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An immersive gaming experience played online and in real life involving a Time Switch machine. Produced by Transmedia LA members.
An immersive gaming experience played online and in real life involving a Time Switch machine. Produced by Transmedia LA members.
161 backers pledged $9,701 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Finale Today!

It’s all coming to a close! Don’t miss what happens when Rex and friends attempt to bring down AIC once and for all. 

Watch Cassandra’s Final Transmission via the Surveillance Camera feed, or participate in person by coming down to the Time Switch Office this Saturday, September 1st at 7pm PST.

More details & RSVP here:

The event is interactive… so you will be asked to participate whether you are tuning in long distance or if you attending the event in The Miracle Mile. Plus, a surprise finale gift will be sent to all those who participate.

HINT: You may want to download a certain SoundCloud file.

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'Fight AIC' Rally in LA this Saturday!


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The Game is Live

The past two months we've been spending all our spare time designing, coding, shooting, writing and testing the numerous elements of the ARG. And we're happy to announce that all aspects of the game are now operational.

Enchanting & Obsoletus

Rex Higg's site is live with tons of backstory about his collection as well as the history he has discovered on J.H. and Jane Winthrop. Plus you can learn about the events of late May and early June that led to Rex's assault & ultimate disappearance from the public eye.

Once Rex skipped town to protect himself, Appoline, along with some of Rex's friends, stepped in to solve the mystery. Rex left behind the Time Switch he built based on the patent he found, but he hid the device in an unknown building in Miracle Mile in Los Angeles. Appoline & friends managed to post a live video feed showing the Time Switch and encourage anyone in LA to assist in retrieving the messages that are being broadcast.

Also on the site are private message boards where Appoline, Rex's friends and our players can gather to discuss the latest happenings. In order to protect this information from AIC, the forum does require the viewer to register before entering. But we must all be careful with a company like AIC out there!

Agent Intellect Corp

Earlier this month, the AIC site came online. With its description of risky investment practices and a history of unprecedented returns, AIC appears to be a financial corporation worth watching. And, lucky you, they are open to accepting new clients via a form on their Investor Relations page. 

Many employees of AIC have been identified on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, despite the corp's discouragement of social media connections. We feel that these employees may be putting the company at risk by exposing too much inside information as well as leaving it vulnerable to social engineering attacks.


A third party has emerged in the struggle between Rex Higgs and Agent Intellect Corp: Cassandra. Little is known about her besides her extreme interest in AIC's activities. We expect there is more to come as she encourages people to 'Fight AIC'.

Backer Rewards

They are coming soon! Getting the ARG up and running was priority number one and why you pledged in the first place. Now we are finishing up the materials for rewards and will be shipping very soon. Remember, if your address has changed, please message us through Kickstarter or send an email to with correct information.

Thanks for your support & we hope you'll dive in to the game soon!


We did it!!!

Thank you so much everyone for contributing, spreading the word and making this happen. We are thrilled that we’ve exceeded our goal and that we have so much love and support by the community. We can’t wait to have you all play the game this summer! Crowd funding really works. :-)

Backer surveys will soon be going out. Be sure to respond to these emails as we need to know your twitter handles, t-shirt sizes, mailing addresses, etc. to fulfill the rewards. And if your backer level includes in game (IG) character interaction, we will need a phone number, photos or additional information for the ARG. Rest assured, we aren't doing anything else with your personal information.

Already in Production

We are wasting no time at all. We have successfully concluded our last all-hands meeting this weekend, and now the entire team is moving forward with production. Once we have the official out of game (OOG) site for Miracle Mile Paradox up, we’ll be posting detailed updates on production and our progress on all fronts. We’ll let you know as soon as the site is live.

Feeling the Love

We made it into INDIEwire! A great article by Meredith Levine mentions Transmedia LA and Miracle Mile Paradox as part of the Transmedia Hollywood Conference held Friday April 6th. Special thanks to Tara Tiger Brown for a shout out from the stage. Check it out:

And a big thank you to everyone who tweeted and posted on our behalf.

It’s happening, stay tuned...stay alert.

Matching pledge donations last 12 hours!

We are excited to announce that a new supporter is matching all pledges for the remaining hours of the Kickstarter! So give what you can and we will be even closer to our goal with the matching funds. Spread the word via Twitter and Facebook with the sharing links on the front page. We are so very close!