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Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas return in a brand new Fear Effect adventure. Join them as they once again confront the spirit world.
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Day 24: A friendly face!

Posted by Sushee (Creator)

Hi everyone!

It is time to show you a message from someone you probably already know…

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 We are really delighted to work with Matt Furniss, as his particular blend of modern style and traditional music is truly part of the Fear Effect legend.

Only 20% remaining!

The goal gets closer every day, thanks to you! Earlier this week, you saw a video showing some of the gameplay. You’ve asked us a lot of questions, and we thought you all could be interested in the answers. Here they are!

How will it work with a controller or a console pad?

With a controller, you won’t control every character at the same time, like you can do with a mouse by selecting everyone. You will choose one character in the team, who will become team leader - the others will follow her / him.

In combat, the IA will control other characters too, but if you want to give more precise orders, you will be able to switch easily from a character to another, and use specific skills, or tell them to move to a cover. You will also be able to bind and unbind the team to split them. This will be handy in situations where only one character can sneak into a room and the others can’t follow.

Will more gameplay elements be added in the final version?

Of course, we talked earlier of the skill system: each character will have 4 to 6 specific active skills (plus the passive ones) that will be displayed next to their portrait (each will also be bound to a button on the controller).

Skills’ purpose is to multiply tactical possibilities (fumigenes, door blocking, dual target shooting, etc…), but also to reflect each character’s personality in combat.

Will the costumes have an impact on gameplay too?

The costumes (including those from the costume pack) will be purely cosmetic. We are thinking of a way to add equippable objects and clothes though, which would increase your armor or make you harder to detect in the shadows. But we don’t want to confuse the gameplay, so this is only an idea, that will require a lot of testing and balancing.

For more info: Cliqist asked us some very interesting questions about the gameplay, and wrote a post with our answers. Check it out!

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    1. Scottie Mick on

      Very VERY happy to hear Matt is back! His score in the first game is one of the best! I hope he brings back the main theme from that game too! It's SO GOOD.