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A wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules, Twine tells you what your things are doing by email, text or Twitter.
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Twine Update 2.0: Battery life

Posted by Supermechanical (Creator)

Twine 2.0

Remember when we mentioned we were undertaking a major rework of Twine's radio firmware to improve battery life? It’s here, and it brought some friends!

You can start this update from your Account page. Under "Your Twines" you'll see a link to "Upgrade to 2.0 firmware" — tap on that and follow the instructions. The website has been updated as well so make sure you clear your browser’s cache too. Read on to understand all the implications before you upgrade.

Battery life

With the radio update, we’ve doubled battery life for you. Twine will be able to run 2 months or more on 2 AAA batteries. Of course, your battery life will vary based on how you are using your Twine. Is your Twine happily sitting in your basement waiting to tell you if a flood is coming, or listening for another infrequent event? You’ll get more than 60 days. Do you trigger rules constantly or do a lot of tinkering? Battery life should still be improved, but not dramatically. Of course, if you don’t want to rely on batteries, that's why we gave Twine a micro USB port — you can use it to plug into the wall.

The update comes with a change that makes this extended life possible: your Twine’s dashboard will update every 20 minutes. This will not affect how you receive notifications — when your rules are triggered, Twine will notify you right away, same as before. (If you don't mind even less frequent dashboard updates, you can change this to 60 minutes under your Account page for an extra couple of weeks' power.) If you’d like to keep your Twine updating every minute like it does now, you can ignore the update — you just won't get the battery life improvement.

Sharing the dashboard

You can now share your Twine’s dashboard, or just one sensor. Email a link to a standalone web page, or embed it in your own web page. We even made special widgets for Panic Status Board. In your Twine’s rule page, tap on the “Share” button in the dashboard and check “Let others view my data” to see all these options. Only the people you share the key with will be able to see the data. Don’t want to share anymore? Uncheck the box, and your Twine’s data is private again.

Networking improvements and more

What else is included in this update? Support for hidden networks (with the 2.0 radio update). Networking improvements for even better reliability. More accurate timekeeping. Quicker triggering of multiple actions. Celsius reporting in rules (if your Twine is already in Celsius, you’ll need to click on the ºC to switch to Fahrenheit and then back to Celsius to enable this). And lots of smaller tweaks to make things better all over the place.

Pebble notifications aren’t included in this update. We’ve done everything needed on our end to get it ready, and we’re just waiting on Pebble to finish up.

Last but not least, you'll notice that we've exchanged the formerly unwieldy address of Twine's web app for the svelte new - update your bookmarks and homescreen icons accordingly.

Father's Day giveaway

Would your dad or baby daddy like a Twine for Father’s Day? (Of course he would). Tell us why he deserves a Twine for a chance to win a Twine + full sensor kit (retail value $199.95). All you have to do is follow us (@supermechanical) on Twitter, tweet what your Dad would do with his Twine (or what you'll do for him), and mention @supermechanical by 12:00 noon CST on Friday, June 7th. We’ll announce the winner and ship it out on Monday, June 10th, so you’ll get it in plenty of time for Father’s Day (open to US residents only). When you enter, we’ll send you a 10% off coupon code so even if you don’t win, you can get your dad a Twine!


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    1. Øyvind Neuman on

      Sorry, was in a bad mood 12 hours ago and it seems like there is no delete button for comments here on Kickstarter.

    2. Øyvind Neuman on

      When will we get the version you tested which lasted 6+ months? I remember you had a counter on your page. Are this 6 month version still in beta? When can we expect it to be delivered?

    3. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Jay, adding the sharing feature also means that it's now possible to securely read data from Twine without being logged into your account and/or using other tricks, in beautiful JSON. Documentation and discussion to follow on the community boards soon.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jay Martin on

      When can we expect an API for 3rd parties to integrate Twines? Or can we?