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They’re mean and vicious and they just might come after you next. You’ve got to help!
They’re mean and vicious and they just might come after you next. You’ve got to help!
1,442 backers pledged $24,534 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Aaron Gunderson on

      Still love coming back here and knowing the brothers were right.

    2. Joseph Austin on

      Can't follow through with a game on a budget, you'll never follow through with anything

    3. Aaron Gunderson on

      It's gone, Jeff. The website has been taken down. The game was a "short" piece over RPG maker. - gone but for sale for $500. Pinkiesquare - gone but available for $2500. Susan and daughter got a nice trip and $25k and in the end her brothers were right - she wasn't able to follow through and lost interest.

    4. Jeff Sulz on

      anybody know where to get this game?

    5. Susan Wilson 2-time creator on

      Someone (John Smith) asked if he could create a project to build an open source version of Truth & Trolls. I responded to the email but it wasn't valid so I thought I'd post here to ensure everyone was in the loop.

      Truth & Trolls is literally and figuratively free. Download it for free and bring your vision to life. After seeing "Frozen" and how the trolls were depicted as rocks that came to life with magical abilities, special powers and a deep knowledge of true love, Kenzie couldn't help but wonder what someone else with more experience would do in creating their version of Truth & Trolls. She saw Arondale's sea view and the ports and boats and immediately knew it was what she'd imagined The Isle of Kent would look like. And Anna was as close to Alex as she could imagine so it reignited her imagination and eagerness to see what Truth & Trolls could evolve into now that she "set it free."

    6. Susan Wilson 2-time creator on

      Truth & Trolls is finally FREE. Go to to download and play the game now. Or check out the most recent update to learn more about Kenzie's decision to release the unencrypted game file.

    7. Gerald Ward

      Still no word on this. Are we ever going to get a game? Website says KS backers got an email but I have not.

    8. Aaron Gunderson on

      The open code is now available on the website so you can make the truth your own...for $7.99. I would say that means we're all done here. Hope you enjoyed the show, learned a little something about human nature and be sure to shut off the lights on your way out.

    9. Missing avatar

      remotelyClose on

      Susan, please give us an update

    10. Missing avatar

      Corey Woolley on

      5 Months.. No Update.

      and now it's 8 months over their expected deadline.

    11. Wyng'd Lyon Creations

      Has anyone heard anything or gotten any of their rewards besides the beta?

    12. Roland Austinat on

      @The Art Factory: Thanks much for your friendly offer - I'd prefer to play the actual game by now though. I wonder where things went wrong and if it will ever get released. And if the people who contributed to higher brackets will get what was promised to them on January 6th ("I'll get the SWAG out this week, research the sweatshirt and get back to focusing on the admin stuff").

    13. Jess Thetip on

      I haven't heard anything on the swag since I filled out my form and I'm actually still waiting to be able to finish the game since I couldn't play through due to a bug in the beta.... :(

    14. Wyng'd Lyon Creations

      Any news on the SWAG? I still haven't heard anything on the sweatshirt for the reward level I contributed to.

    15. The Art Factory on

      @Roland, I have a copy of that beta still, and it's a wonderful game.. if you cannot find it. let me know and we'll find a way to get you the file.. it's 5-700mb, huge.. and it's a very amazing video game. more amazing is who authored it, and how she kept her promises very carefully in spite of a huge wave of people publically being critical. but when the game was released, even the beta proved, wow, this was always a very amazing project. (829$ goal: small project: big game created from it)... very good work, much credits to the creatorm she obviously worked super hard on it..

    16. Roland Austinat on

      Eight weeks after my last comment, I am still curious about that beta invite - did they go out to randomly selected people? Will this game ever come out? Keeping my fingers crossed!

    17. The Art Factory on

      Happy New Years! and thanks for making such a very cool game, way better than expected, and a foundation for a lot of future too... really wonderful project and thanks for posting it..

    18. Aaron Gunderson on

      Beta feedback on the site is not working.

    19. Susan Wilson 2-time creator on

      Sorry Kenzie and I got sidelined with the holidays and the reality is the Swag Bags and the beta testing is all being handled by her assistant (i.e., me) and I've just been slammed with my real job and doing all the holiday prep work that I'm fairly certain most moms will totally relate to and cut me/us some slack. But it's a new year and the kids are all back in school so now I can do the stuff that needs done b/c the SWAG is here, I just need to mail it. And maybe it's my hang up but I just don't want to release the game or take it out of beta until I'm certain it's as good as possible b/c I'm afraid people will say horrible stuff about it all (including Kenzie) and it'll live forever on the Internet. And at 10, she doesn't need to deal with that and I certainly don't want her to deal with it at 16 if/when she Googles herself. I'll get the SWAG out this week, research the sweatshirt and get back to focusing on the admin stuff related to Truth & Trolls so Kenzie can enjoy a launch that's not a nightmare. Definitely my issue, but the attack I endured for $829 has me a little gun shy and overprotective. Hope you understand, but I do apologize for the delay and lack of communication during the Holidays.

      P.S. @DougRadcliffe, would love to return your money because clearly you didn't back Kenzie to support her. You negativity isn't needed, wanted and frankly makes you look like a jerk given all that's already been done with that $24K that proves we "The Wilsons" didn't keep a cent. And as for Kenzie's big Christmas gift, it was a you bow, arrows, and a quiver made by a woman on etsy that looks like the one Katniss uses though Legolas is really what's got her so into it all. She's even learned to speak Elfish and is working on building it into the game.

    20. Jess Thetip on

      Happy New year errybody! Is this project considered "done"? I responded for a T&T "swag bag" and I'm curious when that will be sent, as well as hoping the bug fixes will be done soon as I wasn't able to get through the game 'cause of the bugs...Could we please have an update?

    21. Doug Radcliffe

      I wish the Wilsons a Merry $24k Christmas! Hope lots of laptops and iPads were enjoyed by many!

      For the rest of you, keep plugging away on that Truth and Trolls beta!

    22. Wyng'd Lyon Creations

      Any updated on the the sweatshirts? I have yet to receive mine.

    23. Jeff Sulz on

      any update lately?

    24. Roland Austinat on

      Not sure if a grue ate my beta invite, but I'm curious about the status of the project, two months after the start of the beta. ;)

    25. Will on

      I'm good with it.
      Looks like there might be another round of beta tests before it finishes up.

    26. Michael Pedersen on

      Considering how much I backed for, and seeing the end(?) result, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

      I do have to ask if this is considered done. Last I saw, only a beta had been released. Is it done?

    27. Doug Radcliffe

      Soooo. How's everyone feelin' about that donation.

    28. The Art Factory on

      Dear Eli, the install works fine, there are a few extra extraneous file links.. just install the obvious one.. it will likely work and takes 30 minutes to download... if you install the obvious file and it doesn't work.. post here and i'll try to figure out the issue immediately... it does work.. it does work.. so do not accept fail install.. there is a way to make this sublime child's work programming take over your computer and make it more beautiful.. it does work.. then you get hungry for cookies.. looking for the kitchen.. just a little warning in advance.. install this software.. look for cookies... hilarious..

    29. Eli Pomerantz on

      I'm confused as how to download the game.... and most likely will also need help installing it - can anyone give me a clue?

    30. The Art Factory on

      very fun awesome game... i played it today.. it's very interesting. i need to read the instructions, didn't but still had fun.. especially i like the dog... and glad i found the kitchen too.. i got hungry because the art reminded me of home.. really nice.

    31. Susan Wilson 2-time creator on

      Sorry, we overcomplicated the whole beta process. Prefinery is AWESOME but overkill for us. So look for a dropbox link to download the game (which should take you longer than 15 minutes btw). Also, I just want to thank the backers again. Kenzie didn't keep any of the money but she NEVER would have been able to make THIS game without it.

      As anyone who's done a kickstarter knows, 1/2 the proceeds went to reward fulfillment & shipping (so basically Vistaprint and USPS - not any entities or products we owned or anything like that so we did not get a kickback or anything). The other 1/2 of the money went to pay for software and equipment as well as actual pay-for-hire fees to indie artists and programmers - kids and grown ups. I'm sure eventually they'll step forward and validate what I'm saying but they're a little nervous of any backlash so we're respecting their privacy. BUT AGAIN, thank you for your support and your patience.

    32. Robert Hanson on

      Has anyone gotten an invite? When I go to the page it says I have to pay 9.99 without the invite. Just curious if anyone got an invite.

    33. Jess Thetip on

      I also got the kickstarter update but no beta testing invite, did I miss something?

    34. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      Did the invite emails go out?
      I got the kickstarter update but not the beta invites.

    35. Doug Radcliffe

      Ok I know the game is like 2 months behind release date, I just want to clarify that it takes 15 minutes to play from start to completion right? And it's two months behind release date. And cost $1,600 a minute.

      Looking forward to the official release!

    36. Helen on

      Hi Kenzie, just wanted to say how much I love my new t shirt, thanks so much! Only warn it once and got lots of positive feedback.
      Helen, UK.

    37. Will on

      Daily updates are fine too. Please keep us posted.

    38. Susan Wilson 2-time creator on

      It's been two weeks of, "It'll be ready tomorrow." Meaning ready to roll out to backers via private beta because despite our best efforts we're fairly certain you guys will find some bugs and we want to be sure to capture them and also get feedback on the game, etc. Didn't do an official update b/c I didn't want to email everyone with an update only to finally have the game ready for you guys to play the next day. It's Murphy's Law. If I'd done an update a week ago, I'm sure Kenzie would have ok'd releasing the game the following day.

      I do want to get some feedback though. We decided to use Prefinery to handle the beta testing process & logistics. Kenzie's finalized all of the automated emails which was no small feat! We also settled on Groove to handle support although we loved Kampyle (and still really want to use them but they're a little too pricey to start with). Curious if anyone feels strongly one way or another. Or if there's another start up or new solution that's come out that we should check out. Maybe one of you created a solution? Or has something we should incorporate into the site? It's always cool working with backers and incorporating their work into the final product.

    39. Scott Smith on

      Hope all is well. Some screenshots or gameplay footage would be cool to see.

    40. Roland Austinat on

      Three weeks after the last update ... any new developments? Maybe a few screenshots? Photos from the camp? Anything?

    41. Anna on

      I'm not expecting a high quality game out of this. I just supported the project because of the fact that she actually was bold enough to try this talent. I have played a lot of less than stellar games over the years, but never ever judged it poorly. I still enjoyed the final product regardless of how it looked in the end.

      Game design and such really can be a struggle and isn't for everybody. I am currently in the process of being brave enough like Kenzie to do my own Kickstarter project. I was inspired by her to try and make my own visual novel because of her. :) I honestly don't care how a game turns out because it is about the experience of seeing a young girl make her own RPG game happen.

    42. The Art Factory on

      supportive Kickstarter backers are really precious.. like your favorite sports coach from college, you all are so awesome.. a thousand person army, supporting in silence, with caring.. beautiful .. the whole time you never missed a beat, never paused, never doubted, trusted,... and still hanging in there.. and 99% of you don't even care about the game... it's only caring for the human beings involved.. compassion.... lovely, and patience too... i imagine God smiles when projects like this happen... the universe is a little warmer from your support.. and someday, you'll get some awesome video games, not that it matters in the slightest bit...

    43. Jess Thetip on

      10 Quotes For Kenzie:

      "Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds."
      -Orison Swett Marden

      "Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success."
      -Bo Bennett

      "Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure."
      -George Edward Woodberry

      "Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness."
      -Oprah Winfrey

      "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
      -Harriet Beecher Stowe

      “Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use.”
      -Ruth Gordon

      “When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”
      -Audre Lorde

      “Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
      -Eleanor Roosevelt

      "If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased."
      - Katharine Hepburn

      “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.”
      -Charlotte Whitton

    44. Michael Newlyn Blake on

      Oh... One more note. Part of the discovery process is, often, learning that something isn't for you.

      I hope this isn't the case but, if it is, that's also part of what I signed up for. One doesn't back a child in a long term project without accepting the risk that they may lose interest. Well... rational people don't, at least.

      I would certainly not ask for a refund because, as I said, this is part of the risk in supporting a kid trying to explore an interest. Sometimes interest wanes. I have no reason to believe there was no sincere effort to make this happen. I have no reason to believe I was conned.

      If the project does die prematurely and there is money left over from the kickstarter, all I would ask is that any remainder be put to use supporting some other kids efforts to explore and develop a potential talent.

      Again, thank you for helping your daughter take this chance. It was a very brave thing to do, for you as well as her, and I'm proud to have been a part of it.

    45. Michael Newlyn Blake on

      Well, I don't know about most people but I neither expect nor want to receive a perfect, mature product. I didn't sign up for a low price, studio quality video game.

      I signed up so I could support a kids efforts a learn and develop the craft in an environment free from those pressures and expectations. I signed up so I could watch her world building and story telling skills develop over time.

      To be honest, I'd be more disappointed if I received a perfect product at the onset. I'd be suspicious if I received a first chapter so well crafted that I couldn't help but suspect that somebody was doing the work for her, because that doesn't develop skill anywhere near as well as doing and learning from mistakes while doing.

      I can appreciate the desire to hold off until things are just so. I'm sure, at some point, she'll realize that nothing is ever just so and release what she has done so far. When I receive that, I will be excited to see how far along she's come and will be eagerly waiting for the next chapter to see how she's improved.

      So... Not pressuring because I'm impatient or anything. Just trying to encourage her to embrace this as a learning process and accept the "judgements" of others, constructive or otherwise, as learning opportunities.

      And, of course, to thank her for allowing us the opportunity to experience this process with/through her.

    46. Susan Wilson 2-time creator on

      Final release still pending. Just wanted to update without sending an official update because I'm guessing at this point, most of the 1400 backers don't want to be pinged daily only to be told she wants another day.

      Kenzie was REALLY excited before but now she's suddenly a bit nervous about having others judge her work. Not sure if it was because some of her neighborhood friends said things that she didn't love hearing (i.e., it's not Moshi Monsters or an interactive Disney Game). She's not having a panic attack or anything dramatic like that, but I just want to be sensitive and let her decide when to send out the download link to all the backers.

      Also wanted to share that the plan is to send a dropbox link to all backers via email (short & sweet) from Kickstarter's back end system to download the game (DRM Free).

      If possible, it would be great to get some of you commenting here or on your expectations (i.e., you're NOT expecting a million dollar game that a big gaming company would release) or even tweet her at @GamerCEO. She's not on Twitter all the time and it goes in spurts but if there's good stuff I'll be sure and show her.

      Her father and I (and even her brothers) have been really encouraging this week in particular but since she started 4th grade yesterday, I'm guessing it's her growing up and discounting our opinions a bit because we're family and she knows we love her.

    47. Aaron Gunderson on

      Well, my comment wasn't directed at Kenzie. That being said I will admit I am pleasantly surprised at the update. After was gutted down to essentially a store front for keep up gear and pinkie square stopped getting any changes, and the month long silences, things weren't looking too good. The update where you realized that keeping a 9 yo on task for any extended period certainly didn't instill confidence either. But, the recent update shows a game is being developed and I will definitely be at the con to hear Kenzie's own words. As for the refund, your call, though the constant silencing anyone that raises concerns doesn't really help your cause. In fact, the silence is what brings me back every few weeks. I get updates from the other kickstarters I've backed and then remember I haven't heard anything from this one. Want to really silence the critics? Keep showing progress instead of only having something to say after a critism is posted. Though, you should be thankful for the skeptics as we're the inspiration for the direction the game took. Looking forward to receiving the beta.

    48. The Art Factory on

      this project is wonderful... yes Kickstarter should allow refunds to acidic creatures who have zero interests in projects except for harassment in comments section, but those trolls effectively act as publicists because the vast majority of souls who are good then see and come and support.. it seems the good outweigh the bad about 99% to 1 and so don't let the trolls depress you... this 9 year old's software project appealed to people for it's truth.. not the universal delays that every single project in life experiences. and it's heartening to see so very many backers posting love and support... oh yes there is the occasional gripe from someone who wasted a dollar and wants to complain.. so what? the game is on.. i guess the yacht vacation in the bahamas probably even speeded up the production... or maybe you worked and didnt do vacation.. i would have been on that boat the whole time.. game? soon.. /// i'm on a boat y'all : )

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