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Spice up your ride with a sweet, sweet seat clamp with an integrated bottle opener. Designed by Swarm.
Spice up your ride with a sweet, sweet seat clamp with an integrated bottle opener. Designed by Swarm.
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    1. Daniel on

      actually, the design makes sense for opening bottles with the right hand. nevermind!

    2. Daniel on

      what i meant was that, when the clamp is installed with the logo right side up, i'm usually accustomed to having the part where you put the wrench on the other side of the bike.

      no big deal, tis' awesome. love the coaster too.

    3. Tim Ruszel on

      I got my Nectar today and I LOVE it. Excellent work, guys! And thanks for all the great updates—was fantastic to see the process evolve along the way. My only problem now is that I want to purchase an Elixir for my other bike—any idea when/where they'll be available for purchase? Thanks again, and many successes to you guys.

    4. Swarm 2-time creator on

      We've heard a couple comments about the logo being upside down. This is but an illusion! The product is packaged upside down to show the size (which is laser etched on the bottom of the clamp.) When you install it with the size on the bottom, and the lip on the top, you'll find that the lovely SWARM logo is right side up.

    5. Daniel on

      got mine today! i find it a little odd that the logo is printed in a way that makes it upside from every seat clamp i've ever owned... otherwise it's great!

    6. Missing avatar

      justin iwasaki on

      Great to see another SLC team making moves on kickstarter (I'm with SEED). Great Product. Too bad I missed the round to get one. I'll check your website.

    7. Swarm 2-time creator on

      Thomas, great question. I'm working hard with our CNC shop to get everything ready. We had a good meeting last night, and have the "soft jaws" basically designed. We're ordering up the special tooling and the raw material today. Our goal is to get the clamps shipped out in the first couple weeks of May. We need to get these out for the beginning of biking season!

    8. thomas lamourine on

      soo.. you guys are all good, what is the expected time from funding to shipping it out so she's all pretty on my bike? ;)

    9. Swarm 2-time creator on

      Bill, 30.9 is the seat post diameter. That is the inside diameter of the seat tube. The seat clamp fits on the outside. I did a little research, and the Superlight has a 34.9mm seat tube. This is the size you need.

    10. Bill Peck on

      I have a Santa Cruz Super light. The Seat post says its 30.9. I don't see a size that matches. Are you going to offer other sizes?

    11. Swarm 2-time creator on

      Michael, the best way to handle that is to donate once for 30+10, and once for just 30. We can combine shipping for you!

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Lannon on

      So I'm interested in two Elixirs, one for each of my bikes. The thing I'm wondering is, do I pay shipping on each? I live in Canada, so do I order one elixir for 30+10 for shipping, PLUS another 30+10 for the other, or do I pay the shipping cost just once?


    13. Swarm 2-time creator on

      Kishna, both Nectar and Elixir are sweet, sweet bottle openers, and both come in a bunch of sizes, so they will definitely fit your bike.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tristan Brenner on

      Swarm Team- get your shit to marin! it will be a blast

    15. Krishna Parashar on

      Does the ELIXAR also open bottles? Can you use both on your bike?

    16. Gene Gualtieri on

      @Chris: I've seen that Swobo opener and I always thought it was pretty cool until I saw these. They are elegant and minimalist in a way the Swobo is not. Also, the Swobo model would be blocked by a seat bag. So, I imagine Swarm might have been inspired by Swobo, if by inspired you mean recognized a good idea and realized you could do it better.

    17. Kelsey Kobelka on

      No Offence but to me this promotes drinking and cycling or driving if you have to drive your car to your ride spot. Maybe some words on responsible cycling wouldn't be out of place.

      Also, please pick up those bottle caps, littering is just as uncool and irresponsible as drunk cycling is.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Swobo Bikes from California makes a bike seat bottle opener. I have had a bike seat with a beer opener for more then 3 years.…#
      They also had Park tool custom make them a wrench / bottle opener.…
      Perhaps it inspired this extra bottle opener on a bike :)

    19. Swarm 2-time creator on

      John, we did a blog post about that very thing. Check it out at:…

    20. Missing avatar

      John on

      Is there an easy way to figure out what size to get?

    21. Swarm 2-time creator on

      Michael, you're exactly right. Take the pledge level you're interested in, and add $10 for shipping to Canada.

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Boos on

      For Canadians, when you say 'add $10', do you mean to the pledge amount? So $30+ for the NECTAR, for example? Thanks.

    23. Swarm 2-time creator on

      Designfluence, that is a really good question. We actually did a lot of designing and testing to arrive at the current orientation. It seems intuitive to have the opener face down, but then the bottle hits the rear tire. That doesn't work. Turn the opener sideways? Now it rubs the rider's leg.

      We actually addressed this in the video about 2/3 of the way through. And you can see that we successfully open several beverages in the video without spilling a drop. Cheers!

    24. Designfluence on

      An interesting idea, but won't part of my "elixir" pour out of the bottle at that angle?

      I really suggest turning the opener aspect 90 degrees for usability purposes...

    25. Missing avatar

      Gene Marcum on

      Hail to the ELIXIR!