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A wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules, Twine tells you what your things are doing by email, text or Twitter.
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External temperature sensor for Twine!

Posted by Supermechanical (Creator)

Guess what, guys? We have a new sensor ready for you and your Twine!

Have you wanted to monitor the temperature in your refrigerator or the deep freezer you keep your ice sculptures in? Have the metal walls been holding you back? The external temperature sensor is perfect for monitoring the temperature in your fridge, freezer, or anywhere else you wouldn’t want to stick your Twine because of a hostile environment or lack of Wi-Fi reception.

The external temperature sensor has a 5 ft. cord, is rated for temperatures between -55ºC and 125ºC (-67ºF and 257ºF) with accuracy of +/- 0.5ºC over the entire range, and is water resistant. It draws significantly more power than the other external sensors, so you’ll want to have your Twine connected to external power when you’re using it.

Just a reminder: we’ve mailed out all the Twines we have the information for, but there are quite a few stragglers (you know who you are) that we still need address confirmation and/or payment for international shipping from. If you haven’t gotten your Twine yet, email us at so we can send it to you!

-The Supermechanics


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    1. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      @Dave, looks like you can't log in because you haven't created an account yet. I'll send you a message with instructions.

    2. Missing avatar

      dave baehr on

      I tried to login on your external site - that does not work... here I'm listed as a backer at the $99 level . When I emailed you I may not have used 'this' email and instead used zippidee@gmail... sorry if that is what caused me to be unrecognized. It remains a truth that I have not received the twine.

      thank you

    3. Missing avatar

      Darryl Okahata on

      Sadly, the freezer seals on our expensive but cruddy refrigerator are awful. I've actually resorted to using about 3 layers of fiberglass-reinforced strapping tape (the kind used for mailing packages) to help the seal along one short edge of the freezer door. Yes, the tolerances are tight enough that around 3 layers is enough to help with the seal. If we didn't have that, we'd be getting large icicles (as it is, we're still getting small icicles, but those are manageable).

      So, if 3 thin layers of tape make a difference, you can see why I'd be concerned about a cylindrical cable, even if it is only 0.11".

    4. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      @Darryl, we haven't noticed any issues with leakage in our testing (the cable has a diameter of .11"). Of course, your freezer's seals may behave differently than the ones we tested on.

    5. Missing avatar

      Darryl Okahata on

      For refrigerator monitoring, this really needs a flat cable, to minimize leakage. This is especially true for the freezer section (we'll get icicles for even the tiniest leak in our freezer door).

    6. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      @Ryan You can put the tip of this sensor in liquid - it's stainless steel, and some splashing is fine.
      Prolonged immersion probably isn't good - you can seal up the sensor-to-cable joint with epoxy to keep water from seeping in.

      @Arpa It can't handle the heat of an oven or grill, but we've got something in the works for that. Stay tuned!

    7. Arpa Aghamalian on

      Will it work for the turkey in the oven or the steak on the grill?

    8. Ryan Smallegan on

      It says water resistant but do you think this would be fine to monitor the water temperature of a pool or hot tub?