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A documentary film on Seattle’s hip-hop scene told through the interviews of the hip-hop artists themselves, with live performances. Read more

Seattle, WA Documentary
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A documentary film on Seattle’s hip-hop scene told through the interviews of the hip-hop artists themselves, with live performances.

Seattle, WA Documentary
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About this project

"Swass" is a documentary film on Seattle’s hip-hop scene. The film is an in-depth look at the struggling hip-hop community in the Seattle area told through interviews by the hip-hop artists themselves. The documentary addresses the music scene as well as the outside factors that affect it, such as demographics and the economy of the city.  What is the Seattle sound, where has it been, where is it going?  More than anything this film is a reflection of the community, a means to prompt discussion, and our way of giving back.

At this point, almost all the production work is done.  We now hope to commence the immense task of post production with your help!  Hours upon hours of video footage need to be edited, color corrected, audio scrubbed, mixed, mastered, compressed... the list goes on and on.  Funds will also be used for duplication of the DVD, t-shirt production, promotion of the film, and the development of a website for the film.

Thanks for your support,

Arie and Blake

Interviews and Performances with:

Sir-Mix-A Lot, Blue Scholars, Macklemore, Vitamin D, Jake One, Massive Monkees, Larry Mizell, The Emerald Street Boys, Grynch, D-Black, Bean One, Silver Shadow D, One B Lo, DJ B-Mellow, Lace Cadence, DJ Scene, BYC,  B-Boy Orb, Alpha P, Thee Satisfaction, Mad Rad, Charles Mudede, Champagne Champagne, Hella Dope, Big World Breaks, Dyme Def, Grey Skul, Kevin Gardner, Yirim Seck, King Khazm, Gaberiel Teodros,  Amos Miller, Obese Productions, Sam Chesneau, Soul Gorilla, DJ Marc Sense, Canary Sing and many more…


  • Yes! There will be digital downloads available when the project is completed.

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  • YES! $10,000 is just A PART of our budget and Kickstarter allows you to raise as much money as is given before the deadline. This means more ability for us, the filmmakers, to travel, collect more interviews, and allows us more assistance in getting the equipment needed to film a feature length documentary.

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  • We are hoping to hold the premiere before the end of Summer 2011

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  • No, you must donate through the system.

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  • No ones credit card is charged, and we don't receive any of the donations. Then we begin applying for grants, throwing parties, raising funds the traditional way, and tearing out our hair.

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  • Spread the word as much as possible by posting the link to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog and email accounts. Support the local music scene and go out to shows. Get two turntables and a microphone!

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    $10 reward

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    Thank you, and we'll send you a Seattle hip hop themed desktop wallpaper, influenced by the film, for your computer OR a poster your choice

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    $15 reward

    3 backers

    This get's you a ticket to the movie!! We will have a special screening of the film in a movie theater in Seattle for a limited amount of showings. A digital download of the movie will also be available for those that cannot attend. Hope to see you there...

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    $20 reward

    4 backers Limited (96 left of 100)

    Special limited edition "Swass" T-shirt. Black with white lettering.

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    $25 reward

    4 backers Limited (496 left of 500)

    A copy of the limited edition DVD of "Swass". This DVD will include extended concert performances as well as extended interviews that weren't seen in the movie. There is a limited supply so get yours now! The DVD will be available for pick up at one of the screenings, if you have ticket, or you can request it to be mailed to you (include 5 dollars for shipping for a total of 30 dollars).

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    $30 reward

    5 backers Limited (70 left of 75)

    VIP Premiere Screening. This private screening will be extra special as it will be the first showing of the film where the hip-hop artists themselves will be invited as well as other special guests. There will also be Q&A with the producers, and a live musical performance.

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    $60 reward

    0 backers Limited (50 left of 50)

    The VIP PACKAGE! Includes a ticket to the VIP Premiere screening, a DVD, and T-Shirt

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    3 backers Limited (22 left of 25)

    The VIP Package for two! Two tickets to the premiere Screening, 2 DVDs, 2 T-Shirts, and 2 Posters.

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    $200 reward

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    This gets you the full package plus!!! You get the DVD, The T-shirt, a ticket to the VIP Screening and special thank you in the credits on the DVD. There will also be a mention of your name in a thank you before the the VIP screening, and a pat on the back. At this point your truly supporting the arts!

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    $1,000 reward

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    Co-producer credit! You will receive all of the rewards above plus a special credit in the beginning of the film! Thank you so much for you support!

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