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Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas return in a brand new Fear Effect adventure. Join them as they once again confront the spirit world.
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Improved rewards!

Posted by Sushee (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We hope your weekend was as good as ours. We're now full of energy and ready to bring this Kickstarter campaign to a higher level!

Today we have great news. After reading your feedbacks and discussing with some of you on this page, but also on Facebook and Twitter, we decided to make a huge improvement of our reward system. All the rewards tiers level up today!

What is changing?

  • For every tier from - COSTUME PACK - and up, we will add an awesome papercraft template to the package, it will allow you to have your own 3D Hana on your desk!
  • Also, we add to this tier a unique digital signed artwork. Every tier above this one will get a specific artwork. We’re sure you’ll like it, and backing will be the only way to get this exclusive artworks, one different for each tier.
  • We add a new tier: €45 ($51, £36) for an extended edition including a copy of the game, either the digital OST or the digital Artbook, the costume pack, the papercraft pattern and the exclusive digital artwork.
  • We will add your name in the credits, starting from the - DIGITAL COLLECTOR EDITION - and all backers starting at - DESIGN A GUARD - tier will be credited as “Executive Backers” with their name in bigger font.
  • And the big news: we don’t want to keep you waiting, so we decided to build a special early demo. It will includes fights, exploration and puzzles gameplay. The demo will be available in October, only on PC. You will be the very first ones to test it, and we will show it to some conventions, too. We can’t wait to show you the game and to get your feedbacks!

You can see a more precise description of each tier in the “Rewards” section of the Kickstarter page.

As a clarification, if we reach the consoles goal, every backer will have the choice between the PC, the PS4 or the Xbox One version of the game, the choice will be up to you!

We had several questions about the costume pack. First let me show you what it’s like: 

You can wear these costume everywhere in the game, in both story and mission mode. And there will be, of course, more costumes to unlock in the game.

We hope you are as excited as we are, please continue to support us, and to share your feedbacks!

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    1. Melvin Co on


      Sorry for this late reply. But here it is, anyway. :D

      Costumes in gaming these days, especially in competitive or e-sports, are purely aesthetics to avoid unbalance in gameplay and other mechanics.
      But since this is a single player, focused primarily onto narrative or on the story, I think adding a bit or a tiny statistics bonus to the costumes won't hurt.
      Like, a small increase in passive dodging, stealth capabilities, elemental resistance, etc. Or better yet some hilarious or humorous bonus or effect.

      But then, you have to balance those for the ones who only offer pure aesthetics.

      bottomline, either pure aesthetics or none at all to make things easier.

    2. Akule

      Is there going to be an addon for the costume pack, or just the pledge level?

    3. Missing avatar

      Arthur Maloney on

      How about a physical copy of the game instead? I think all of us would really be behind that!

    4. RPRezo on

      @Sushee but if some costumes offer advantages, than you can say that purely cosmetic ones actually offer you disadvantages... That's won't be fair to them either, I think.

    5. Sushee Creator on

      @Melvin Co thank you so much for your kind message.
      Certain costume will be pure aesthetics, other will improve character's stats.
      But I think that the one we'll offer are just aesthetics, not to advantage too much :)
      But tell us what you think!

    6. Melvin Co on

      do these costumes are pure aesthetics?
      or they add some bonus statistics or effects?

      demo is on Oct...
      Wake me up when September ends. (old joke)

      I'm not really a fan of the game nor played it before.
      just saw it in some magazines way back. and became curious.
      until you, guys, came.
      I'm really excited for this.

    7. Missing avatar

      MrD0045 on

      Can't wait to play it on my ps4 looking forward to it

    8. Jalister on

      @RPRezo - I never played 1 & 2. Actually I never even heard of Fear Effect before. I didn't own a PS1. I can say that nostalgia is not the reason that is the best costume.

    9. RPRezo on

      @Sushee oh, of course! And here I thought I liked it most out of five just because it was the sexiest one. Good to know it was not *just* that but nostalgia as well.

    10. Sushee Creator on

      @Games4Kickz for everyone starting at €60, please refer to the "Rewards" part of the page if you want more details!

    11. Games4Kickz

      What backer tier will the early demo in October apply to?

    12. Sushee Creator on

      @RPRezo as you can see on the picture, the second costume is from Fear Effect 2, so, yes, you can definitely expect more in the game!

    13. RPRezo on

      I just hope there will be optional costumes from FE1-3 in Sedna. That would be great.