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Spry can briefly submerge under water, float like a boat and fly in the air at over 40mph. It's very easy to fly and super strong.
Spry can briefly submerge under water, float like a boat and fly in the air at over 40mph. It's very easy to fly and super strong.
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Extra Accessories Shippment

Posted by SwellProUSA (Creator)

Hi Backers -

Shipment of accessories will start in the next couple of days. I will put out an update when that has started and you will be receiving tracking numbers.

Alex -

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    1. Missing avatar

      Privatreal 2 days ago


      Nr 12 still waiting for my 2 batteries ordered via kickstarter change yourpledge in august

      Will need them in mai if not possible to get them i can order 2 new ones an 1 reservebody and pay only the body?

      Please answer

    2. auenone on

      2 weeks later and still nothing. SEND MY S***!!!! Enough is enough.

    3. Missing avatar

      Noah on

      Backer #182. Received Drone as ordered last week. My 13 y/o is the one who is the dedicated pilot (not me)! First flight was yesterday, slight wind and it handled well. Still have some things to work out, but no issues with the drone/components yet. Will keep posting as we get more flights in and learn what works for us.

    4. Mark Denison on

      So recieved my drone but the remote only lasted four hours and the screen turned black..a few days now and no reply from support or warranty did get a messenger telling me to get ahold of support or warranty lol. I think they want me to ship it to China...ya right..cost more than the things point no reply doesnt that just give you consumer confidence. ..there is a FB group all should join altho there is rarely a lot to approve your posts and dome have disappeared altho I see below he's claimed not....he just won't post them if he doesn like what you say..good news the drone seamed alright and flew better than I thought pictures are good takes practice. Join the FB and share hopefully they will start sharing good and bad and quit edditing comments so that we can get on improving it and insure they keep their word. I sure hope all investors have recieved their drones now..or else they should get the ones they gave to retailers and fill they investors orders ...what bull.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bob rzewnicki on

      april 1 next week..... last message from alex march 18.... what do you folks really think is going on..... lies,lies,lies... i want a refund due to bad product and incomplete delivery..... you have my money right now..... karma..... be in florida soon to see you in person.....

    6. Missing avatar

      Kerstin Langdon on

      The battery charging system is crap. The connections are so tiny and delicate only a woman can use them! Please supply a better system. In this day and age USB is a much better way to do this. Quite frankly the current system is a cheap cop out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Roberto on

      Hi Alex, after one week from your last update and still nothing for the additional items!
      You are doing a "great" job...

    8. auenone on

      How long is a couple days. Still no extra parts!

    9. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      You can post anything on the following forum:
      There is a registercard splashdrone spry for our produkt
      All the best

    10. Mark Denison on

      Two days after finally receiving the drone the remote controller won't take a charge. Posted a few things on the Spry FB but they dont let you tell the truth about it's pros and cons and they remove or wont post any negative even if there's praise..just no negative. Several recent posts have been now whst do I do with the remote to get it fixed? Quality is definitely a problem....Two days About 8 flights. Long time finds it for a faulty product.

    11. Antonio Guardiani on

      Swellpro usa ....spazzatura

    12. Antonio Guardiani on

      Fate solo perdere tempo alle persone ...ho accettato progetto e pagato il drone a ottobre ....DOPO 4 MESI DI PROMESSE ...DI SPEDIZIONI RIMANDATE ...ORDINE ANNULLATO .... tutto pessimo ...

    13. Missing avatar

      Bob rzewnicki on

      junk. the reputation on swellpro and all involved is on the line.

    14. Nerder Steven on

      How about the warranty, who do we contact with defects and or hardware issues Please let us know, Urban Drones will not deal with issues or defects from Kick Starter Reward Why ?

    15. Missing avatar

      lee duck bae on

      Hi, Alex
      I'm the sponsor number 227.
      I live in Korea.
      I still haven't heard anything about the product I ordered.
      I wonder when I can get the product I ordered.
      Alex, help me.

    16. Missing avatar

      Carlos Gago

      I'm the 148 backer.

    17. Missing avatar

      Carlos Gago

      I haven't received a single message or mail about the shipment of my pledge. Can you help me Alex?

    18. Missing avatar

      Ricardo on

      For practical reasons the delay has caused the need to change my delivery address. Where can I do that? I have three Batteries coming as two separate rewards.

    19. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      Great thx for fast respond