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A wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules, Twine tells you what your things are doing by email, text or Twitter.
A wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules, Twine tells you what your things are doing by email, text or Twitter.
3,966 backers pledged $556,541 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Shirts, Shoes, Service

Hello, backers! We've been cranking on all cylinders, and this week one of those cylinders is the T-shirt reward for $30- and $500-level backers. (Thanks to our long-time screenprinters Acme Prints.) Read the full update at the Supermechanical blog.

Reminder: If you have any problems/questions with delivery, please message us directly, as Kickstarter comments aren't tied to your pledge information and we won't know who you are from commenting on this update.

Next week: Chocolate, the San Francisco treat!

An enlightening Twine update.

Hello Backers!

It's time for another Twine update.  This week we solve the great mystery of the breakout board.  Head on over to the Supermechanical blog to check it out.  You might even get a glimpse of one of our Twine prototypes in action...

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Sensor poll #2 results

WHEN current rises above 1A for 90 minutes THEN email "The kids have watched enough TV today."

WHEN Bedside Lamp is turned off THEN tweet "Goodnight, John-Boy."

Hello, friends and backers — as you can imagine, we've been very busy since our Kickstarter ended. Forgive us if we don't answer messages right away; we're clearing away the backlog.

We finally had time to count the votes for the second additional external sensor (which we'll develop for sale after Twine has shipped), and the current sensor won with 45% of the votes. This sensor snaps over the power cable of your AC devices and measures power consumption from 0-50 amps, or whether a device is on or off. It will be priced at $45.

If your choice didn't get picked, we'll soon have one more sensor vote. Second place was again the external high-temperature sensor, so that will get another chance.

We'll have a big update next week! Until then, have a good weekend.

John and David

Wireless Router Survey

Hi Backers,

We're starting to test Twine with lots of different brands and models of wireless access points.  Would you please help us out by telling us what kind of access point you have?

Please tell us what router you have here:

Thanks for the help!


Our backers rule.

Kickstarter backers — you guys are amazing.  When we started this 6 weeks ago, our expectations were modest, other than making a product that we wanted and that others would find useful, too. John and I cannot believe that you pushed Twine past 550K, making it one of the most successful crowd-funded projects ever! We are going to take good care of you. Twine will be that much more polished and ready to rock because of your support.

Missed the Kickstarter? Not to worry.

You can still join the thousands of other awesome Twine owners by pre-ordering at the Supermechanical site. It's the next best thing to being an original backer!

It's time for us to hunker down and start cranking out Twines now.  We'll keep you up to speed on our progress with updates every week or so.  Until then, have a fantastic 2012!

David Carr and John Kestner