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A documentary film about an LGBT family in small town America
A documentary film about an LGBT family in small town America
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Happy Holidays from Project Dad! Donor rewards!

Posted by sharon (Creator)

Hi, everyone!
After our long radio silence this summer and fall, I wanted to post an update about where Project Dad is going, and what we're up to.

This coming weekend, Brooke and I are thrilled to participate in Tribeca Hacks Cambridge, an interactive storytelling workshop hosted by the Zeega team.  We're looking forward to learning new ways in which interactive online storytelling can be used to further our message about LGBT family equality.  The possibilities are endless, and I'm just now starting to grasp what we can do with this new medium--it's very exciting.

In August, I went on a month-long shooting trip to my home region of Northern Michigan, where I interviewed friends, family, and old neighbors, as well as a politician involved in passing a local anti-discrimination ordinance.  Since then, we've been logging footage, doing research, and planning our more involved travel shoots.  As of now, it looks like we'll be in Seattle in mid-January, Florida at the end of January, lower Michigan (Lansing/Ann Arbor/Detroit)  in early February, and Iowa City towards the end of February or early March.  If you know of any LGBT families or experts (lawyers, politicians, researchers, spokespeople) we should reach out to in those regions, PLEASE feel free to send us a message, we'd really appreciate it.  We're especially looking for LGBT families living outside of urban areas, and also looking for families with kids old enough to articulate their experiences.

Lastly, the first batch of donor rewards is in!  Though it'll be over a year until the film is done (we estimated 2014), I now have in my possession some snazzy tote bags, postcards, and CDs from our friend and composer Chris Bathgate.  As soon as I figure out how to request your mailing addresses via Kickstarter, dear donors, I'll put your gift in the mail, so that you'll hopefully get it before the holidays.  And check out this awesome tote bag snapshot.  If you're wishing you had ordered one (and who isn't, really), message me--we got some extras just in case.

Thanks again for your support, everyone, and look out for some sort of Kickstarter request for your address, coming soon.


Sharon & Brooke

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