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Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas return in a brand new Fear Effect adventure. Join them as they once again confront the spirit world.
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Devlog n°6: Ready for a sneak peek?

Posted by Sushee (Creator)
Hi everyone!

We have some very good news to share, and some of you already have a clue what it is. But first: some update about the development!  

End of gameplay adjustments  

That doesn’t mean we won’t correct a few balance problems until the release, but here we are: the game is finally in its final form! Combat, infiltration, exploration, reflection, we got it all sorted out, and we’re really happy with the result! Now time to make it a little more juicy and satisfying, but the foundation is strong! 

Back and more than ready!
Back and more than ready!

A vast majority of the environments are ready to be explored. We won’t spoil it too much, but know that we are very pleased with how various they can be - though always creepy, or at least troubling. We definitely hope you like water. And depths. And uh, slimy… things.  

Entering the finish line

What’s left to do?  

There are still a few visual rework to do, as we want every area to be well detailed and animated. The last remaining environments to improve are the most mystical and scary ones - we kept the it for the end, so we’re sure to be extra-inspired!  

Designing Nuuk
Designing Nuuk


We always need more testing.
We always need more testing.

Polishing, of course. Graphically speaking, we still need to work on character animation, difficulty balance, light effects, particles, all the small things that always take more time than expected. Technically speaking, there’s still a bit of playtesting and calibrating. Some here find the game too difficult… what would you like; a more cinematic and smooth experience, or something more challenging? Or maybe both. Well, you will very soon be able to tell us what you think, because…  

Hands on the game already?  

...a demo is now available on Steam! Not an early prototype: the actual demo, which is basically the first 30 minutes of the game.  

Introducing the new tactical mode
Introducing the new tactical mode

It will include all that we couldn’t show you in the prototype:   

  • Infiltration mechanics! Once you enter stealth mode, you’ll be able to see the the enemies’ field of view. 
  • Stealth kills! Easier, faster, deadlier. 
  • Better character skills! And this time they’ll be really different and complementary. 
  • New voice actors! The whole crew is a delight to work with, and we’re very happy with this cast led by Natalie Roers - the voice of Hana in last year’s prototype. 
  • Smarter AIs! With the revamped cover system, they will try to flank you, call allies, move from a cover to another, stay hidden when their health is low… 
  • More death scenes! Just because… well, we all like those. 
  • Challenging puzzles! Prepare to fail! 

And many more minor improvements that we’re sure you will notice. 

Please note that this demo is not a fully polished version, and that we still have a few things to work on before the full release! But it will give you a lot more faithful glimpse of what Fear Effect Sedna will be. 

Take cover!
Take cover!

We’ve come a long way since the alpha prototype, and we hope you will like what we’ve done with the game. 


If you have installed the Alpha prototype, in order to play the demo: you have to uninstall the Alpha first, for it will not update automatically. Then reinstall the demo, and everything should be fine! 

Your feedback matters! 

Some of you wrote down thoughts and suggestions about the alpha prototype. They were very important for us, and we think we addressed them for the most part. This demo will be no exception, and we still need your feedback to guide us through the finish line! 

For those who have access to it, the feedback forum is still online!

Have fun!

The Sushee Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jared Lindsay on

      Speaking of the Switch, is there going to be any way to switch our pledge over to that version? I, too, would prefer to play it there than on PC. If not, it's not the end of the world.

      Also, this has probably been answered already, but is there going to be a physical release for consoles?

    2. Carlos Silva on

      The demo is a great improvement over the Alpha. I really liked what you did to the tactical pause and the tutorial. There are some improvements that need to be made, such as being able to take cover in wall corners and maybe lowering enemies health.

      The game looks amazing, I love the cel-shaded look of the characters and the artstyle.

      Sound and music are very good as well. Voice acting not so much

      Good job. Keep it going

      As for issues I have encountered, cutscenes don't work for me (so I went to Youtube to take a look).

      Finally, I was surprised to see that you guys are bringing it to the Nintendo Switch !!!
      I guess my choice of platform has been made now. Now I can play the game at home or take it with me on the go.

      Will it come at the same time as the other versions?

    3. Melvin Co on

      Am I the only one who got a weird button config?
      I'm using a Razer Sabertooth.
      shooting goes with the Start button.
      Reload with A.
      Cover with B.
      Selecting targets with LT and RT.
      Selecting characters with LB and RB.

      nothing more ...

      also encountered an error with the first cutscene ... nothing.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jared Lindsay on

      Regarding difficulty:

      If a game is more story-focused, I prefer a smoother experience; otherwise, it feels like the game actually gets in the way of my enjoyment. I don't want it to be a total walk in the park, but I also shouldn't be sighing in frustration every time combat starts.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jared Lindsay on

      Great job making it feel like a Fear Effect game! I can't wait to get the final product.

      First: A very frustrating, confusing, and demo-breaking bug I encountered.

      When you get into the small shed as Rain, you're prompted to hack the drones. If you leave the shed while Hana is talking, however, the game will glitch, and you'll never be able to interact with the terminal. I had to restart the whole demo to progress.

      Second: A gripe.

      As others have stated, it's frustrating that the enemies are bullet sponges. I can understand enemies taking longer to kill at range (due to accuracy issues), but when it takes multiple magazines at point-blank range to fell a single grunt, then we have a problem. You just don't feel like the world-class assassins/mercenaries you're supposed to be. Hopefully this gets addressed, because from what I've seen, you guys have otherwise nailed it, and this is coming from someone who was pretty skeptical about the isometric design.

    6. Scottie Mick on

      Love the cutscenes! The voice acting is a little meh but whatever!

      The gameplay feels... Overly complex? Maybe it's just the PC layout but I'm having a very difficult time managing the 2 girls against the onslaught of 5-6 guys (after you unlock the doors). I get that you can pause the game and issue commands, but the enemies feel like they run around too much for it to be used properly...

      Ill have to try again but it's really hard to get into the rhythm of the game.

      But other than that it feels like fear effect!

    7. MichiGen - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      But after seeing what I saw I believe that you are the right team to bring us the true sequel to the Fear Effect 2!

    8. MichiGen - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      Thank you very much for the demo. I love the cutscenes, such a professional work! They look incredible. For the gameplay itself, currently it is not very fun in my opinion, so it's great that you have released a demo to get some feedback.

      I don't like that the enemy are bullet sponge, it takes ridiculously long time to take them down. In comparison Hotline Miami 1 is very fast paced, it can be played also stealthy, usually one hit kills every enemy and even the player, but it is so well paced that it is fun. I don't think that the same style would suit Fear Effect, but I don't think that it is very fun currently to watch 2 characters as they stay in front of each other shooting 50 bullets until one of them dies. Needs some tunning and more fun/original ways how to kill enemies.

    9. Hiroshi Mishima on

      I'm on a trip with family right now, so I can't actually try out the demo yet.. but with regards to difficulty: I know some appreciate a good challenge, but to me it's more important that the game is beatable without wanting to pull your hair out. Finding the right balance is quite important, especially with how "challenge happy" some games have become these days.

      You raised a significant point when you said some found the game difficult. If the developers/testers are finding the game too tough that's a huge red flag that it.. might just be a good idea to work on that a bit more. The hardcore gamers claiming to have mad skills probably won't be the primary audience.

      Also, if there's difficulty settings.. for the love of all that is good and just, do NOT put in an achievement for beating it on the hardest setting. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here. I'm not a fan of putting things out of the average player's reach. But for those reading this, I'm not asking for hand holding, just that things be reasonable.

    10. Jalister on

      The screenshots look really good. I'll try to check out the demo soon. I'm still hoping you will consider a DRM free version, possibly through GOG.

    11. Sushee Creator on

      @anonymous, you're the only one who reported this problem and we never encountered it, can you give us some info about your configuration and OS? Did the problem always occured or did it appear at some point? Thanks!

    12. Sushee Creator on

      Hey all, we're aware of a conflict between the prototype and the demo on Steam. We're investigating the issue and will try to find a solution as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience, stay tuned!

      And thanks for the kind words!

    13. Bully

      I tried uninstalling the Alpha demo and installing the new one, but Steam sees both the old and new demo as already being in my library. Even with uninstalling and reinstalling I'm still only getting the Alpha one to come up. Is this a Steam issue or is there something else I'm missing?

      BTW way to go on making it this far! So glad everything's been going well for you all these past few months :-)

    14. laracroft on

      Thanks for the update and the hard work guys, can't wait to play this :)

    15. Missing avatar

      anonymous on

      The Demo cutscenes don't seem to be working for me. I just get a black screen for a few seconds and then it jumps to the next mission.

    16. Bill McCollum on

      A little bit of both.
      Fear Effect 1 and 2 were both difficult games, but rewarding story as a result of beating the difficulty. :D

      But that's all in your hands.
      Can't way to play this!