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A wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules, Twine tells you what your things are doing by email, text or Twitter.
3,966 backers pledged $556,541 to help bring this project to life.

Announcing Range, the smart thermometer from Supermechanical

Posted by Supermechanical (Creator)

It’s been almost two years since we launched Twine on Kickstarter; we couldn’t have done it without your help. Time has flown by since then, and now we’re excited to announce our new Kickstarter campaign!

Range. Smart thermometer, smarter cook.

Talking to a lot of our Twine users who cared about monitoring temperature, we realized that many of them made food and drink as both professionals and enthusiasts, and wanted to do it better. This struck a chord with those of us who don’t have the cooking intuition that our moms and grandmothers do, but love experimenting in the kitchen, especially with old family recipes.

With Range, you can take the guesswork out of cooking. Clip it on or stick it in and set an alert for the desired temperature with the Range app for iOS (we include presets for common uses). While you do the dishes or sip on a well-deserved glass of wine, Range graphs the temperature over time so you can learn and improve from each experiment. Once the temperature is reached and your roast has achieved perfection, Range tells you.

You’re already a pro at using your iPhone — Range can help you become a pro at kitchen craft as well. Soon, your home brew will be the talk of the neighborhood. Better throw a few steaks on the grill to feed all your newfound friends. Welcome to the internet of poultry. And beef, and beer, and chocolate...

Range has just launched on Kickstarter, and we wanted you to be among the first to know. (And we've included pledge levels with access to the API for the nerds.) If you’re interested, just follow the link above to check it out!

Thank you again for supporting us with Twine; we wouldn’t be here today without you!

-The Supermechanics

External temperature sensor for Twine!

Posted by Supermechanical (Creator)

Guess what, guys? We have a new sensor ready for you and your Twine!

Have you wanted to monitor the temperature in your refrigerator or the deep freezer you keep your ice sculptures in? Have the metal walls been holding you back? The external temperature sensor is perfect for monitoring the temperature in your fridge, freezer, or anywhere else you wouldn’t want to stick your Twine because of a hostile environment or lack of Wi-Fi reception.

The external temperature sensor has a 5 ft. cord, is rated for temperatures between -55ºC and 125ºC (-67ºF and 257ºF) with accuracy of +/- 0.5ºC over the entire range, and is water resistant. It draws significantly more power than the other external sensors, so you’ll want to have your Twine connected to external power when you’re using it.

Just a reminder: we’ve mailed out all the Twines we have the information for, but there are quite a few stragglers (you know who you are) that we still need address confirmation and/or payment for international shipping from. If you haven’t gotten your Twine yet, email us at so we can send it to you!

-The Supermechanics

Twine Update 2.0: Battery life

Posted by Supermechanical (Creator)

Twine 2.0

Remember when we mentioned we were undertaking a major rework of Twine's radio firmware to improve battery life? It’s here, and it brought some friends!

You can start this update from your Account page. Under "Your Twines" you'll see a link to "Upgrade to 2.0 firmware" — tap on that and follow the instructions. The website has been updated as well so make sure you clear your browser’s cache too. Read on to understand all the implications before you upgrade.

Battery life

With the radio update, we’ve doubled battery life for you. Twine will be able to run 2 months or more on 2 AAA batteries. Of course, your battery life will vary based on how you are using your Twine. Is your Twine happily sitting in your basement waiting to tell you if a flood is coming, or listening for another infrequent event? You’ll get more than 60 days. Do you trigger rules constantly or do a lot of tinkering? Battery life should still be improved, but not dramatically. Of course, if you don’t want to rely on batteries, that's why we gave Twine a micro USB port — you can use it to plug into the wall.

The update comes with a change that makes this extended life possible: your Twine’s dashboard will update every 20 minutes. This will not affect how you receive notifications — when your rules are triggered, Twine will notify you right away, same as before. (If you don't mind even less frequent dashboard updates, you can change this to 60 minutes under your Account page for an extra couple of weeks' power.) If you’d like to keep your Twine updating every minute like it does now, you can ignore the update — you just won't get the battery life improvement.

Sharing the dashboard

You can now share your Twine’s dashboard, or just one sensor. Email a link to a standalone web page, or embed it in your own web page. We even made special widgets for Panic Status Board. In your Twine’s rule page, tap on the “Share” button in the dashboard and check “Let others view my data” to see all these options. Only the people you share the key with will be able to see the data. Don’t want to share anymore? Uncheck the box, and your Twine’s data is private again.

Networking improvements and more

What else is included in this update? Support for hidden networks (with the 2.0 radio update). Networking improvements for even better reliability. More accurate timekeeping. Quicker triggering of multiple actions. Celsius reporting in rules (if your Twine is already in Celsius, you’ll need to click on the ºC to switch to Fahrenheit and then back to Celsius to enable this). And lots of smaller tweaks to make things better all over the place.

Pebble notifications aren’t included in this update. We’ve done everything needed on our end to get it ready, and we’re just waiting on Pebble to finish up.

Last but not least, you'll notice that we've exchanged the formerly unwieldy address of Twine's web app for the svelte new - update your bookmarks and homescreen icons accordingly.

Father's Day giveaway

Would your dad or baby daddy like a Twine for Father’s Day? (Of course he would). Tell us why he deserves a Twine for a chance to win a Twine + full sensor kit (retail value $199.95). All you have to do is follow us (@supermechanical) on Twitter, tweet what your Dad would do with his Twine (or what you'll do for him), and mention @supermechanical by 12:00 noon CST on Friday, June 7th. We’ll announce the winner and ship it out on Monday, June 10th, so you’ll get it in plenty of time for Father’s Day (open to US residents only). When you enter, we’ll send you a 10% off coupon code so even if you don’t win, you can get your dad a Twine!

Twine moisture sensor: April sale, how-to and more.

Posted by Supermechanical (Creator)

It’s that time of year. As they say, April showers bring May flowers (and flooded basements).

Moisture sensor special

Twine has already saved Rick and Ken’s basements from extensive damage — yours could be next! Rick sent us this tweet (you can check out how he set up his Twine in his blog):

Do you need a moisture sensor? For the rest of April only, get 10% off a moisture sensor or Twine + moisture sensor kit by entering coupon code SPIDERS at checkout.

How-To use the moisture sensor

Check out our blog to see how to set up your Twine to monitor your basement for flooding in 3 easy steps.

You can also use the Twine to monitor the sump pump in your basement. A moisture detection rule combined with a vibration rule to let you know when/if the pump turned on is the perfect solution for your personal flood zone in one box.
Don’t have a basement? Lucky you! You can also use the moisture sensor to monitor your AC drip pan.

We post how-tos on our blog every week. See how to turn your Twine into a motion sensor with the Breakout Board, or an exercise bike with the Cloud Shield.

What’s coming for Twine:

  • Support for ºC reporting and other surprises will be included in the next update!
  • We received our Pebble last week (it looks great on David’s arm), and we’re working with Pebble to add support for notifications.
  • The Davids are in the middle of a major change in the way Twine's radio subsystem works – this will give Twine a significant boost in battery life.

-The Supermechanics

Austin Hardware Love, and a Special!

Posted by Supermechanical (Creator)

A couple things we forgot to mention last week:

Long cable special

Did you know that we now sell longer cables for your sensors? At 10 feet long (3 meters for our overseas friends), these can reach places the standard cable can't. They're also shielded to ensure signal integrity (which can be a problem at long distances and low power). Keep your Twine high and dry in the basement while the sensor does the dirty work!

In honor of adding support for long URLs, we’re running a special on long cables in our store! We’ve dropped the price for everyone, and you’ll get free domestic shipping on long cables if you order by April 6 — this Saturday. Shhh... we're only telling Kickstarter backers.

Austin hardware love

We love living and working in Austin. Aside from the great food, weather and music, we like it here for the concentration of hardware makers. At SXSW Interactive last month, our pals at the brand new and already excellent ATXHW group put together a hardware Kickstarter Q&A, and John got to take part alongside some of Austin's finest. Read more at MakeBlog. We want to give a shout-out to them — if you like what they're making, get yourself some new gear and support small businesses doing something unique.

Cinetics raised $480K with their Cineskates slider tripod and another $114K with their CineMoco project. You can get these at

Memoto (okay, they're Swedish, but the accent is similar) recently closed a $550K Kickstarter for their lifelogging wearable camera. You can order one at

Lastly but most importantly, Ube's WiFi smart dimmer switch for your lights is still active on Kickstarter and is less than $10K away from their goal, with two days to go. Push them over the top here:

-The Supermechanics