I would like to get capital so I can continue to make these awesome treats. Every one that h tried them love them. They rev and say ”your oils helped me “ or “they are the best I’ve had”. I started with calm to help me with my anxiety, depression and bipolar. I made a few, sat them on the table and left. When I returned, they were gone and in group I noticed everyone using them. I was in my own focus group and that was the start of Serene Scent. I want to bring quality oils to your door and get a marketing budge, supplies, and expanding the brand. Copyrights and trademarks will also be done with funding. Thanks 

Risks and challenges

Delivery to local customer is a challenge as I have no vehicle.
Would like to get a FedEx, UPS and USPS.
Would like to get better labels
Short on supplies when needed.
Marketing on all platforms will help us grow.
Need trademarks and copyrights

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