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Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas return in a brand new Fear Effect adventure. Join them as they once again confront the spirit world.
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Release Date Announcement Trailer.

Posted by Sushee (Creator)



Fear Effect Sedna. Coming March 6th.

It's official. We are very excited to announce that Fear Effect Sedna will be released on March 6th. Thank you all for your support. 

Not long to go now. We have sent out surveys to those of you that need to choose a platform, please reply before February 18th to ensure your choice is confirmed.

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    1. Donnie Sage on

      What time will codes be going out?

    2. Sushee Creator on

      Hi Peter, We wish we could have done it that way but unfortunately there are certain rules and procedures we have to follow. It's not quite as easy as it may seem. (Even as Community Manager here I don't have a playable console version yet.) I hope that helps explains the situation and we'll be sending out codes tomorrow. We really appreciate your support. Thanks.

    3. Peter Lutz

      Yessss, I can´t wait for it ,buuut i kinda dislike that some Youtube Reviewers get their "marketing-copie" befor i get my reward. Since we are the people who "made it possible", i think, we should be higher prioritised in the shipping schedule.

      But anyway i´m glad it finally arrives!

    4. Grant Fraser on

      So I have already picked my console but ive just picked up a switch and would like to change it to that. Is that possible?

    5. Otakyoon Tropnazeteam on

      salut, j'ai changé d'adresse mail et du coup je n'ai pas reçu le formulaire. Mais je veux une version xbox one X enhanced (celle avec les succès faciles)

    6. Alan Aj Johnson on

      I never got a survey as well

    7. Sushee Creator on

      No surveys have been sent to PC (Steam)-only tiers as it is not needed at this time.

    8. Andy Gomer on

      Is there any news on when we will receive the surveys?

    9. Benjamin Röhr on

      i did not receive any survey ?

    10. Sushee Creator on

      Hi everyone, there are some questions regarding the surveys, but it looks like most of you have got it right that if you’re in the PC/Steam-only tiers (the 15 and 18 euro options) you will not have received a survey. For the the other tiers, we need the total numbers for each platform (PC/PS4/XboxOne) to ensure we have the right amount of codes.

    11. Benjamin Lee on

      Survey has not been sent out yet?

    12. Missing avatar

      Paulo Souza Jr. on

      Hi, I have not received the survey, is it going in batches?

    13. Anthony Montalvo on

      This game is right on schedule! Thanks Sushee!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mick Adam Noya on

      Great. I assume we are getting our cods before this?

    15. Missing avatar


      I have the Pledge €15 or more, Early Preorder tier. I wanted the game on steam but I don't have a survey is that ok?

    16. tarasis on

      Awesome. Really looking forward to this!