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A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
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    1. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Chris - we've already mailed some to Australia. Our shipping software is cautious about international address verification as we're trying to print mailing labels, so we're checking them individually and contacting backers whose addresses won't go through.

    2. Missing avatar


      Hi, are you still planning on shipping the range dial to Australia as it seems being such a long way away USPS may have never heard of our country. When should we expect an sort of update given it's now May and your shipping post was back in March?

    3. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Believe me, I'm counting too. :/
      Yes, international shipping has started. We've sent two batches out so far and watching for problems. USPS is notoriously uncommunicative about tracking international packages, so we're being extra cautious. Already looks like they've lost a few, but sometimes it takes extra time for them to find a package in their own system and deliver it.

    4. @rubynerd on

      Has international shipping started yet? This is 14 months overdue.

    5. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Robyn, we're going to start shipping international orders this week.
      Joe, not yet - watch for the shipping notification email.
      Stanley and Paige (and the rest of you) - I hear you. In the long slog of getting Range Dial made, I also have to maintain enthusiasm, and of course, I live it every day because it's my job. But I'm really excited about the features we'll be adding to the app once we clear shipping off our plate, and hopefully you will be too. The next app update will include a few suggestions from backers, already.

      My goal is to get most domestic rewards out by the end of the month, while ramping up international orders.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paige Baldassaro on

      I'm with others. Really have lost my enthusiasm. Just would like to know when the product might be shipped so I can wrap this up and move on.

    7. Stanley Rosholt on

      It been soooo long that I almost forgot about my order! I kind of lost my enthusiasm about this product! I hope it comes in and I can enjoy it someday!

    8. Joe Albano on

      Any way to find out if mine shipped (to Indiana) - or if it didn't, when it might?

    9. Robyn Johnston on

      Any idea on an the ETA (or even just for shipping!) for Australian orders?

    10. Nonplus on

      Got my Range Dial and am liking it so far.

      Any idea when stand-alone probes will become available to order? I'm an original Range backer and would love to get me some grill probes for the Dial, too.

    11. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Any day now our international shipping partner should be ready, and they've got fast service to Canada. Generally, upgrade backers are taking a little longer because we have to match up correspondence with the order. But Adrian, I'll send you a message about your wedding date. Don't you have enough things to do without having to cater?

    12. Adrian Thornton on

      Is there any update on shipment to Canada, particularly for upgrade backers (in case that makes a difference)? I have 120lbs of pork shoulder to smoke for my wedding, and I was really hoping to use my Range Dial to assist in that effort...

    13. Ian MacDonald on

      Thanks for the update, here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we still are no where outdoor season but appreciate the update and are looking forward to a time when we can use the twanged outside. But also looking forward to getting it to use indoors with sous vide and so many more uses. Thanks again, I'm sort of drooling, (embarrassed) to admit it.�