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An immersive gaming experience played online and in real life involving a Time Switch machine. Produced by Transmedia LA members.
An immersive gaming experience played online and in real life involving a Time Switch machine. Produced by Transmedia LA members.
161 backers pledged $9,701 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Shoop da Woop! on July 28, 2012

      The lockbox is missing!

    2. David Markland on June 26, 2012

      Soooo... update?

    3. Brian Wu on June 22, 2012

      Things are happening! Come to the forum and discuss:

    4. Roxy Winthrop on April 14, 2012

      I live on the Mile !

    5. Missing avatar

      Creator Transmedia LA (deleted) on April 14, 2012




      What a surge of activity this evening!!!! We really did just crowdfund this ARG! Everyone should feel proud that they contributed to making it a reality.

      And to answer the t-shirt questions or how you get your perks, we will send out a backer survey this weekend asking for sizes, addresses, etc. for the various levels.

    6. April Arrglington on April 14, 2012

      WOOT! Awesome you guys!!! :D

    7. Shoop da Woop! on April 14, 2012


    8. Juliana Loh on April 13, 2012

      I've just stepped up my pledge too... 3 hours more.. looking GOOD!

    9. Brian Wu on April 13, 2012

      Just upped pledge to get t-shirt. How does getting a t-shirt work if everything is funded?

    10. bee on April 13, 2012

      I've upped my pledge, too! Let's keep it up!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Creator Transmedia LA (deleted) on April 13, 2012

      Thanks everyone for the continued support and pledges in the final hours! Spread the word, up your pledge and help promote across social media.

    12. Terence Bowlby on April 13, 2012

      Upped my pledge, got us to $8888. Everyone might want to consider upping their pledges to make this thing hits its goal!

    13. Simon Staffans on April 13, 2012

      Greetings and best wishes for the final hours from the still frozen steppes of Finland. May you make it!

    14. David Fono on April 6, 2012

      The ZED.TO crew wishes you luck!

    15. Brian Wu on April 5, 2012

      What are other channels that we can help promote this Kickstarter? I'm at a loss on how else to help the project out.

    16. Brian Wu on April 4, 2012

      A thread has been created here on Unfiction:…

      If anyone else is on Unfiction, and a backer (or considering being one), we should get some discussion and hype going so the game meets its goals!

    17. Missing avatar

      Creator Transmedia LA (deleted) on April 4, 2012

      If anyone is an Unfiction player, we'd love for this to be posted under News & Rumors. As PMs we don't want to violate terms of service.

    18. Patrick O'Luanaigh on April 2, 2012

      Just sent a message about this project to the IGDA ARG mailing list. Hope it helps!

    19. Taryn Kearsley on March 20, 2012

      This is a group full of amazing & talented people!!! Can't wait to see where this goes!!!

    20. Transmedia Ready on March 19, 2012

      This is a great example of collaboration for transmedia creation. Please document what you do it is very interesting. Preparation, transmedia strategy, social media campaign. Thanks for putting it up! Best luck. GO!

    21. docwho2100 on March 15, 2012

      wow what an awesome set of people to be working on a project together - can not wait!!!