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Spry can briefly submerge under water, float like a boat and fly in the air at over 40mph. It's very easy to fly and super strong.
Spry can briefly submerge under water, float like a boat and fly in the air at over 40mph. It's very easy to fly and super strong.
252 backers pledged $238,583 to help bring this project to life.

How to update your Spry | Units

Posted by SwellProUSA (Creator)

Hi Backers -

We know that some of you still have not received your Spry, but now that the factory is back, everybody should have their Spry very soon. Keep in mind that they've only been back for 2 days now. We're expecting shipment to continue next week. Thank you for your patience.

We're putting together a series of "How To" videos to help with any questions. If you'd like to see something explained in more detail, please comment on this update.

Spry Firmware download:

If your computer doesn't have an unzip software, get this free one:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bob rzewnicki on

      after less than an hours time. bad motor. now i’m expected to send it on my dime to china. no warranty work available yet at urban drones. very sad. the way backers have been treated is a shame. are we following the kickstarter rules?

    2. Missing avatar

      jeff kempf on

      also still waiting for my Video Goggles!
      And 2 chargers i received only have 1 charging cord and 1 plug in cord need a set of cords also
      cant tell if i need update no answer yet?

    3. Missing avatar

      jeff kempf on

      How can you tell if you need upgrade?

    4. Missing avatar

      Timo van Houdt on

      Is it possible to calibrate the camera?

      Kindly regards ,


    5. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      @ swellpro
      As your betatester i would be happy to get any respond to my postings to know at least that you did read it - have tryed to share the situation with my hardware but never saw that you did even read it or that you are trying to help solve that problems - maybe you think i am the only one with those difficultis so please use the hours of your customers lifetime to make your produkt work for me and for every new customer.
      tell us if you get feedback from others maybe via e mail with those kind of problems it would help not to have that kind of one way communication where i feel that you maybe ignore the new testing experiances.

    6. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      @ don

      Thank you for sharing thought i would be the only one

      Also tryed the administrator run also dont work

      Was finally able to extract the updatefile into the 2 seperate ones but not like in the swellprovideo:
      Right click to the updatefile itself doesent give me the possibiliti to extract

      I must open 7 zip then search the updatefile than it is possible to extract it

      So far so good but as i wrote the update programm does extract but not open at all

      When try first time to open the exe file windows writes 1 short warning - when i press that it should be used also with knowing the riskit does not open and after that 1 warning this warning does not apear again when you not delete it complete and do all from the beginn.

      I just see 2 times tje blue ring - showing the computer is doing something but then nothing happens.

      My best updateexperience was always via android apps, but in this case both did not work at all till an "factoryupdate" via sd card
      Now both swellcam2 and the flyapp can be used a litte more than bevore but still have massive failures :
      1.)The swellcam 2 programm does complete dissapear after install
      To open it i must go to playstore find it there and open it
      2. Problem with that is that when i connect my android tablet - samsung galaxy active 2 about 6 month old - via w lan to the remote or to the drone it always writes no good internetconnection even if i use internet via the simcard i cant go to internet when conectet to any of the 2 swellpro wifis and so i cant open via playstore as well - must reconnect to wlan internet open swellcam 2 there reconnect to one of the 2 swellpro wifis than i can open swellcam 2 offline as it is in the ram memory
      3.bevore and after that sd update i could not change any photo settings left up on screen it just writes something in s5ead of open the settings
      After sd update i can open the videosettings but cant change any of the resolutions and have cinese readings there as the new file installed via sd card directory and dissapeared after installing my old complete not working file was erased by the new - a liztle bit working file.
      4. The fly app looks now first time as it should expecting the lost of any internetfunktion while connectet and expect that i dont find any options also hovering is not showed only start and land buttons left side
      Could see map of remoteposition also firsttime when all is powered up
      Up left the status of gps circle or atti shows correctly when switched on remote but no flight modes can be changed in the app so far
      The left round instrument does show the drone position corect compas and 3d position is showed corectly when moved arround.

      Tap to fly seems to be possible also to set different marks to go seems ok but did not try to let the drone start.

      Since the sd update and the yesterday video i did not fly the drone not sure what this sd update made as it was written to the drone only via drone sd slot (file just copyed in sd directory and sd put in with next power up it copyed itself from the sd card into the drone and was dissapeared after from sd card) with connected remote controller could read update on remote while it was done.
      does it effect when flying it or was it just for the wlan funktionallity??
      As i cant do now how to do the new update on me windows 8 laptop 12 month old now i am groundet till a solution is found to get at least the new remote and drone updates to succsess.

    7. Don McLeish on

      firmware updater does not open in windows 10 for me. I have downloaded it a few times and unzipped it. I have tried to just run it as well as run it as administrator. Nothing happens. It is not clear that I even need to update the Spry but assume this is the case.

    8. Missing avatar

      Herbert Lerwill on

      Is there any way us backers that have not received a spry yet can get notified where we on the list and an accurate shipping date, all we continually are getting are postponing messages with apologies. Rather frustrating.

      Surely at this stage this type of information should be available.

    9. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      Your firmware updater does not open in my windows 8

      After doubleclick it shows a blue ring and does absolute nothing

      Give up for today

    10. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      After another 25 min. And looking exact on your video i cant extract your rar firmware file it does not offer extract as in your video, dont know why
      The rar logo is a white sheet on my laptop and looks different to the updater file which i can extract - please advise what i can do - feel a little bit stupid after 1 hour trying wit no sucsess

    11. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      Why it is necessery to send that small files zipped
      Try to unzip these files since one hour now
      but i am not able to do that corect
      Makes it so complicate with windows to do any updates...

    12. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      Maybe it would be good to do a video for all 3 calibration procedures which i found to be necessery every new place - only 3 km was enough to have wrong compass readings in many different aereas. So stick down is ok without turn off but stick up does require it also after compass calibration has to be turnet off after complete it.

      It took me 7 calibrations to turn of the drone after comletet processes as it is written in the manual, did never turn off after every single calibration only the very first time, others had same problem, think thats important to do sucsessful calibration process. Also tell the audiance to put theyr mobile phones away while the process, i forgot to do that the first times.

    13. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      Fw.8.7 was the factory update made via sd card the file was named FF1-G.BRN sendet from pavlos, he got it from factory
      With that first time i saw a fix in app mode
      When conected to the app i cant use internet and get a failure massage, the internet should have nothing to do with the wlan conection
      Also i was first time able to switch on the stabilisation and switch to pal but still dont see any incon anywhere for the cam 2 app

    14. Missing avatar

      Timo van Houdt on

      When do i get my new glass because when my drone arrived it was damaged!!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      Is it normal that i cant fly up with full forward motion in gps mode?
      When i fly to a hill i must stop than fly up and then i can fly forward again, full trottle forward and go down works good, just go up with forward motion doesn t work in gps mode.

    16. Missing avatar

      Privatreal on

      Thank you
      1 st please show how to do follow me at a given height - so that the drone follows downna hill while skiing
      2 nd please show how to circle while moving circle mode only around initial point possible now
      3 rd how to switch atti to full manual mode with the software
      4 th how to connect download cam2 that i find any incon - must opennalways via appstore
      Also i cant switch the resolution from videomode and from photomode, have done factory update 2 days ago but see now chinese writings

      5. How to start follow me mode with the app? See only hover on display

      6. Can turn drone left and right in follw me so left stik works up and down cam also works
      In circle mode also turning left right and up down cam is possible

      The manual says sticks dont work in follow me
      Also the turn funktion in circle mode is not describet.