is hard for me I want to refund

    2. Swidget Creator on October 26

      @stephane You completed and submitted your survey, so you are all set! Thank you!!

    3. Missing avatar

      on October 26

      @creator im pretty sure i did my survey but can you help with my status ? Thank you

    4. Dave Rexworthy on October 26

      Woot! Thanks Swidget!

    5. Swidget Creator on October 26

      Hey @Dave - funny you should mention it! We had an update scheduled to go out tomorrow. However, given your enthusiasm, we'll hit send now. Thanks for your continued encouragement!

    6. Dave Rexworthy on October 26

      Were is an update. Please don't be one of those campaigns that just stops communicating after the campaign ends. I get that weekly updates is not necessary but monthly ones would be nice, even if it is a no news update.

    7. Lowell Misener Collaborator on September 23

      Hi @Dave,
      Thanks for all the support! Cheers

    8. Dave Rexworthy on September 22

      Just filled out my survey and now looking forward to getting them. Hopefully everything will stay on track for June 2018. As I was going through the survey it dawned on me when deciding if I wanted extra inserts that if I did get them they would probably end up lost somewhere. Have you guys thought of a storage option to sell in the future that could hold all the inserts? Or even have Starter Packs that have a couple different inserts in them rather then buying individually?

    9. Lowell Misener Collaborator on September 16

      Hi @Matthew,
      We've got the survey done and just waiting for final approval. Should be just a matter of days. Thanks for the support! Cheers

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Wagerer on September 15

      Just checking to make sure the survey is still coming and it didn't get eaten by my email spam folder.

    11. Lowell Misener Collaborator on September 8

      Hi Beverly. We're putting the survey together now and this should be out next week. Sorry for any confusion - Kickstarter charges for the original reward and the survey that we will send out will allow you to add items to this order. Really appreciate the support!

    12. Missing avatar

      Beverly Clark on September 7

      Was waiting for my backer survey so I could add my USB outlet but never got one- just got an email that my order was charged to my credit card?

    13. Mike Frenchik
      on September 1

      Congrats. Looking forward to getting them.

    14. Missing avatar

      rdn on September 1

      Having a major home remodel (kitchen,adjacent rooms) done in the spring....great timing....looking forward to installing many Swidget units.. Keep me posted..good luck

    15. Missing avatar

      Lesley Millar on September 1

      So excited to get my Swidget! Very best of luck with the work to come.

    16. Mike Venable on September 1

      Congratulations on making your Dreams a Reality. I look forward to using your product for Years to come.

    17. Mike Frenchik
      on August 27

      Boom! Stretch goal met. Woot!

    18. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 25

      Hi @Troendlator,
      While the Swidget outlet will function with a Line and Neutral connection - from a safety standpoint, we strongly recommend that it only be installed with all three connections. Cheers.

    19. Troendlator on August 24

      Of course it requires a neutral. I meant the ground. My outlets do not contain a ground wire, just the hot and neutral.
      Does it require ground to function?

    20. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 24

      Hi @Troendlator,
      Yes. The Swidget outlet uses the same Line, Neutral and Ground connections as a regular wall outlet. Cheers.

    21. Troendlator on August 24

      Will a neutral wire be required for this outlet?

    22. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 18

      Hi @Brad and @John-Paul,
      Thanks for the support! At present, we are focusing on the current configuration of Swidget as the first platform. In the future we do plan at looking into other platform configurations of not only the outlet, but switch, and international versions as well. We’ll keep everyone posted!

    23. John-Paul Hayworth on August 17

      Is there any consideration about varying the plugs as well? For example, I would love to get one where one of the plugs was replaced with two USB slots AND there was the module slot as well.

    24. Brad Sweet on August 16

      Do you have any plans to allow for both plugs to be controllable in the future or will that not be able to be done?

      I'm also interested to know if you plan on getting into the light switch arena as well. I currently have the TP-Link one but it only works on single pole. If you were able to come out with bi-pole or triple pole control it would one up them. I also think you would still be able to fit your fit your plugs in as well.

      Will the sensors only be able to control the plug... or do you envision that it can be used to trigger another smart devices?

      I am very excited for your product. I had some ideas myself and this is the closest to what I've been thinking about so far.

    25. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 16

      Hi @Knocki
      Many thanks for all the support!

    26. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 16

      Hi @Brad
      Google Home is one of the targeted platforms for the Wifi Control Insert. Cheers!

    27. Knocki on August 16

      Congratulations guys! Keep up the great work, and finish strong! Let us know if there is anything we can help with.

    28. Daniel Shafer
      on August 16

      Don't use updates to spam projects.

    29. Brad Sweet on August 16

      Will the WiFi option still give me the ability to integrate with Google Home or do I need to go with the Z-Wave one?

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Adamson Collaborator on August 15


      The charges will originate in the US via Kickstarter's payment processing partner. Thanks for backing!

    31. Missing avatar

      Chris Adamson Collaborator on August 15


      Thanks for the support! UK and EU compatible systems is something we hope to pursue in the future, though we will look to round out the North American product line first. We'll keep you posted!

    32. Michael Wolbert on August 15

      Quick questions. I see you are based in Canada, though pledges appear to be in USD. Depending on how I am charged I may have foreign fees/exchange fees. I am wondering if you can help me understand ultimately where the charge will be originating from so I can choose my payment accordingly? Thank you

    33. David Marks on August 15

      This is brilliant, and would be even more amazing if you could launch a UK compatible system.

    34. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 13

      Hi @Jon

      We are planning to have a number of inserts ready for the product launch in June 2018. We’ll definitely keep you posted. Cheers

    35. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 13

      Hi @Stephane

      Thanks for the support! With any of the Kickstarter rewards, the Swidget outlets come bundled with an insert – you can select from Wifi or Z-Wave through your choice of pledge.  As for the other Inserts, we’re planning to release a number of them about the same time as the product launch in June 2018 and could be anywhere between $5 for simple inserts to upwards of $15 for more complex ones. We’ll keep you and everyone posted as we get closer to the launch! Cheers

    36. Missing avatar

      Jon A. Menter on August 13

      Amazing creation, would rather have the speaker insert than the sub if I could choose please.

    37. Missing avatar

      on August 13

      Hello and thank you to create such a great project... So I might haven't read well or read everything and so sorry for my ignorance but we back the outlet without the insert correct ? So when the insert would be available and for how much ?
      Thank you again

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Adamson Collaborator on August 11

      While we are currently focused on getting the North American devices to market, we are exploring opportunities to expand the concept into other markets.  Thanks for the interest!

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Adamson Collaborator on August 11

      While we haven't specifically tested Swidget with the Bitdefender Box, we don't foresee any issues with connecting Swidget to a home network security hub.  We'll dig into this a bit deeper as we move forward and keep you updated with any relevant information.

    40. Missing avatar

      Steven Highet on August 11

      Are there any plans to support other plug types such as what is used in Australia?

    41. Ross on August 9

      I also am one of the many people who look forward to being able to order more then three outlets. My question though is will I have any problems connecting Swidget to a home network security hub such as Bitdefender Box? I am also awaiting the delivery of a Dou AI Mirror, that i would like to be able to control my awesome Canadian Swidget's with.

    42. Swidget Creator on August 9

      Hi @Simon,

      We discussed this very thing with the Kickstarter team and they suggested we tell backers to select the reward that you want at the largest number of outlets/inserts. Then when we send out the surveys, you'll be able to add on additional orders/rewards. We are aware that it doesn't help our numbers now, but unfortunately we cannot add "add-ons" to our rewards during the campaign.

    43. Simon Bergeron on August 9

      I hope you will add options because currently I can't buy more than 3 outlets or add other swidgets I would like to have. That'S more money you could have before you have to send the survey

    44. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 8

      Hi @Matthew,
      That's a good question. From my quick look into the Elk M1, it appears to work with Z-Wave devices (but you'd have to verify this). As for the Wifi version, unless there is a way to utilize IFTTT or Stringify, this will likely not work with the Elk M1. Cheers.

    45. Matthew Sayewich on August 8

      i have an Elk M1 alarm system and automation centre managing my devices in my home. Will these swidgets + wifi work with the Elk M1 systems?

    46. Missing avatar

      Patrick on August 7

      It should be made clear in case the general public is unaware. There is nothing in the NEC / CEC that states the outlet must be orientated so the ground plug is facing up, none. Someone may have a preference but that doesn't make it a legal requirement to do so for anyone, period.

      Let's not add in hearsay or so called requirements which are NOT called out by the NEC / CEC.

    47. Mike Kabala
      on August 6

      In that case, your "aromatherapy" insert is little more than a drawer to put stuff into. I'd be much more likely to put a Glade Plug-in into one of the outlets and use the insert for something else, especially if that outlet is always on.

      I wouldn't worry about heated oil if Johnson and Johnson is willing to put their name on it. It would go a long way towards legitimizing your own product.

    48. Lowell Misener Collaborator on August 6


      We have considered a number of potential partners regarding the aromatherapy, but are being particularly cautious with systems that involve heat and/or liquid oils as the means of scent diffusion. As such, we're favoring an alternate method that involves the use of infused polymer beads and readily diffuse scent at room temperature.

      More generally - Kickstarter has been good for helping connect with potential partners, and we're excited at the prospect of being able to update the community with partnership announcements over the course of the campaign. Cheers.

    49. Mike Kabala
      on August 6

      LOL, my apartment is actually one of those units where all of the outlets are installed "upside-down" with the ground lead above the hot and neutral prongs. The trouble is that most of the plug-in control units for home automation don't fit right and tend to fall out. That's part of my motivation for moving towards a built-in unit in the first place.

      I definitely appreciated your second answer better than your first. It does, in fact, appear that we are in agreement about the division between Kickstarter fulfillment and future product development. I am beginning to feel more confident about the campaign.

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