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A delicious gourmet milk chocolate bar that tastes like a root beer float made with chocolate ice cream.
A delicious gourmet milk chocolate bar that tastes like a root beer float made with chocolate ice cream.
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    1. Arvin GM
      on August 4, 2017

      Got the chocolate bars yesterday... Thank you @SweetSteam... they were in good shape... no melted bars... taste so good too... though they do get soft (not melted yet) after being out in room air for several minutes.. that's when I took them out of the box and placed them on the dining table... so I had to put them in the fridge...I have my house temperature set at 70 degrees Fahrenheit...

      Overall, Delicious Rootbeer Chocolate... and the salt crystals adds to its amazing flavor... Fantastic job guys....

    2. Missing avatar

      on August 4, 2017

      Just got my bars today, the packaging had the bars in perfect condition, but on a couple of the hot chocolates the bottoms opened up a little bit so everything had a bit of cocoa powder on it, and the edges of the top hat for the absinthe minded professor sample were broken as well.

      The bars themselves are delicious. Really smooth and rich chocolate and get a nice little crunch from the root beer sugar crystals on the bottom.

    3. Nicky 'Dollface' Jones
      on July 25, 2017

      Hi guys
      . I don't have my bars yet and I'm in UK.. have they been shipped yet.. if so when. I keep hoping. Xx

    4. Arvin GM
      on July 20, 2017

      @Sweet Steam: Cool... That's understandable... Thank you for your response...

    5. Missing avatar

      Ray R.
      on July 13, 2017

      Received my bars a little while ago, and they're great. I hope you'll have them for sale soon.

    6. Sweet Steam Creator on July 12, 2017

      Hi Arvin,
      We have held off on some of the Hot weather areas in order to have better shipping package. We will be sending shortly. We really want to get the bars in your hand but in solid form. Please bare with us as we keep learning.

    7. Sweet Steam Creator on July 12, 2017

      Hey Ryan, sorry for the lack of communication. We currently ordered new mailing packaging and will be shipping soon. As all of us at Sweet Steam have full time jobs and are just starting this business we have not had the time to be as efficient as we would like. It's not an excuse but we do want to be transparent. We will be sending shortly but with packaging that we hope will keep the bars from melting. We hope this helps, in the end we want you to get what we promised and get the bars in your hand.

    8. Missing avatar

      on July 11, 2017

      Contacted Sweet Steam on Facebook on June 21st not receiving anything about my pledge yet as well and they said they were going to look into it but haven't heard anything else from them after that.

      They did mention that they might try a new packing method as well where they use ice packs to avoid the melting others had experienced already though. With it being the summer months that is going to be a larger concern now.

    9. Arvin GM
      on July 10, 2017

      @SweetSteam - Have you shipped products to Nevada? Haven't received the bars yet?

    10. Jeff Williams
      on June 9, 2017

      Received my bars, an they are amazing, so amazing I am sad I didn't order more. When are you going to have them available for ordering at retail prices from your website?

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Lightbody on June 8, 2017

      Unfortunately I'm in Florida and the product was melted. Refrigerated it and gave it a try. Not bad but I can't help but think the melting messed with the taste. Unfortunate for sure

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Guliano
      on June 7, 2017

      Tried the bars, and they were AWESOME! Grandson inhaled one and then went looking for the website to buy a case. Well done -

    13. Missing avatar

      Hiram G Wells
      on June 7, 2017

      Had a chance to try the bars. The artificial ingredients lend a nasty aftertaste. Not impressed.

    14. Stacey Merrill on June 4, 2017

      Bar arrived totally melted. I am in Fla. so no surprise there. However the box,inner liner bag & candy wrapper were not warm when delivered. On the plus side, the candy wrapper held the liquid chocolate without leaking.

    15. Missing avatar

      William Hutchings on June 4, 2017

      My bars arrived yesterday and they are great! Thank you!

    16. Bully
      on June 3, 2017

      Got mine in today. Cocoa is fine but the bar is completely melted. I guess it might have something to do with it being in the upper 80s and 90s here in NC lol. Should I just keep it and freeze it or something or send it back to you folks?

    17. Mark Newton
      on June 3, 2017

      @Sweet Steam

      I think that comment @Matt was to me, but since my brothers name is Matt, I'm use to accidentally getting called that my whole life lol. I lived in Grand Rapids for 2 years, it's a great city. Love to hear you guys may be supported by the more local Meijer, that's my preferred supermarket anyways, Ill take them over Walmart anyday.

      If/When your awesome chocolate bars make it to retail shelves let me know with an update! I'll be one of the first to pick them up on this side of the state!

    18. Laurianna Williams on June 2, 2017

      Hello Sweet Steam group. I appreciate your reply. Please consider that there are many good rootbeer without sassafras in them these days, foremost that comes to my mind is Virgil's rootbeer. I mention this because since sassafras is banned in the USA, they often replace it with wintergreen with much success. So should you endeavor more natural combinations in the future this knowledge may be of help to you. Best wishes.

    19. Sweet Steam Creator on June 2, 2017

      Hi Laurianna,
      Thanks for your comment. The conundrum with "Root beer" is that the natural flavor comes from Sassafras albidum, this natural flavoring is banned from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration due to the carcinogenicity of its constituent safrole, most commercial recipes do not contain sassafras. Therefore anyone that produces a Root Beer flavor must use the artificial flavoring. We can assure you that is the only flavor that is artificial. Hope this helps and thanks for the support and feedback!
      The Sweet Steam Team

    20. Missing avatar

      Hiram G Wells
      on June 2, 2017

      Got my bars and cocoa. When I opened the box I was greeted by a lovely smell of cocoa. Not so lovely was when I found that the bag of cocoa was unsealed and most of the contents was distributed throughout the box. Even less lovely was when my wife ( who some say incarnates the soul of a Sumerian demoness) pulled out the bag distributing cocoa across many items in the kitchen. Please help me out and prevent Her Mighty Wraith from descending upon us all.

    21. Laurianna Williams on June 1, 2017

      Grr. ***Brown background not town. ::mutters bitter things about auto correct).

    22. Laurianna Williams on June 1, 2017

      Oh and thoughts on the wrapper. It's a LOT of brown. Might lighten the town background just a smidgen to make the other graphics pop more.

    23. Laurianna Williams on June 1, 2017

      Hello. Got my bars, cocoa and mug today! I was very pleased with the quality of the mug, it doesn't look like the logo will wear off easily like other mugs and the handle is nicely sized. Liked the Sassy character's final incarnation much better than in the mockups, she looked a little crazed in those.
      Haven't tried the cocoa but it smelled okay. I liked the milk chocolate of the bar pretty well, and I love the concept of rootbeer with chocolate, but was rather disappointed to see you went the artificial flavors route, as the taste of artificial rootbeer definitely shows up for me. I like the crunch of the rootbeer-sugar, but feel that since you went to the trouble to fairly source your cacao you might have taken the extra step to improve the quality of the other ingredients as well. This may not be a problem for folks who daily ingest artificial ingredients, but I do not digest them well, and avoid them entirely 99.9% of the time. I view chocolate as one of a few indulgences I can make, and wish to make the experience as special yet healthful as possible, which is why I feel this way. Please continue to improve and grow as I really like your concepts and theme, but would like it even more if it were more health concious ingredient-wise. I understand that my type may not be your target consumer though.

    24. Missing avatar

      Cortney Greeley on June 1, 2017

      Was there any licorice flavoring used in the making of this product (common with root beer flavored things)? I would like to share with a friend, but need to know if it's same for them first.

    25. Missing avatar

      on June 1, 2017

      Wonderful surprise today! Bars arrived. Woohoo. The wrapper's cool.

    26. Sweet Steam Creator on June 1, 2017

      Hey Matt, we will get an online order site up soon. We do need to perfect mailing. Also the plan is to get them into stores so hopefully Meier! One of us is from the Grand Rapids area!

      on June 1, 2017

      My package arrived today in St Louis. Everything was great except for a cracked mug. A little bubble wrap would be a better insulator for the mugs than paper.

    28. Mark Newton
      on June 1, 2017

      From a fellow Michigander from the other side of the state... this is a hell of a chocolate bar. I love them. My friends and family love them too and have been asking me if there's a way they can buy their own but I didnt have an answer for them. How would someone, especially someone in the same state, get ahold of some of these after you guys have finished fulfillment for the kickstarter campaign?

    29. Sweet Steam Creator on June 1, 2017

      Thank you Matt!!! We know it took a while but we hope you understand. We are so grateful for the support!

    30. Missing avatar

      Matt Smith
      on June 1, 2017

      Arrived today. First bar gets an A+

    31. Daryl McLaurine
      on May 27, 2017

      Any idea when you will ship to Illinois?

    32. Sweet Steam Creator on May 27, 2017

      Hi Everyone,
      We can assure you that we have started the shipping process. We have sent out our largest orders and are now down to our smaller orders. May happens to be one of our busiest times as we have attended two Steam Punk Conventions which occupied our time greatly. We know you are patiently waiting for your reward and we can't thank you enough for that. We have double boxed all orders with a barrier of shipping paper to create cooler insulation from the temperature. Orders should all reach the post office by the end of this week, preferably Wednesday May 31. We know we have taken longer than we said, but please know that we all have full time jobs while we build this business, we also know that without you all we would not have this bar or opportunity to bring it to market. We hope you understand, better yet we hope you enjoy your Roustabout as it will be to you soon.

      Thank you all,
      The Sweet Steam Team

    33. Dean White
      on May 26, 2017

      You said you were to start shipping on April 27th. Today is May 26th. Hmmm.
      And I'm with some of the others. The heat index today in Dallas, TX is 104*F. And its almost June as well.

    34. kevin white on May 25, 2017

      hubs of hell temperatures here in arizona....



    35. Nicky 'Dollface' Jones
      on May 18, 2017

      Hey peeps. .. does this include your post to go across the pond to us here in UK ? I can't wait for this it. X

    36. Missing avatar

      Yog on May 18, 2017

      May I ask how you guys are packing the chocolate? It's getting hot in Texas, so im worried that I'll come home to a delivery of melted chocolate. I'm too excited at this point, so that would be a bummer.

    37. Sweet Steam Creator on May 7, 2017

      Hi Christine, yes we should have all of our Kickstarter backers fulfilled by the end of the month. This weekend we are at the Steampunk World's Fair convention and personally handing some backers rewards there. We will be back at the fulfillment tasks this week. Thank you for your support and patience!

    38. Christine Adams
      on May 6, 2017

      Ok, just saw your update of April 20. It's May 6th so I guess we should expect our product soon. �

    39. Christine Adams
      on May 6, 2017

      Helloooooow? Any update?

    40. Missing avatar

      Talha on March 24, 2017

      I'm wondering the same, it's near the end of march, I was told that you'd be delivering around this time. How long will it be? Thanks.

    41. Nicky 'Dollface' Jones
      on March 22, 2017

      How are these amazing chocolate bars coming along ;)

    42. Nicky 'Dollface' Jones
      on December 17, 2016

      Congratulations guys.. can't wait.. x

    43. Sweet Steam Creator on December 17, 2016

      @Laurianna Williams: it's $15 for a mug. It's the weight of the mug that causes higher shipping costs.

    44. Laurianna Williams on December 17, 2016

      How much do you add to your pledge for a mug?

    45. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on December 14, 2016

      2nd that...i am quite intrigued by the Peanut Butter Cocoa...

    46. Lindsay Jones Jenkins on December 10, 2016

      Have you considered an add on option for buying the cocoa?

    47. i hate buying gas
      on December 8, 2016

      Thanks for the info. Should probably put that in the FAQ. Would have saved us both some time.
      Good luck, I'm sure they're great but too 'rich' for me.

    48. Sweet Steam Creator on December 8, 2016

      @i hate buying gas: hi "I Hate" the bars are 3oz which is a standard for gourmet bars.
      Thank you so much for your pledge!
      We are humbled with all the support!
      The Sweet Steam Team

    49. i hate buying gas
      on December 8, 2016

      What size or oz are the bars?

    50. Nicky 'Dollface' Jones
      on December 8, 2016

      Hey would you consider shipping to uk. . Pleeeeease!

      I want to try it.

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