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Cook better with precise temperature readings, alerts to iPhones anywhere, & recipe graphs for repeatable results. Built in the US.
Cook better with precise temperature readings, alerts to iPhones anywhere, & recipe graphs for repeatable results. Built in the US.
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Announcing Coal Range

Posted by Supermechanical (Creator)

Coal Range is Ember's big brother, and it's made for the pro griller. If you've gotten burned in the past by flare-ups, this is for you. The standard Range works great for the oven, smoker and everyday grilling (perfect for when John grills chicken dinner in his Weber Q), with the usual care you give your kitchen instruments. But some of you have told us you're really into grilling and want a heavy-duty Range (perhaps to go along with your tough canvas apron). So we're going to offer a new pledge level for $18 more, which will let us make a limited quantity of thermometers that spares no expense on the materials.

Coal Range's handle and cable will withstand even higher temperatures for short periods of time. The cable has been especially beefed up — bursts of direct flame are not a problem. And unlike the braided metal cables typically found in high-temperature thermometers, this one can take moisture just like the standard Range's. Of course, you should treat your Coal Range nicely to get the most out of it - nothing is fire*proof*, and the probe tip still shouldn't be subjected to temperatures over 450ºF. Because Coal's cable isn't as slim as the regular Range (about 0.150"), it doesn't slip into the oven as neatly, and we won't be able to fit our magnetic ring over it. Coal Ranges will take extra labor and testing, so they'll ship starting with the second production run scheduled for February.

Do you use your iPad for recipes? We do ALL the time, and it usually ends up just sitting on the counter generally in the way. If that happens to you also, check out MagBak's Kickstarter campaign! MagBak lets you easily mount your iPad on your wall (and, as an added plus the silicone provides a nice grip so you won't drop your iPad when you're carrying it around). John used MagBak on his fridge — it's the perfect location for when you're using Range to fry or roast up dinner.


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    1. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Hi Sam, it's definitely possible to upgrade your extra Range. We're going to be sending out an email with instructions on how to add/change rewards after we get the surveys back — For now, just make a note in the survey.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sam Lam

      Hi this is a crazy ask but could I transfer you $18 to get the heavy duty version? I bought the omnivore set and pledge for an extra probe but would like to know if I can upgrade the extra one? I really dig your company and have supported you through the Twine, this current project and hopefully your future ones. Let me know what I need to do. Once I hear from you I'll fill in the survey.

    3. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Hey Robert! We're going to have a website up in the next couple of days to let you manage your pledge. You'll be able to change from Omnivore to All the Range there - we'll let you know in an update when it's ready.

    4. Robert Fixer Smith

      I missed the news about Coal, and would like to up my pledge from Omnivore/2nd Run to All the Range. Do you have a method to accommodate that now that funding has closed?

    5. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Brett, I'm going to send you a message with some ideas!

    6. Brett Ryan on

      Hmm, that may be a problem. I roast pork in a kettle, getting temp right up when I first put it in to develop the crackling, it would definitely be over that (250C+), then I bring it down to about 130C for 4 hours for a 4Kg piece of meat. Since the meat is thicker than 6" I wouldn't be able to get coal range to the centre. I'm worried about the cable in contact with the oven base/lid too.

    7. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Brett, we aren't planning on increasing the length of Ember/Coal anymore. You can use Aqua (it has a 6" probe) for roasting meats, as long as the temperature stays below 450ºF.

    8. Brett Ryan on

      I upgraded to all three but now I'm thinking 3" won't be long enough for the probe. I slow cook roast meats and that won't reach the centre. Could you make it 8"-10"?

    9. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Chris, of course! I'll send you a message.

    10. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Jim, you can switch to the All the Range reward level to get Ember, Aqua, and Coal. Since Coal Ranges will take extra labor and testing, they'll ship starting with the second production run scheduled for February - unfortunately we can't split up reward shipments between first and second runs.

    11. Chris Greene

      I am also currently at the Master chef level and would like to get all three probes. Can you let me know what to change my pledge to? Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jim McLaughlin on

      Hi guys I too am in the omnivore first run and want to keep that and add coal can you let me know how to do that? Thanks

    13. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      BHH, that is correct. Coal costs $18 more than the Aqua or Ember ($67). So, adding $18 to your pledge will get you Coal instead of Ember - not both.

      Jean-Paul, if you want all Ember, Aqua, and Coal, edit your pledge to All the Range. If you just want Aqua and Coal, switch it to Omnivore-pro.

      Tim, office brewing sounds awesome! Unfortunately, splitting up shipments would likely result in a logistical nightmare (and additional shipping costs). We'll get you all three as soon as we can.

      Simon, we added a pledge level for all three. If you switch from Omnivore to all the Range - you'll get Aqua, Ember, AND Coal.

    14. BHH on

      Reading the comments it seems there is some confusion.

      Am I correct to assume that if you add $18 you UPGRADE Ember to coal. NOT that you get Ember AND Coal.

      Is this correct?

    15. Jean-Paul Horn on

      Hi guys,

      I'm currently at Omnivore second run. Should I edit my pledge to All Ranges or do I just need to add $18 to my current pledge?


    16. Tim Bakeris on

      Just bumped my pledge up to include All Ranges! I just wish I was able to get the Aqua and Ember in the first run. :/ I'm really excited to get my hands on these guys. A few coworkers and I will be brewing beer at our office, FOR the office and these would be perfect!!! Not to mention all of the cooking I do at home already.

    17. Simon Owen on

      Oooo I need a coal in my life too (as well as my omnivore pledge.) Could you tell me how to do this please. Thanks :)

    18. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Is it possible to back us for the apron and all the Ranges? I could ask, is Rob awesome? The answer to both is "yes." We'll send you a message.

      Yep, the Coal probe is 3" - it has the guts of an Ember with upgraded materials. It'll also get the longer cable as well when you help us reach the stretch goal. The Coal cable is just a little thicker (by about 1mm), so it might not be as clean of a seal for your oven, depending on the gasket you have. To keep shipping affordable (and less error-prone), we'll need to ship all your Ranges at one time, once they're all ready.

    19. Rob Lugton on

      If I wanted the apron and all three Ranges, is that possible?

    20. Missing avatar

      User 101 on

      Looks cool! Will the probe be 3" like the others? If you hit the stretch goal will the cable length on this range be extended as well? Can mentioned the cable is more difficult to get in the oven. Can you clarify what that means or provide a picture? If we upgrade and were part of the original production run will you send out the aqua range first and then the coal range when its produced in february?

    21. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Bheleu, you can add $18 to your pledge level. Just make sure you tell us in the post campaign survey which Range you want.
      Matt, yep! Coal will be just as responsive and accurate.

    22. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Steve, I just added a level for all 3. Check out the "All the Range" level.
      Sinerge, we're not sure if Coal will make it to retail. If it does, it will be priced around $80.67.
      Daniel, I'll send you a message about what to do!

    23. Missing avatar

      Matt S on

      Will the coal be as accurate and responsive as the ember?

    24. Missing avatar

      Bheleu on

      So how does a hacker special get a coal added? Have wife order it? Or pay $18 more?

    25. Daniel S on

      currently at omnivore first run and want to keep that and add Coal. Not sure how to go about doing that.

    26. sinerge on

      okay but that doesn't make any sense, you'd have to have some idea of the planned retail otherwise how did you come up with $67. Just trying see if I should stick with Ember at about a 17% discount from retail, should the Coal only be a 5% discount or so. That would make the Ember a better value and either would suit my needs.

    27. Steve Paulo on

      Planning on a pledge level that gets you one of each? Coal, Ember, Aqua?

    28. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Sinerge, we haven't planned what the retail price will be for Coal yet.
      Jeremy, glad to hear Coal is perfect for you! I'll send you a message about how to get two Coals.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Rasmussen on

      Coal Range is perfect for my intended use.

      I am currently an $89 Omnivore first run pledger. How should I change this to two Coals?

    30. sinerge on

      Great going to switch my pledge now. Just curious what's the planed retail on Coal?