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They’re mean and vicious and they just might come after you next. You’ve got to help!
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Truth & Trolls has been set FREE!

Posted by Susan Wilson (Creator)

Thanks to you amazing Kickstarter backers, the truth is finally coming to life.  Download and play Truth & Trolls HERE.  Or visit to learn more about the game and get detailed instructions on downloading the fully executable file because it offers some unique options.

Kenzie decided to release the unencrypted version of the game so if you have RPG Maker VX Ace, get under the hood and see what she created.  She's hoping you'll add to it or create your own version of the game based on what you think should happen next. Again, it comes back to the POWER OF THE CROWD!

PLEASE NOTE we are unable to provide support should you choose to modify the original game (i.e., Kenzie's code) so we urge you to make a copy of the original file you download.  Then, should there be an issue and you want to figure out what happened, you can easily get to Kenzie's original code.

Who knows what will happen next but Kenzie's nervous and hopeful that others have an opinion and want to make the game into something BIGGER and BETTER.  Remember, this is the first game she ever created, she's self taught and she's eager to learn so PLEASE share your thoughts on Kenzie's Truth & Trolls Facebook page.  

If you create your own version of the game, post a link so others can play and we can all learn the truth...or at least one version of it. Remember, this is intended to about an unraveling of truth, how things aren't always as they appear and how often the path we choose in life isn't what we anticipated but ends up with a completely new and more amazing happily ever after! Put some thought into it, have fun and get creative.  Just remember, this is a game made by a 10 year old so please avoid any profanity.  And while constructive criticism and exciting plot twists are truly hoped for, please try to keep things on a positive note with positive messaging.

Okay, maybe the truth escaped....
Okay, maybe the truth escaped....

48 Hours in Beta & IndieCade Highlights

Posted by Susan Wilson (Creator)

Thanks so much to all who've play tested so far. I'm going to shut down the existing beta Friday at 5pm Eastern Time so I can get a new release out Monday or Tuesday.  So if you haven't played but want to be part of the first wave of feedback, don't wait too long.

So far about 30 of you have been AMAZING with your feedback. I'm new at this. Is it okay to publicize their names or even add them into the game in their own little tavern or something so they're immortalized forever in the game? Also, I wanted to remind you to look for surprises in the final release EVEN if you do play test the beta because my Dad and I decided to withhold some fun things from the beta.

And now I thought I'd share a few of the highlights at IndieCade. I've included a few pictures (including one of me on the crowdfunding panel) and some other cool stuff I can blog on later (yes, I'm going to start blogging):

1.  Mark Morrison at Unity was super helpful. He got that I used RPG Maker b/c Unity's a little hard for a 9 year old. But he tracked down Matt McDonald from Axis Game Factory & Heavy Water Studios who's essentially developed drag & drop functionality that's like Minecraft only in 3D and on steroids. Drag & drop functionality makes it easy and super fast to create something from nothing!  I'm dying to use it but I'm even more into Truth & Trolls so I told my parents they could make their own apps now as long as they were done under my company name.  Isn't that awesome?

2.  I was blown away by the guys (especially @Kiwi) from Leap Motion. I won't try to explain their technology and while it's great for gaming, it's also allowing doctors to do remote surgeries and could even help people with Parkinson steady their shaking hands to perform the tasks we take for granted (like dialing a phone).  Check it out because YOU should build something with it NOW.  The Leap Motion device is only $79.99 at Best Buy and is embedded in the next HP Envy.

3.  My brothers loved Oculus. Chase was terrified by some scary game and they both loved some game where you act like an elephant and hit things with your trunk so it looks ridiculous to anyone watching which means I took pix to torture them with later.

As for pix, here's my on the panel:

My IndieCade Speaker Badge
My IndieCade Speaker Badge
Me & My Dad w/the Lion from the Wizard of Oz
Me & My Dad w/the Lion from the Wizard of Oz
The difference between boys & girls in an airport!  At one point, they slept on the floor.  My Mom & I pretended we didn't know them!
The difference between boys & girls in an airport! At one point, they slept on the floor. My Mom & I pretended we didn't know them!

Play Test Truth & Trolls...NOW!

Posted by Susan Wilson (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Beta Birthday Weekend!

Posted by Susan Wilson (Creator)
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The new site is live (click here to see Truth & Trolls new website). The game has been tested a bit but I want to spend the weekend with you guys beta testing because you made it all possible. 

You'll get an official invite and instructions shortly and you can even share it with friends if you want (smart ones ideally). I would like you to read one page of the site because I just finished it and it's important I got it right.  You can read it here or just click on MY STORY on the site.  PLEASE let me know if it sounds okay.

And then on Monday, I turn 10!  So I'm going to celebrate by giving ten random beta testers ten swanky Truth & Trolls Swag Bags!  Don't ask what's in them because it's a surprise and I can't wait for word to spread. I love birthdays and I Iove sharing mine with all of you doing something so cool!

Imminent Release: Final Beta Testing Now

Posted by Susan Wilson (Creator)
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Sorry for not updating sooner. We're actually beta testing the game and plan to release Chapter 1 this weekend. Kenzie finally got to a point where she felt okay drawing a line in the sand (though it should be noted she's done a lot of work that will be included in later chapters).

Here are a few videos that show progress and get you ready for the release:

1. Here’s a quick promo video for Chapter 1:

2.  Here’s the Prologue: (which explains the back story)

3. Here are the game credits that will roll at the end:

As for grammar, of course her father and I corrected misspelling and worked with her on character development because those are clearly important to any video game.  But we found by basing her game characters on television characters she liked (or hated), it made it a lot easier for her to unique create characters with their own personalities. Just pointing that out in case there are any other kids out there looking for inspiration.

Look for another email from us via Kickstarter within the next few days (before Monday) that'll give you the link to download the game and some of the other cool stuff we've done we hope everyone enjoys and finds not only fun but informative and educational as well.

Again, apologies for the delay and for not updating sooner but each day, we kept thinking we were so close and then it took a day to work out a glitch or create a scene that made the story flow better or added a laugh. Kenzie's hell bent on creating a game she'd want to play - not just throwing up a game she made in 5 days (which was the original plan and Kickstarter project b/c she was going to IDTechCamp's RPG Camp for a week and at the end of camp, the promised deliverable is a game the kids can take home and play with her friends). In addition to teaching herself RPGMaker (thanks to the forums and YouTube), she's also learned to create and tweak sprites with her Dad in Paint. 

Kenzie has definitely not taken the easy way out and I'd just like to remind everyone that she's 9 and really doing most of this herself. I've read some of the comments and while the cover art is great and was done by someone else that's truly amazing, that's not a reason to attack Kenzie. She had to spend the Kickstarter & comply with Kickstarter rules. She did that and in the process helped a few deserving indie artists and gamers in ways that weren't "charity" but did feel like the right thing to do (i.e., giving kids and even grown ups a shot and buying equipment, etc. so they could follow their dreams in helping with the game and getting the the tools and equipment that would allow them to do that for themselves in the future vs. working with experienced professionals which would have been easier b/c we could have paid them and we'd all know what we were doing) BUT it was important to make this a shared learning opportunity where as many people as possible benefited. But it's important to be very clear, Kenzie did the majority of the work map by map, line by line, action by action. 

Kenzie is scheduled to be on a panel at IndieCade in L.A. so feel free to ask her questions yourself if you're there and it'll be obvious that she did the work and won't hesitate to answer any questions to prove it. I'm excited for that b/c hopefully it'll dispel any questions about her involvement, skills, and abilities. She's decided she's making more games with her Dad (yes, he got sucked in and addicted with her) so I'm eager for her to prove herself in an open forum that's not confrontational but does allow her to put an end to any haters saying she isn't the brains behind the operation.

Thanks again to all the backers and supporters!