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Hana, Rain, Deke and Glas return in a brand new Fear Effect adventure. Join them as they once again confront the spirit world.
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Day 3: Introducing another protagonist

Posted by Sushee (Creator)

Hey backers!

In less than 3 day, you helped us raise more than 40% of the game. If everything goes well, we might even have to find new stretch goals! But first things first, please continue on spreading the word, on Twitter, Facebook, to your friends and family!

New character

Today, we want to introduce you another protagonist. The name’s Iluak, he’s an inuit-native guy, former Glas’ brother-in-arm, and he will emerge once again in his life. He seems to be related to a certain Inuit statue Hana is looking for.

Destiny, you said? Maybe it is time for Glas to fight his inner demons, once and for all.

 Are you looking forward to meeting him? Because we are!

Goetia's release

As you already know, if you read the KS page, Fear Effect Sedna is going to be our second game. Our first one, Goetia, has been released yesterday. It is published by Square Enix Collective, just like Fear Effect Sedna will.

You can check Goetia's Steam page here.

It is a completely different genre, but if you like exploration and puzzles, you can give it a try and see what our team is capable of! You’re more than welcome in Blackwood Manor. Sort of.

Projects we love

There are a lot of project to support currently on Kickstarter, we’ll try to share with you our favorites one. Let’s start with The Wild Eight, a beautiful co-op survival game. Everything you can expect from a survival is here: procedural worlds, wild animals, dark nights and - I think - lots of death. Just like us, you’ll love the artistic direction, and the music, go check it out!

We hope the best for this project!

Next steps

We will soon be able to show you a little more about the game, especially its gameplay. Also, we are working on a new trailer that will show you a little more of the particular Fear Effect: Sedna atmosphere and themes. So stay tuned, and keep spreading the word!

Thanks & see you soon,


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    1. Sushee Creator on

      @Calum Ryan, There will be a couple more protagonists, for we really want a deep and complex story. We love to tell stories, so we will do everything to make them all memorable and endearing - or the kind of character you will love to hate!

      @Hiroshi Mishima, we really hope you will like it! We are proud of it, and it teached us a lot. Don't hesistate to give us some feedback - here's the Facebook page!

      @Derek Freeman, we just posted an answer on the Goetia Kickstarter page; keys have been sent, if you don't have it, we will make sure you will receive it very soon! As for Ynnis, when we launched Goetia, Kickstarter wasn't available in France. Also, we wanted to make it in dollars, so we had to get some help from a third party, which is Ynnis. But it's still Sushee all the way!

    2. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      I thought Ynnis Interactive made Goetia. Still haven't received that key...

    3. Hiroshi Mishima on

      Goetia looks really interesting, I'll have to check it out when I get paid next week.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gilgamesh on

      I'm just wondering how many more characters are likely to feature, and do you think you'll be able to do a good job of giving them all strong characterisation?

    5. Sushee Creator on

      Hi RPRezo,
      Don't worry, we will introduce other characters, and they won't all be male. We hope you will like them!

    6. RPRezo on

      Well, now we really need another female character. Preferably not a token one but somebody who'll be as instantly awesome as Hana and Rain.