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Limited edition toys by 16 world famous artists. Brought to you by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz & legendary toy artist Huck Gee.
Limited edition toys by 16 world famous artists. Brought to you by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz & legendary toy artist Huck Gee.
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Janky Production Update! ⚡️⚡️ Color! Boxes!! Early Delivery!!!

Posted by SUPERPLASTIC® (Creator)

Hello Beloved Kickstarter Backers!

Toy production is tearing ahead over here at Superplastic. 

We've received our first almost-but-not-quite finished full-color samples from Janky Series One!

Pictured (left to right) are 3-inch pre-production sample Jankys by Tado, Joe Ledbetter, and Huck Gee. Some of the paints still need tweaks and there are other minor issues, but they're almost there and we're super proud of these! Check out the amazing fade on Huck's Janky's face, and the shoes on the Tado Janky!!

Also got first JS1 box samples in. I love Huck's design. If it looks a little dark, it's because it is. The colors still need a little work, but we wanted to share the overall design with everyone:

More Better News: You're Toys Are Coming by Xmas!

That's right! We originally promised delivery in early 2019, but production is cranking ahead and we're going to make sure everyone has their Jankys before the holidays. This goes for new orders too — if you want to give Superplastic stuff for holiday gifts, most toys and apparel currently on our web site will get to you for the holidays (except Guggimon's Fashion Horror and Fashion Sewer SuperJankys, which will ship early next year).

Finally, JS1 Changes and a Lesson in Toy Production.

After several months and many iterations, we're just not satisfied with the production quality of the Jankys designed by Dolly Oblong & Jason Limon for JS1. Paints on these two designs are extremely complicated for different reasons (see below as we geek out on technical details). 

Every sample we've received from our friends at the factory for these two toy designs has had production issues that nobody can figure out how to get rid of — at least not in a reasonable time frame that’ll allow us to deliver the rest of the set on time. We could keep working on ‘em, but that’d slow down delivery for everything else. Balancing the trade off, we decided along with the artists to remove these from the set, make them part of a future series (probably next year)... and substitute something else awesome. 'Cause shit like this always happens during production, so of course we had a backup plan. More on that below. :)

Toy production is as much an art as a science, and I believe we have the best small-run toy factory in the world (they have made toys for Medicom and Kaws as well). Painting a toy like a Janky is technically complicated: imagine trying to line up colors on a 3D rounded surface using a combination of stencils, airbrush and rubber stamps — all by hand. Many of the figures we're going to be sending to you guys have more than a hundred paint hits. Each! Some layered patterns (for example, on Jason's Janky) and circular lines the wrap (on Dolly's) are difficult to line up so they look right.

Back when I was still running Kidrobot, we'd always have a few extra designs ready to go as a backup, because it's impossible to know 100% if a design is going to work until you get into the production process.  That's what's happening here, and why it was noted on the Kickstarter page that some of the designs might change. 

Anyway, after talking with the artists we've decided that the rather than deliver toys aren't up to snuff, and that don't match the artists' visions — and that would hold up everyone’s toys in any case — the best thing is to pull them from the set.... and substitute something else! 

As mentioned above, we already had backup designs on deck that we think will totally excite everyone when they start appearing in boxes when people get their toys. We'll keep 'em secret for now. :0)

That's today's update. More art & news coming soon!! 

Love to everyone!!!

Paul (& Huck)

PS: We're currently offering free shipping on orders worldwide — just spend $80 and use the code JANKYSHIP at checkout on the Superplastic web store! Get more Jankys for Xmas!

PPS: Follow us on Instagram, more new toys coming over the next 10 days or so!

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    1. Daniele Rudoni on

      aww, too bad two of the most beautiful designs will not be available...
      but I totally understand the production problems.
      can't wait to put my hands on my jankys before christmas!!!!! wohooo!

    2. Arnaud on

      Yes yes, good news about that early delivery but I am truly devastated that Dolly Oblong has been pulled out from the set. #BadBadNews #Snort

    3. SUPERPLASTIC® Creator on

      @RyanLuse Max Ca$h and everything from Kickstarter will be delivered early before the holidays!! Skull arrivals still in progress : )

    4. SUPERPLASTIC® Creator on

      @JacobAndrew More news forthcoming ;D

    5. SUPERPLASTIC® Creator on

      @MaryaSalang We are sad too :( Particle rocks, but it's just not their time yet..

    6. Missing avatar

      Marya Salang on

      That is sad, sad news. I was looking forward to Particle. My favorite among all the designs and was looking forward to creating an army. This news sucks.

    7. Ryan Luse

      Good news for the most part! Does this mean that maxamillion cash and that skull will be delivered earlier as well?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jacob Andrew on

      Will the replacement designs still be by Dolly Obl9ng and Jason Limon?

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric B on

      Limon's was the one I was most hoping to get too. :( If you any extra misprints of it still laying around you can still send one my way! ;) On the bright side, the other samples do look even better than the mock ups! Thanks for the update!

    10. Rodrigo Gomes on

      Some sad news but it's great to see how these are looking ( two bits is even prettier than the kickstarter version).

    11. Ben

      Nooooo....Not those two... :'(

    12. James Redmond

      Darn! Limon’s was my absolute favorite :,( thanks for the update and honesty though! Super excited to see how everything turns out.