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The filmmaker features her transgender dad, and seeks out other kids of LGBT parents to show what it's like to grow up a bit different.


Filmmaker Sharon Shattuck hailed from a conservative Midwestern town where everyone knew everyone else’s business.  But she thought she had a secret: her dad was transgender.

Project Dad  (working title) follows Sharon’s quest to understand her LGBT family through a two-way dialogue with her dad.  Funny, poignant, and above all real, the film uses a mix of verité and interview footage shot by the filmmaker, and point-of-view flip-cam footage shot by her subjects, to answer the question, “What is a healthy family?”  Springing from her experiences growing up in a supportive family surrounded by outside misunderstanding, the filmmaker seeks out other children of LGBT families, expectant LGBT parents, family law experts, and politicians from both sides of the fence, to craft a film that is national in scope, and centered on hope and redemption.

Project Dad, produced by Sharon Shattuck and Brooke Brewer, is a Co-Production of Wicked Delicate Films (co-creators of King CornThe City Dark). Filmed in full HD with a rustic, cinematic soundtrack by musician Chris Bathgate, and featuring intricate painted animations, Project Dad invites a broad audience to experience what it’s like to grow up a little bit different, and to see what a joy that difference can be.


This project is in the production phase. We've spent our time so far with Sharon's dad, in her Midwestern home town.  We took some of this footage and published an Op Ed and video for the New York Times in April 2012, called 'Name Change,' which has garnered a lot of support and interest online.

Now, with your help, we plan to build the film's narrative into a layered, multi-person story, by adding interviews with key politicians, LGBT family rights experts and spokespeople, and members of other LGBT families across the country.  We will also be providing flip cameras to main characters in the film, to allow us to see the world through their eyes--this footage will be woven throughout the final film.

Your donation will help us to travel to and interview key people, and to begin to assemble those interviews into a feature-length documentary film.

Father's Day e-card
Father's Day e-card


It's almost father's day and we're celebrating "all" father's, Project Dad style. Donate in your dad's or loved one's name. They'll get the Project Dad swag and we'll give you this e-card to send them.  

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We truly can't thank you enough for your support.


  • Project Dad is directed by Sharon Shattuck, and produced by Sharon and Brooke Brewer. It's a Co-Production of Wicked Delicate Films.

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