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A little card game about a big monster.
A little card game about a big monster.
597 backers pledged €8,269 to help bring this project to life.


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Deep in the swamps dwells an ancient and formidable creature. Two mighty leaders have gathered in a bid to harness its power and forever settle their struggle for supremacy. Who will be the first to summon the Terrible Monster? And... will that be enough to win the day?

Terrible Monster is an intense micro card game for 2 players, that plays in 5 minutes or less. There are only 16 basic cards in a deck that is shared by the 2 players. Players receive counter tokens that allow them to counter or enforce cards that have been played. Which cards to play, which cards to counter? Every decision counts!

 Full content list

  • 13 Spell Cards 
  • 3 Monster Cards
  • 8 Life Tokens  
  • 6 Counter Tokens
  • 2 Reference Sheets
  • 1 Rulebook 
  • in a 2-piece box with enough space for sleeved cards
  • + KS Limited: 5 Hero cards
  • + KS Limited: 2 Spell cards
  • + KS Limited: 4 "Creative" cards (3 from KS + 1 from Contest)
  • + KS Exclusive: Campaign card & Achievement sheet

Content list represents achieved stretch goals.

KS Limited: All cards marked as KS Limited will not be part of the base game and in the future only be available seperate from the base game.

- You will receive an elegantly simple but surprisingly deep game, that can be played in 5 minutes. 

- You get a huge discount! Similar games have retail prices of 10 Euro or more, while you will pay less than 10 Euro including worldwide shipping,

- You will receive solid, quality components with the possibility of additional upgrades during the campaign.

- With our backers' help, we will hopefully be able to expand on the great basis of the original game with interesting new card options at no additional cost to you.

- Or even better: You might be one of those who join us in making this overlooked gem even greater with your own ideas!

- If you like what you see, backing us now is the easiest, cheapest and safest way to get the game and all additional material.

- Hero Cards are a new gameplay feature of this edition. Before the game starts each player is dealt a hero card. Once per turn, the player can choose to use the Hero Card action, instead of a card play.



Rulebook + PnP in French (thanks Jekheal!)

Rulebook + PnP in German

Artwork WIP
Artwork WIP

azelrpg: "Terrible Monster is essentially Magic the Gathering meets Love Letter. [...] One big Terrible Monster, but a fantastic little game."  (find hisreview here)

rynelf: "I'm impressed: it's interesting and permits a great deal of creativity."

 "Generous" Pledge Level - Help us make this game the best it can be and receive a supporter pack!

The generous pledge level is not meant to be the best "value" for your money. If you would like that, you should go for the "basic"-level. What we can include as a "thank you" depends on the total number of supporters. If we can gather more supporters, we can give them more nice stuff.

Guaranteed to be included in the supporter pack will be:

 Current count towards stretch goals: 85

"Creative" Pledge Level - Create your own card and make them available to everyone!

We invite everyone to join us in expanding this cute little game by helping us design new Spells, Monsters and Heroes. The way this will work is that you tell us your idea regarding (any/all of:) game effect, theme and illustration and we will work with you to realize your vision within the boundaries of the game´s system and concept. We are not opposed to trying some crazy things but we will keep the option to reject/modify suggestions until they fit our overall vision for the game.  

Your card will then be included for all backers of the Kickstarter-Version of the game.  

Additionally you will get 10x the "Basic" pledge reward!

Note: We don´t expect these cards to become 100% balanced but they should provide a lot of optional additional replay value once players have explored the intricacies of the finely balanced basic version of the game.


We are planning to ship individual games world-wide using bubble mailers, from Germany. This will be most cost-effective for smaller quantities.The value of individual packages will be low enough to avoid any customs charges.   

Shipping costs for the Basic pledge level:

Germany: 2€

Rest of world: 4€

Pledge for the Basic - Essen pickup level to pick up the game in Essen and avoid shipping costs.

If bigger quantities are reached, we have the option of upgrading our shipping method to account for that, without changing the shipping cost for the backers.

For the Generous and the Creative pledge levels the shipping is included.

Terrible Monster has originally been published in Japan with different graphics and a very low printrun. We feel that the game is elegant and unique enough to deserve a larger audience, Kickstarter will hopefully allow us to gather enough support (funds as well as exposure) to bring the game to a world wide audience

Kickstarter allows us to communicate with potential buyers in more creative ways than traditional publishing could! We would also love to build on Terrible Monster´s fantastic foundation and expand and upgrade the game with better material and additional gameplay via our "creative" pledge-levels. This kind of collaboration of like-minded supporters is only achievable by means of crowdfunding-sites like Kickstarter.

Artwork WIP
Artwork WIP

Sweet Lemon Publishing is a new company located in Bonn, Germany but the founders Leon and Simon have been working in the boardgame business for several years. So far, their work was mostly focused on scouting, editing and consulting for Korea Boardgames, the biggest Korean boardgame company. Some of their favorite games (they worked on) include Coconuts, Abraca...What?, King's Pouch, Monster My Neighbor and H.I.D.E..  

The goal of the company is to promote good games that don't quite fit the criteria for conventional publishing and to explore new and more interactive ways of publishing

For Terrible Monster we are collaborating with:


Shun is the designer of Terrible Monster. We will be working with him to ensure new cards from this campaign are fun and workable. He previously published The King of Frontier, which condenses Carcassone and Puerto Rico to a new game experience.

Isabel Bollmann:

Isabel is a talented, young artist from Erkrath, Germany. Terrible Monster is her first boardgame project.We love her style and feel she manages to bring something special to the game with her illustrations. Please check out her tumblr.

The Music in our Kickstarter-Video is used under this license:

Answers to unasked questions (rui) / CC BY 4.0 Thanks to rui for that great little track!

Risks and challenges

This is our first Kickstarter project, so it would be presumptuous to say there are no risks involved. But we are confident to deliver a quality product in time for several reasons:

- We have been working in the board game industry for several years and know many of the pitfalls of producing a game.

- We have an extensive network of industry contacts that can help us if we encounter unexpected challenges.

- A lot of work on the game is already done: The basic version of the game was published before. We have quotes from several factories to produce and ship the game and our skilled artist has already finished a big part of the artwork.

The area we have the least experience in is the actual crowdfunding fulfillment process where we get the game from the factories to the backers. We have tried to account for this by choosing a simple way to fulfill without many external factors and an expected delivery date for the rewards that leaves ample time to resolve any problems that might arise with this and still deliver in time.

In any case, if there are any problems or delays, we will try to communicate them swiftly and clearly to our backers, while solving them and not leave anyone in the dark.

Our plan is to ship the games in October 2016 and have them for sale at the Spiel convention in Essen. If your game shouldn't show up or if it shows up badly damaged, just get in touch with us and we will send you replacement.

Thanks for your support!

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    We will prepare a special care package for you including sleeves, stickers and surprises.

    Additionally you get everything in the Basic pledge Level.

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    10x Basic

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    Pledge €500 or more About $563


    Want to be part of a creative process? This level lets you design a spell, hero or monster card which will be included for all backers.
    We will test the spell card and work with you to make sure that it makes sense within the confines of the game.

    Additionally you get everything in the Generous pledge level.

    ***Shipping included.***

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