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A documentary film about an LGBT family in small town America
A documentary film about an LGBT family in small town America
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Project Dad update: a new focus, a wedding, and editing

Posted by sharon (Creator)

Hi everyone, it's been a long and productive summer, and I wanted to post a quick update on Project Dad, because a LOT has changed in the past half a year.

This past spring, after lots of discussion, my team and I decided to change the focus of the film from an essay-style documentary to a character-driven film.  If you know what that means, then you've probably spent a lot of time around doc filmmakers, or you are one yourself, and I'm sorry.  For the rest of you, it means that we decided to focus the story on my family and me, as we prepared for my wedding in August.  We will still use the incredible interviews Brooke and I gathered in some sort of an interactive, online component of the film.

See our (sort of) updated trailer HERE.

Weddings, as some of you may know, are especially interesting and stressful when you're part of an LGBTQ family.  How do we reconcile cultural traditions with our reality?  Who wears the tux, who walks the bride down the aisle, who has the first dance?  Are  weddings even necessary, or appropriate?  We turned over these questions and more during cupcake tastings, craft nights, and family dinners, leading to a lot of great footage and some seriously real talk.  And of course, we filmed my wedding on August 24th.

Now I'm thrilled to announce that my old pal Freddy Shanahan, talented editor of the Emmy-nominated documentary The City Dark, will be editing Project Dad starting in mid-November!  We're so SO lucky to have him on board.

Related to this, we're continuing our fundraising efforts.  We have enough funding left over from the Kickstarter campaign to pay Freddy for two months of editing, which will move us forward significantly, but we need at least three or four months of editing to get us to the fine cut stage.  We're focusing our efforts on grant writing and personal donations--please message me privately if you'd like to talk more about this.

That's it on the Project Dad front.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading, and have a happy fall!


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