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Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas return in a brand new Fear Effect adventure. Join them as they once again confront the spirit world.
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Day 30: 100%! And more!

Posted by Sushee (Creator)

We did it!

Campaign might have been a bit slowed down at some point, we finally made it to 100%! Thank you all for your support and your kind words!

The coming year will be busy; we’re aiming for a release in spring 2017. Now that we can afford to see the big picture, we will begin working on the full game, starting now! (Well, maybe tomorrow, let’s spend some time celebrating right now.)

Also, a demo will be opened to all backers who pledged €60 and more, and this is coming really quickly, in october this year! If you wish to see the beta, you can adjust your pledge with the “manage your pledge” button when logged in, and choose any reward starting from €60 on top of the page.

Be sure that we’re really happy with all what you did for us, for all your support & kind words, this means everything & every penny counts. And you’ll get as much news as possible on the game development!

We’re all full of energy, boosted by this really good news, and ready to make a great Fear Effect Sedna!

But the campaign isn’t over! 34 hours to go, let’s make the most out of the remaining time! Let’s make a huge return!

Friendly yours, Sushee.

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    1. RPRezo on

      Great news, everyone!

    2. Mr.Monttu

      Congrats! ^^

    3. obvitsamy on

      Fantastic news, congratulations!

    4. Missing avatar

      David Leech on

      This is fantastic! I was worried for a while but now can't wait to play the new game. Well done!

    5. Daniel Ruprecht on

      Congratulations! Can't wait to see the story going on with Hanna & Co. after 15 years :D

    6. CitizenSwift on

      Congrats guys! Well done!

    7. Miguel Muñoz-Caravaca on


      Fifteen years waiting for this day. Good work!

    8. Calum Robertson on

      It wouldn't be an authentic Fear Effect game without some tense moments in the [Kickstarter] campaign!

      Congrats to the team at Sushee and I look forward to playing the finished product!

    9. Nathan Camp on


    10. Pixy on

      Yay \o/ congrats !!