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Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas return in a brand new Fear Effect adventure. Join them as they once again confront the spirit world.
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Day 29: Monster design

Posted by Sushee (Creator)

Myths have diverse purpose. Whether they try to explain the origins of the world, or just scare the children to make them behave, they all have something in common: they reflect the inner hopes and fears of those who created them.

Greenland is a harsh place. Needless to say it is cold; the hunt for food has become a priority for early inuit communities. And in their legends, they tell stories of hunters who went too far north and crossed the barrier between the living and the dead; of fishermen who never came back, swallowed by Sedna’s progenies; of children abducted by long-armed creatures, never to return; of malicious spirits only small wood-carved statuettes could keep out.

If someone opens the door between worlds, some of these legends might cross the veil...

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    1. Missing avatar

      blckrockshtr on

      OMG, just came home to check and you guys reached the goal! :D Congrats!

    2. RPRezo on

      Is it me, or does short-legged skull in the middle looks more cute then menacing? Like his place is in Monkey Island?..

      The last design, on the other hand, I really dig.

    3. Michaeljack on

      This sounds freaking awesome! I read The Barsoom Project years ago so i know a tiny bit about Inuit mythology and seeing this really excites me!