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Super Siblings, for Geeks & their Kids. Support the publication of a graphic novel collection of the 1st four years of the series.
Super Siblings, for Geeks & their Kids. Support the publication of a graphic novel collection of the 1st four years of the series.
33 backers pledged $6,325 to help bring this project to life.

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New Super Siblings App

Hi Friends,

Thank you for supporting the Super Siblings Graphic Novel last year. I'm happy to announce a new kickstarter for a mobile Super Sibling app. The goals are much more modest this time around because the costs are much lower. Thanks for checking it out:

New Children's Book

Thank you again for your continued support of Super Siblings. It is really appreciated. I also wanted to make you all aware of a new project I'm working on with writer/musician Jim Clark. We are currently in the middle of a new Kickstarter fundraiser to publish the 44 page children's book "Jumping Flea Circus." Not only an entertaining story with full color art by yours truly, each book also comes with a singalong CD featuring 12 tracks of original music by Ukulele Jim. The artwork, music and the book are already finished. We're just looking to raise the funds to print softcover and hardcover editions.

Please check it out! The "Jumping Flea Circus" will make a great holiday gift. There are only a few days remaining to support the project so please visit the site today:

Anybody Have A Forklift?

Good news everyone: production is moving swiftly and I was notified today that the graphic novel will be ready to ship from the printer very soon. What I didn't account for was the size of the shipment. 50 boxes and a palette later, I'm gonna have to find a sizable storage location at my studio for all these freshly minted books. Let's hope they sell out quickly so I can order another palette...

A Cover Design to Rule Them All!

Howdy friends. The production phase for the graphic novel is underway. Things are lined up with the printer and I'm putting the finishing touches on the press files. Now I'm happy to reveal the new cover art for a comic collection to rule them ALL!

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7 Days to Go!

Just a quick note. We've got another 7 days to go until the Kickstarter officially closes. I thank you again for your support and please continue to pass the word. If you were planning on making a preorder but didn't have the chance to you've got one week left. Thanks to our donors the project is a success and moving forward. I've secured a trade printer and I will be putting the finishing touches on the pre-press files in the next two weeks so we can send this puppy to press. Along with that I'll be preparing the rewards to send out over the coming months.

Thanks again!