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A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Debbie Cohen on

      I've been trying to get a reply as to how to return my Range Dial. I've sent several emails and all I get is the automated reply that someone will get back to me in approx 3 days. It's been 30 days. Extremely disappointed in your customer service.

    2. Richard Burke on

      Just received mine in Australia. The knob on one of the dials has broken off. It was clearly broken and then glued back in place as the glue is visible. Pretty disappointing.

    3. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Mal, I know - it's a debacle. Definitely below what I would expect from myself or anyone else. Ultimately, I've done a poor job of communicating an accurate timeline, but it goes back to the first run needing more QA and a firmware update after we got them from the factory, but also generally being undermanned and balancing it against fixing bugs. I'm making a hard push to get everything out in the next few weeks.

      Adrian, glad you finally got yours. Some of the battery clips are slightly too far apart, and can be bent together to get a snug fit on each battery. The pegs on the silicone cover can be a bit tricky to get into the case, but once they're in it should lie flat and securely. I'd love to work on an Android app, but I don't need to tell you we've got our hands full at the moment.

      An app update for the clicking problem will be submitted to the App Store by the end of the week.

    4. Mal Curtis on

      I can forgive all the delays in the product development / manufacturing phase, but having to wait so long for the shipping is pretty frustrating and, imo, sub par. I can purchase this on Amazon right now and have it in my hands in a few days, but I've not received a shipping notification for my Kickstarter?? (I'm in NZ). Very disappointing.

    5. Matthew Forsyth on

      Mine arrived at my office (Australia) haven't been in to pick it up yet. Can't wait to try it!

    6. Adrian Wong on

      Just Received my package, extremely happy and excited to test it out.
      I want to tell you that it did not connect to my ipad or iphone to the app on the first try. I had to kill the application and relaunch it entirely before it registered the probe's information and heat setting. I note that this was the same case for both the IPAD and Iphone. @Charleen, maybe her problem is the same as mine.

      Did a boiling water test and it was within one degree, that's fantastic. The silicone cover on the back and the AAA battery connectors don't seem to sit well, or are loose, especially the battery connections. I hope this doesn't get worse, it seems to barely fit. For now it is working.

      Any word on an Android app? We prefer to use Android OS going forward.

    7. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      @Charleen, we'll get you back on track. I replied to you yesterday through support. I believe you should get a notification if you contacted us through the app, but they're probably easy to miss.

      @Daniel, replied to your message. We try to do everything in order of when the pledge was made, but sometimes batch similar orders for efficiency.

      @Roland, speaking of that, I think I mentioned in an earlier post, but we've been tentative on international shipments because past experience has taught me that they have a high chance of getting lost if something's out of order. With our first Kickstarter, we lost a bunch of packages going to Germany, and took some time to figure out why. So we send in small batches to a variety of countries and wait to see whether they get delivered without problems before sending everything else out. Yours in particular, I don't know, but I'll take a look at it. I know that international gets the short end of the stick sometimes, and I'm sorry for that. I love you all equally. (Well, a little more if you're in Texas.)

      @Søren, same goes here. I don't like the extra taxes that international has to pay, but such is the global marketplace. I'm going to give your suggestion of making duties transparent upfront to Kickstarter, and you should tell them too. This one's a challenge since the duties can vary wildly based on the kind of product, but they've been slowly improving things so that now at least we can better show shipping costs. I really like the idea of handling it upfront, too, though it's a struggle to coordinate with the customs and postal bureaucracies in each country.

      @Nonplus - good point, though sitting in front of the computer all day, I need the fresh air.

    8. Charleen Chu on

      My Range Dial Grill thermometer does not work. It does not alarm at all, and I cannot get any indication either one of the probes is actually measuring the temperature. It also will not connect to either my ipad or my iphone sitting right next to it -- sometimes all it does is click and sometimes it does noting. I had to go back to using my ember. With ember plugged directly into iPad and the new dial grill probe plugged into the black dial, both measuring the same peice of meat, I confirmed that either neither one of the two grill probes work, or the black dial is defective. I have been trying to get a reply from support for several days now.

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Shakesby on

      I have and my son has asked on my behalf and I still have no response. When will I get my order? My son got his over a month ago!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Søren Peter Nielsen on

      So, for me its getting closer to receive the range dial. I now got a message that I had to pay Danish VAT for the package and the postal carrier wanting an ever higher amount simply for handling this - so about $40 more has been added to what it cost me to back the project. Please Kickstart, think about how to make such costs more transparent - or even better find ways this can be handled before shipment, so I dont have to pay the ridiculous fee, but rather use the money to back other Kickstarter projects.

    11. Roland Lim on

      I can understand the part that USPS and other postal services around the world maybe slow and that part is certainly out of your control, but can you please enlighten me as to why all US domestic shipments has gone out, but only 1/3 of international shipment has been sent to USPS? My backer number is 257, certainly not back of the queue. Can you also please tell me why I am not even on the 1/3 of international shipments that has gone out? Thanks!

    12. Nonplus on

      A tip for debugging Bluetooth out of range problems: Sticking the device into a microwave oven and closing the door is usually much quicker than taking it for a walk. Been there, done that...