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A wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules, Twine tells you what your things are doing by email, text or Twitter.
A wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules, Twine tells you what your things are doing by email, text or Twitter.
3,966 backers pledged $556,541 to help bring this project to life.

Well, we shipped Twine!

Today we hit a huge milestone in the history of Twine—-we started shipping!

More on the blog:

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    1. Supermechanical 4-time creator on November 6, 2012

      We started shipping, yes, and we've been getting faster and faster every week. We've been working to resolve some challenges with international shipping and external sensors. We are overdue for an update - I'll post one by tomorrow. -John

    2. Missing avatar

      Steffen Rasile on November 6, 2012

      We are now into November. Any update?

    3. ZippyFund Inc. on November 5, 2012

      Well you shipped and well we still waiting....

    4. Supermechanical 4-time creator on November 1, 2012

      Marvin, we're still working on shipping all of them, and it will take another 6 weeks or so. You'll get an email when your Twine is in the mail.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marvin AL-Khafaji on October 31, 2012

      Curious I have not received mine yet? How can i check on status

    6. Supermechanical 4-time creator on October 30, 2012

      We're still plugging away at shipping. Check the comments on the main page for a small update.

    7. John on October 30, 2012

      It has been a month since the last update. Can you please let us know the status of sending these out?

    8. Anna Adam on October 28, 2012

      So they haven't all shipped yet?

    9. Missing avatar

      RalphW on October 26, 2012

      Just curious, who is the shipping partner. (Hopefully not the ones who wrecked OLPC shipments by mangling addresses back in 2007)

    10. Supermechanical 4-time creator on October 25, 2012

      It's messy to give a good estimate to each backer (because everything about mailing 4000 boxes is messy!), but 4-6 weeks at worst for most of you. The more sensors your package has, the longer it will take, since our production run hasn't finished yet.

    11. Sean O'Connell on October 25, 2012

      It would be great to know if it's on it's way.

    12. Supermechanical 4-time creator on October 19, 2012

      Dainius, you can change your shipping address by logging into
      No need to worry! We have thousands of boxes to send out and we're getting up to speed with our shipping partner, so it's going to take a couple weeks to get to everyone.

    13. Missing avatar

      Aaron Douglas on October 18, 2012

      I'm assuming shipments are going out in chunks - I am in the USA but haven't received notification yet. Should I be worried?

    14. Dainius Blynas on October 17, 2012

      My shipping address have changed. If you haven't shipped mine, I would like to change it. Thanks.

    15. Supermechanical 4-time creator on October 8, 2012

      Depends on when you backed us and what you pledged for, but hopefully in the next several weeks. Keep an eye on for shipping updates for your Twine.

    16. Alex360 on October 8, 2012

      When will the Twine parcel arrive to Germany?

    17. Supermechanical 4-time creator on October 2, 2012

      Thanks! The work never ends - we've got our hands full with ramping up production over the next several weeks as well as completing all the software features. The Spool website does not yet have shipping information, but we're working on that too. More in our next update. A friend of mine said "Starting a business means running out of hours in the day, every day," and that's the truth!

      Flávio, Campbell - we're still working on international shipping details. With tracking, it's more expensive than the international shipping fee, but I understand that lost packages can be more of a problem in some areas.

      Mike, no mic, but it will be easy to add one with the breakout board.

      Ubockinme, InCase. I just like the design and color.

      - John

    18. Missing avatar

      Tom Templeton on October 1, 2012

      Awesome, can't wait

    19. Moskus on October 1, 2012

      Me too! Is it possible to check if mine has been shipped?

    20. Chris Norris on October 1, 2012

      Excellent - looking forward to getting mine.

    21. Jay B Payne on September 30, 2012

      Congrats on reaching this milestone.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike Blake-Knox on September 29, 2012

      Does the title of the blog post ("Listen to your world, talk to the Internet") mean there's a microphone sensor? That actually sounds useful.

    23. Ubockinme on September 29, 2012

      Outstanding news gentlemen! Cool to see the action photos of packing & testing the boards... Nice update.
      John, are those SOL headphones???? Round of coffee & Red Bull to you all.

    24. James Floyd Kelly
      on September 29, 2012

      Congratulations, David and John! Woo Hoo!

    25. Cam MacDuff on September 29, 2012

      Yah. Awesome. Great job guys.
      +1 though on some means of tracking international shipping. Are there any options? Don't want to have waited so long only to have it go west in the mail.

    26. FxOo ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ on September 29, 2012

      super excited!!! have one question though. international shipping will be via priority mail right? I really need the package to be trackable. cause lately I've been losing a lot of things in the mail.

    27. Brian Boatright on September 28, 2012

      And a week earlier than you suggested last week, Great job!