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Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas return in a brand new Fear Effect adventure. Join them as they once again confront the spirit world.
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Day 21: Console port & gameplay video!

Posted by Sushee (Creator)

Hey everyone!

3 weeks ago this campaign started. Today, we are almost 1,800 backers and 70% funded, we can be very confident for the end of this awesome journey with you. As you’ve seen during the campaign so far, your feedback is very important to us, you’re as much fans as we are of Fear Effect, and we really want you to be involved in the game development.

Over the past few weeks, we had dozens of messages requesting a console port for Sedna. It was a difficult decision for us, because developing on PS4 or Xbox One requires a lot of work, and significant financial investment too. It was a tough job, and we had to make choices, but today we can officially announce that we will be porting the game on PS4 and Xbox One!

We are very excited to see Fear Effect on consoles. You may wonder why we didn’t plan this at the beginning of the campaign? The reason is simple, we only could secure the required funds recently, and it’s very important for us to commit to doing things we have the capacity to do.

So now, as soon as the project is funded, we will work on versions of the game available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As a consequence, we changed the stretch goals to remove the console port.

We also added a reward tier, for the console version (€20). For all higher rewards (starting at €35), you can choose your version.

Gameplay video

We are very proud to show you an extended gameplay video. We worked hard on this video, captured from our current working copy. We hope that you’ll understand even better how the game is working, and how respectful to the franchise it is, with its puzzles, deathscenes, nervous fights and cutscenes. But don’t forget it’s an early excerpt, and when you’ll play the final version, in one year, every aspect of the game will be improved. Please, remember, it’s a prototype, and we are waiting for your feedback, now and during the development process to improve the game!

You will certainly notice that this is PC gameplay. With a controller, you will control one character at a time, the others will follow you, and you will be able to switch from one character to the other with a simple hit on a button.

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With this great news, we hope that our community will grow even bigger - so spread the word, support us, and let’s make an unforgettable game all together!

The Sushee Team

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    1. ShenmueFan on

      Really love the gameplay . At first was disappointed it wasn't like old fear effect games but the puzzles and cut scenes are exactly like the old games, the combat looks great too and is a nice change. If this does well then it will show there is a market for fear effect and they may make inferno or another game in the style of the old ones.

    2. RPRezo on

      Video looks very nice, I'm liking what you are doing with the franchise so far.

      I hope with having to port Sedna to consoles you won't have to sacrifice it's quality or quantity too much. Otherwise I think you should not make an Xbox One - having a PS4-version is pretty damn important for a franchise started on PS1, but I doubt Xbox One version will give you a lot of sales. Not trying to start a holy war here or anything, and if making 3 versions is not much harder than 2 - then of course it's better to please as many fans as you can. I just don't wan't the development to suffer while making something that won't make that much of a difference in terms of backers or sales.

    3. Michaeljack on

      Glad to see Console gamers getting the chance to play this too! Also the video makes me feel better about how this game works. With the original games i sometimes felt gameplay was sacrificed to make everything look beautiful and show it from the right angle, it made some situations very tricky because of the angle they were presented from. This new way could work very well and allow the game to be much bigger

    4. Missing avatar

      LJ3rd on

      To be honest moves like this make me sightly hesitant, after seeing other gaming kick starters get stalled after over promising. I'm curious to know what changes had to be made to afford the console port and how it'll effect the estimated release date.

    5. Melvin Co on

      console port will surely boost the funding.
      we can do this!

    6. Melvin Co on

      with the art style and that slow-mo mechanic, it's as if you're watching an animated film.
      great cinematics.

    7. Missing avatar

      Florian Kanngiesser on

      Hm I wonder the game right now is controlled by mouse since you're working on a console port will it be able to controll the game via gamepad (Xbox 360/XBONE) on PC? Just asking because I sometimes feel like playing with a controller is more fun than clicking places with a mouse :D

    8. Jákup Fuglø

      Will the backers who pledge for one of the costume pack tiers be able to get them on console?

    9. Liam Sherlock on

      Fantastic news! I figured a console port would have seen the light of day *eventually*, but for it to co-exist alongside its PC version is just the absolute best. I'm now really tempted to up my pledge. I was always going to support a new Fear Effect anything, but since I'll actually be able to play this thing for myself upon release then I'm now all the more invested in its success.

      I'm liking the gameplay, too. Visually looks exactly how I'd expect a new Fear Effect game to look. I can't help but mourn the camera angle + pre-rendered background combo, but this still looks to carry over everything else that makes up the spirit of those games. Animations do look a little goofy, but of course it's still early so I'm sure they'll get spruced up in time!

      And death scenes! Great!

    10. David B. on

      Great video! Seeing this brought back fond memories of playing the old Fear Effect games and makes me excited for this new one.

    11. Austin Alexander on

      Upped my pledge. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for making this game and resurrecting this fantastic franchise.

    12. Scottie Mick on

      Is there a way for the early backers to get the console version somehow?

    13. Mr.Monttu

      Pretty neat looking gameplay footage, with that video and console ports, you will be getting that 100k in no time. ^^

    14. Scottie Mick on

      Awesome video! Love how the characters' run animations are very similar to the PS1 games!

    15. Scottie Mick on


    16. Mark Dorney on

      I am very happy to hear this, and subsequently, I will be increasing my pledge. Fear Effect was after all a console title, it only seems right.