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Fortune awaits those brave enough to excavate the core of a dead planet. But what dangers sleep beneath the crusts of soviet Mars?

Fortune awaits those brave enough to excavate the core of a dead planet. But what dangers sleep beneath the crusts of soviet Mars? Read More
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About this project


The Motherload franchise gets a fully updated, re-designed, and re-written game in the form of Super Motherload!

All of the integral elements that you remember from the classic Motherload experience are still intact in the new version:

You are the operator of a Martian drilling pod sent from Earth to excavate the valuable minerals and artifacts found deep beneath the surface of the red planet.  As you earn money for the items you discover, you will be able to purchase various upgrades and power-ups to assist you.  Acquire various bombs to blast through the hardest of rocks and upgrade your pod to dig harder, better, faster and stronger.  The deeper you go, the stranger things get -- after receiving some alarming encrypted transmissions, you begin to wonder if this job isn't what it seems...

There are now multiple characters to choose from and a completely re-worked storyline with brand new mysteries, twists and intrigues.  Super Motherload features all new items and power-ups buried beneath completely new subterranean environments waiting for you to discover alone or with friends.  Play with up to 4 people in a competitive-cooperative arcade style multi-player game; let friends pick up or put down a controller to seamlessly jump in and out of the action at any time.


Chances are you are one of many who remember playing the original Motherload.  We first released that game in 2004 and since then it has been played countless millions of times, and is still adored by fans around the globe.  Players just couldn't seem to get enough!  It's always a pleasant surprise to be reminded that people are still as passionate and in love with the game as they were nearly 10 years ago.  But 10 years is a long time, and we've come a long way in that time as a small independent game developer.  We've improved greatly as artists and programmers, and hired new talent in that time.  We have since developed new Console, PC/Mac, iOS, and Web games.  We've learned a lot in the process and we've experienced all the highs and lows that come with trying to make it as a small fish in the big pond that is today's video-game industry.

We decided that with everything we have learned and experienced that it is was time to develop a new game in the Motherload franchise.  Too many people have invested thousands of hours of their lives into that game already.  Too many people grew up living, breathing and dying in the dust of a dark mine shaft thousands of leagues beneath the Martian surface.  It is that thought, that image, and that memory that compels us to create a new Motherload game.  It is a game that we passionately believe the gaming world not only earned, but deserves.  It's not just a game we want to make; it's the game we feel we have to make.

We had come to a point where we could no longer ignore the legacy of the original game; and so, Super Motherload was born!


A very considerable amount of work has gone into the development and production of Super Motherload to date.  In fact, we have already spent two years developing Super Motherload and, to reach the finish line - although near - still requires a considerable final sprint before crossing.  But admittedly, our resources are dwindling.

With your help, we can extend our budget to allow us to finish the development of Super Motherload and do it with the level of quality and polish we envision.  Software is expensive, as are licenses, and of course purchasing development kits for consoles is a considerable investment as well.  And though we've tightened our belts, daily operation costs, utilities and office space all add up too.  Our budget is stretched tight.  We realize how much it is to ask for people to invest their hard-earned money into our project, but we promise you that the game we'll give you in return will be worth every penny.  We make games because it's what we love to do.  We hope that you will support us because you love what we do, too!

If you want some of the sweet swag that we're giving away as incentives, that won't hurt our feelings, either!


First and foremost, by making a donation to Super Motherload, you will be among the first to receive an advance copy of the final game.  As soon as the game is ready we will send you a download link in order for you to install and play the game on either PC or Mac.  As your donation level increases, so too do the number and quality of incentives; we truly believe we have designed packages that give you the greatest possible value for your money.  Here are some of the additional rewards available at different donation levels:

  • a Goldium Edition copy of the original Motherload game:

Re-live your past by re-playing the fully realized and definitive version of the original Motherload, the "Goldium Edition".  It's every bit as good as you remember! 

  • Limited edition Super Motherload coin:

A special medallion distributed by Solarus Corp. on behalf of the Ministry of Mineral Recovery, awarded to only the most fearless and profitable of off-world miners.  This coin is manufactured with the strongest silverium-unobtanium alloys mined during Solarus Corp.'s first phase of their Mars expedition.

  • Super Motherload T-shirt:

Proudly display your affiliation with the leader of off-world mining industries.  This authentic Solarus Corp. issued garment is specially designed to wick sweat and dust away from the skin and provide protection from radiation and chemical burns while also keeping the wearer cool and dry.  As functional as it is fashionable!

  • Super Motherload poster print:

Prior to Mars Expedition I, Solarus Corp.'s Sputnik XLVII was launched as a survey vessel whose instrumentation collected geographical and geological data.  However, its most famous contribution was its iconic snapshot of Mars as it approached planetary orbit.  The historic image that captured the collective imagination of the people's communist republic can now be yours to own, stunningly reproduced as an archival print.

  • The official Super Motherload soundtrack:

In the dead of space, no one can hear you scream... because the cosmonauts are all rocking out to our soundtrack, which is cranked to 11 inside their helmets.  Featuring the full musical score as arranged, composed and recorded by famed producer Eric Cheng.   "KUZ NOW WE'S EATIN' FAT MEATS BEATS!"

  • The Motherload short film:

Short documentary following the events surrounding the mysterious fate of drilling pod AM4-ND4.

When this short movie was first released we were floored.  The guys at Mediapaja and Valtikka Films really did an outstanding job of translating the original Motherload game into film.  The amount of work they put into it (especially the 3D graphics and the insanely detailed set design) is nothing short of astounding.  So when we decided to create a Kickstarter campaign for Super Motherload we KNEW we had to make this a part of it... and we couldn't be more pleased that they agreed!  In fact, they were willing to put together a full DVD which will feature not only the full film, but also an extensive making-of documentary, as well as commentary tracks and pictures.  It's precisely because of fans who show such dedication like this that we knew we had to make Super Motherload!

  • Super Motherload: The Boardgame:

And if we were excited about the movie, I'm sure you can imagine how excited we were to discover Matt Tolman's motherload-inspired board game Undermining!  In fact, we had his team visit our office where we had the opportunity to sit down and play the game with him!  In conjunction with the Super Motherload release, we are proud to announce that we have teamed up to produce an official SUPER MOTHERLOAD BOARDGAME.  The game is being prototyped as we speak, and it's going to be fantastic.  As soon as we have a finished prototype to show you, you can bet that we'll be showing it off.  But in the meantime, stay tuned for an un-boxing video of Undermining where I'll be showing you the level of quality and depth that Mat brings to all of his games!

  • We also have many special opportunities to be a part of and make a significant impact on the game!  Please see all of our reward tiers listed to the right of the page.
We thank-you all in advance for your continued support!  We greatly appreciate and value every contribution that you can make.  There are no insignificant donations; every last contribution counts!


Skye Boyes
The original creator and founder of XGen.  Skye is the brains and muscle behind such classic flash titles as Fishy, Defend Your Castle, Stick RPG, Stick Arena, and of course, Motherload.

Jordan Dubuc
Co-founder of XGen, Jordan is the creator of MMOcha, the revolutionary back-end architecture that was responsible for bringing massive online multiplayer gaming to the Flash world.

Scott Carmichael
A skilled illustrator and designer, Scott Carmichael is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design and brings his considerable talent and vision to creating a brand new aesthetic for Super Motherload.  Scott has previously worked on such titles as Stick RPG 2, and Boxhead Bounty Hunter.

Steve Hand
Long-time collaborator with XGen, Steve originally worked as a programmer for BioWare, lending his talents to such AAA game titles as Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Dragon Age.

Chris Ozeroff
Chris brings his considerable expertise as a programmer to Motherload to help us get this project off the ground.  He has previously worked for Relic, Radical and Bioware and has worked on such AAA titles as Space Marine and Mass Effect.

Robyn Dubuc
An original founding member of the XGen team, Robyn is a technical artist of the highest pedigree.  He has played a significant role in almost all of the XGen repertoire of games and is notably the artist responsible for the original Motherload.

Eric Cheng
Musician, recording-engineer, producer, and owner of the Wash N' Dry recording studio, Eric has worked with such renowned musicians as Couer De Pirate, Michael Rault, and performed live with both GRIMES and Born Gold.  Eric will be producing all of the voice-over recording and composing the official soundtrack to Super Motherload.

Taylor Schaerer
Extremely handsome (and single).  Knows better than to flatter himself by writing his own bio.  One day he'll be famous.  Like even more so than he is now.  You'll see...


  • The OUYA is a fantastic concept that all of us here at XGen are really excited about. At this point we haven't officially decided if Super Motherload will have a release on OUYA, but we are definitely following it very closely. We have enthusiastically supported their Kickstarter initiative as a developer and you can see us on the OUYA developer list here:…

    Last updated:
  • That depends on you! We are an official licensed developer with Sony and have builds that will run on Mac, PC, Playstation and XBox. However, getting on PSN or XBLA requires approval from Sony and Microsoft respectively, and sometimes that requires exclusivity rights (meaning our game might be able to appear on one platform but not another). This is all up in the air until we have a finished product for submission. BUT YOU CAN HELP. By supporting the Super Motherload project, you are directly saying to the distribution platform owners that "YES", there is a market for this game! And that kind of collective voice could have a very positive influence in bringing this game to your platform of choice.

    Last updated:
  • Sorry, we currently have no plans to develop Super Motherload for Linux. We are incredibly busy trying to finish the game on the platforms we have targeted. However, feel free to send me a message and let me know that you're a Linux gamer who wants Super Motherload! Every vote counts! If the demand is there and there's a big enough market it's something we could consider porting to after our initial release is complete.

    Last updated:

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $15 or more About $15 USD


    Be the first to own and play the game! Receive a digital download of Super Motherload for Mac and PC before it retails commercially!

    "Finally something worth beating at your computer without having to google pr0n!"

    Estimated delivery
    279 backers
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD


    Get the pre-release download of Super Motherload AND a downloadable copy of the GOLDIUM EDITION version of the original Motherload game! "For peeps who kick so old-skool they're from the skool that burnt down before they even built the old skool."

    Estimated delivery
    145 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $35 or more About $35 USD


    Get the pre-release download of Super Motherload for Mac and PC, get the Goldium version of original Motherload, AND GET THE LIMITED EDITION SUPER MOTHERLOAD COLLECTOR'S COIN! This thing has some heft. It's like 2 inches across and it's heavy. We're talkin' a real-deal dead-man's medallion. Check out pictures of it in the 'incentives' section on this page. "The only currency that will buy you real love."
    (Outside of Canada / US, add $10 for Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    47 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD

    THE FINE-ART FASHIONISTA: You get the Mac/PC downloadable pre-release version of the game, the Goldium Edition download of the original Motherload game, the limited edition SML coin, plus Super Motherload desktop backgrounds, THE SUPER SWANK SUPER MOTHERLOAD POSTER PRINT, AND THE DEAD SEXY SUPER MOTHERLOAD T-SHIRT! "Now you'll have something to cover your holes with."
    (Outside of Canada / US, add $25 for Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    13 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD


    Brand new pledge tier! For people that want the games (both digital and board styles) and not all the extras. You get the pre-release advance copy of Super Motherload, you get the Goldium Edition of original Motherload, AND YOU GET THE SUPER MOTHERLOAD BOARD GAME. Watch update video #2 to see details regarding the board game!!!
    (FREE SHIPPING if you live in US / CANADA, add $20 for international orders)

    Estimated delivery
    13 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $85 or more About $85 USD


    Get EVERYTHING from the previous tiers PLUS THE CD SOUNDTRACK AND DVD MOVIE. Just to re-iterate, that means: the new game, the old game, the coin, the graphics, the poster, the SML t-shirt, the CD soundtrack, AAAANNND... the DVD movie! Now THAT is a haul-and-a-half!

    "An unholy load that only a mother could love."
    (Outside of Canada / US, add $25 for Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    8 backers
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $150 or more About $150 USD


    You are a special breed of gamer. You don't put binary limits on your gaming horizons. Your options often have 6, sometimes 12 sided outcomes. You are a complex and discerning individual. When the keyboards stop working you'll know how to use a pen. YOU PLAY SUPER MOTHERLOAD ON A TABLE, WITH A BOARD THAT HAS PIECES AND WHERE MULTIPLAYER MEANS HAVING A SIGNIFICANT IN-PERSON SOCIAL GATHERING WITH FRIENDS. YOU WANT THAT? YOU GOT IT!!! You get the new game, the old game, the coin, the graphics, and the official soundtrack to listen to while you and your friends play THE OFFICIAL SUPER MOTHERLOAD BOARDGAME. That's right, it's real... and it's yours. "Die, die, die!" (Outside of Canada / US, add $25 for Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    3 backers
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $200 or more About $200 USD


    This is the COMPLETE 'SOLID GOODS' package. You get ALL of the standard-level solid goods and downloadable content that we are offering. This includes EVERYTHING from the previous tiers, including: the new game, the old game, the coin, the graphics, the poster, the shirt, the soundtrack, the movie, AND THE BOARDGAME. If you're a true fan with only a modest budget, this is the package with ALL the goods.

    "Finally... a package bigger than your father's!"
    (Outside of Canada / US, add $25 for Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    2 backers
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $225 or more About $225 USD


    Now we're beginning to get into elite backer territory! Thank-you for joining us! From here on in we start getting into more specialist items that would interest the real gaming connoisseur. In this tier, you get some of the previously listed solid goods, but yours are HAND AUTOGRAPHED by the XGen team! You will receive: the new game, the old game, the coin, the graphics, an AUTOGRAPHED POSTER, an AUTOGRAPHED CD SOUNDTRACK, a heartfelt signed letter of thanks, an official certificate that authenticates the aforementioned memorabilia, and in-game credit as a 'financial backer' of the project! Now you're playing in the BIG LEAGUES. "Yes, now you too can have XGen's hancocks all over your junk!" (Free Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    2 backers
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $300 or more About $300 USD


    This is where you make your mark. This is the tier where you get to make a direct impact on the final outcome of the game. You get the new game, the old game, the coin, the graphics, the shirt, the poster, AND you get to DESIGN A TILE that will appear in the final game! You mock-up a square tile image and we'll create it and bury it beneath the planet surface! You also get a signed certificate of authenticity to prove to all your friends that you DID design that tile, and in-game credit as "tile designer"! Welcome to the industry. (tile design subject to approval; blatant nudity/profanity/copyright infringement or otherwise offensive material will not be accepted at XGen's discretion... but feel free to go crazy with it otherwise! The weirder the better!) "Craft some blocks and call them mine!" (Free Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 3 backers
  11. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD


    Get the new game, the old game, the coin, the graphics, the shirt, the poster (autographed at this tier!), and a HAND-DRAWN PIXEL ART PORTRAIT of you or someone/something you know put in the game credits along with a 200-character message of your choosing (NOTE: subject to the same discretion as the previous tier). Sure, you could slap your mug on there but if you were a real die-hard motherload geek you'd send us a picture of a ring and a proposal to your fiancée. Comes with certificate of authenticity. "There just aren't enough pixels in the world to do you proper justice." (Free Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  12. Select this reward

    Pledge $700 or more About $700 USD


    Get the new game, the old game, the coin, the graphics, the shirt, the autographed poster, AND BE IN THE FREAKING GAME. That's right. Be made into a playable, unlockable in-game character. Includes pixel portrait (send us a photo), custom character name and a custom cheat code that anyone can use to play as your character! Comes with certificate of authenticity and in-game credit "starring as:"! Character name and portrait subject to XGen's approval for appropriate content. "Immortality has a price, and it's totally affordable!" (Free Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 1 backer
  13. Select this reward

    Pledge $850 or more About $850 USD


    Here's the full-meal-deal for the gamer who has it all. You get ALL of the solid goods: the new game, the old game, the coin, the graphics, the t-shirt, the autographed poster, the official soundtrack, the movie, the boardgame, a letter of thanks, AND the opportunity to design a tile to be used in the game. You get the certificate of authenticity and the in-game credit as 'tile designer'. (Tile design subject to XGen's final approval as mentioned in $300 level tier.)

    "With this much swag you could probably get your own Hoarder's special." (Free Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  14. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD


    You get everything from The Collector package (see previous $850 tier), PLUS an invitation for you and a guest to come hang out with the XGen team at our downtown Edmonton studios! Spend a day hanging out with us, learn about the mysterious art of electronic game development, grab some lunch and stick around as a guest of honour at our our official Super Motherload launch party! Bands, DJs, food, drinks... it's going to be a great time. This is your chance to hang out with the team! Flight and accommodation to Edmonton, Alberta Canada to be arranged and paid for by backers, but we will be happy to provide assistance and recommendations.

    "YOU'LL KNOW WHERE WE LIVE." (Free Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 1 backer
  15. Select this reward

    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD


    You get everything from the previous tier, PLUS one of 6 ultra-rare original pieces of character-design concept artwork that was actually created while designing the game. And of course, the accompanying certificate of authenticity. Be among the elite few to own real Super Motherload concept art!
    "A package to truly make you cream." (Free Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
  16. Select this reward

    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    Are you not just a Super Motherload fan but also a Defend your Castle zealot? We have the ultimate package for the true XGen defender. Get everything from 'The Visitor' package, PLUS the original items that were scanned and used in the Wii and iPhone versions of Defend your Castle! That includes the paper cloud, the allen key, the pencil, the bread tag (the cursor!), the pop cap ring, and the scrap paper texture. You will be the only person IN THE WORLD who owns the objects that were used to make DEFEND YOUR CASTLE!!! That's right, I'm giving away ALL of the actual objects. If there's something in the game that you don't have in this collection it's because I drew it by hand. AND YOU GET IT ALL! You know you want it... (Free Shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers

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