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A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
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    1. Joe Albano 3 days ago

      Hi - Just received my Grill Pro today. I supported at the "KITCHEN+GRILL PRO: Both Kitchen Pro and Grill Pro models." level.

      Was the Kitchen Pro shipped separately?

    2. Supermechanical 4-time creator on April 17

      Julian, it's hard to say how long transit will be once we get yours in the mail, so I'd change it to the new address, and I'll make sure we hold on to yours until you'll be there. On the Kickstarter campaign page ( ), you should see a blue "View Pledge" button. From there, click on Survey and you'll see a place to edit your shipping address.

    3. julian on April 17

      How can I change my shipping address? The address I gave is closing at the end of the month and unless my Range Dial will be in the UK by then, it'll get rejected/end up in confusing delivery limbo.

    4. Supermechanical 4-time creator on April 7

      We've got about a third of the units out so far. Not as much as we'd like, either. There's been continued delays in setting up the shipper as I mentioned in the update, but we're going to get an answer from them one way or another next week and finally start pushing out packages in earnest.

      I've also thrown a wrench in the works by getting pulled away to find a complicated bug affecting remote temperature display. That should be fixed in the v2.0.1 update that went out this week — but I've gotten two reports of crashing when Range Dial connects. If that happens to anyone else, please contact us through the in-app customer support so we can get your assistance in debugging it.

      Josh, contact us through the app (Settings gear icon > Customer support) and we'll take care of it.

      I am so ready to get all your Dials out the door, and turn to working on features that backers have already suggested.


    5. Peter on April 5

      Hi, can you offer us some stats on shipping? How many have gone out, how many still to go. Seem to be scant few comments from people who have actually received one. Cheers

    6. Brian Salge
      on April 4

      Update? Come on and ship them! :)

    7. Missing avatar

      John Mchale on March 28

      Hi. When can we expect to see shipping confirmations / deliveries?

    8. Josh
      on March 27

      I received my mine today. The dial doesn't match up with the app. If I move the dial to the pig, chicken comes up on the app. If I move it to the chicken, fish comes up.

    9. Supermechanical 4-time creator on March 25

      Kendra, yes - right now, you'll get an email confirmation with tracking number as we print the shipping label, and then we generally hold it a day to give y'all one last chance to update your address, if you notice it's not up to date in the email.

      Still getting through them slowly, in rough order of when you backed (but grouped a bit for convenience, and holding back ones that have special orders).

    10. Missing avatar

      Kendra H on March 25


      Just to follow up from the last update and per the comments, it's safe to say that if we've backed, we would know it's been shipped based on an email confirmation, correct? Meaning it won't the package won't be shipped without an email confirmation I hope?

      Thank you for all the hard work!

    11. Jason Bostick on March 9

      Got mine! very happy. now to get something to test. Also looking forward to when the Android app is done as my ipad is not always around and Id like to be able to view on my phone.

    12. Supermechanical 4-time creator on March 8

      For sure. Admittedly I haven't had to worry about this as I grill in my carport. But now that we're all curious, I'm going to test how much water we can get on this version. Chance of rain tomorrow...

    13. Daniel E Harlow on March 8

      Version 2 - waterproof, just thinking out loud.

    14. Supermechanical 4-time creator on March 8

      Oh, and Daniel - haven't tested the Dial for water resistance. There are no upward facing openings, so it's possible but not easy for water to get inside the case and short the circuitboard as long as the knob is facing up. Even then a drop or two won't cause permanent damage. Keep it under a plastic bowl!

    15. Supermechanical 4-time creator on March 8

      Hi, all - sorry for taking so long to pop back in here with the shipping update. Hope that adequately explains where we are.

      When we submitted the products for Amazon, it was back in November or December because the listing process takes a while. Back then I expected that Kickstarter rewards would all be shipped by now, so we had entered an availability date of mid-February. I'd be pissed too, if those jumped in line. But with the exception of, I think, a box of 8 to Amazon's warehouse that my fulfillment guy missed the memo on, we've cancelled any of their orders until Kickstarter rewards are all out. We've gone through Kickstarter a couple times, and we try to always put you first. Not just with the usual priority and discount, but also extra leeway on the warranty and extra discounts on future products.

      — John

    16. Melissa McGrath Mahanes on March 7

      I cannot even believe that orders are being taken and shipping on Amazon (and probably other online sources)! That seems incredibly underhanded to me that you have had my (and everyone else's) backer funds and are selling and units entitled to your backers to fulfill Amazon orders!

    17. Missing avatar

      Daniel Price on March 7

      How weather resistant is the Range Dial?
      I'm thinking specifically about it being out by the BBQ in the rain.

    18. fresa on March 7

      Shipping update would be nice!

    19. Missing avatar

      Gourmet Grubber on March 7

      Hello SuperMechanical team - would you update your KS backers on their pledges/orders? Thank you!

    20. Daniel E Harlow on March 7

      I know a couple people got their's already so hoping to get mine soon. It is apparently on their main website for sale at and available on Amazon at

    21. Erin Marling-Cotton on March 6

      If some were shipping out on 2/18, shouldn't someone have theirs by now? Has anyone received theirs yet?

    22. julian on March 5

      @Christine Huh? Where are you seeing that?

    23. Missing avatar

      Christine Savage on March 5

      Frustrating that it seems those who bought one are getting their shipments sooner than those who made larger investments. Any update on shipping?

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Shakesby on March 3

      Shipping update please!

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Lukas on March 3

      me too, backer 646

    26. Missing avatar

      Calvin Cheung on February 27

      sorry to ask again. Just wondering when would we expect all pledge to get shipped? So we know when to expect getting the tracking email? So looking forward to get mine and it's been a while. Thanks =)

    27. Supermechanical 4-time creator on February 23

      Yep, you'll get an email with a tracking number.

    28. julian on February 23

      Will we get a notification when ours ships?

    29. Supermechanical 4-time creator on February 18

      Yep - they're shipping out. Most of the $64 (one probe) rewards are in the mail, and some of the $79 (Kitchen Pro) rewards. (And we're getting faster at it.)

    30. Missing avatar

      Calvin Cheung on February 18

      any update on the testing and shipping progress? �

    31. Supermechanical 4-time creator on February 9

      Yep, the shipment got here this week:…

      We're going through everything and should be dropping the first ones in the mail this weekend.

      Android: as you can probably guess, we've had our hands full completing everything for iOS. While an Android app will take a while yet, as soon as we're done shipping and everyone on iOS is running smoothly, we'll publish the BLE protocol for Jerome and others. Best to get on our developer mailing list to get that:

    32. Jerome Carty on February 2

      If there's no Android version and they release the protocol, I hope to be able to take a stab at it.

      Just hoping to get my hands on one, first!

    33. Missing avatar

      Craig Little on January 26

      Thanks for the update. Although it's a year late, I'm really looking forward to getting the Range Dial. At least it's coming which is more than can be said for a lot of Kickstarters. Any updates on an Android version of the app?

    34. julian on January 26

      Agreed, more updates are always a good thing, especially when something is running late.

    35. Missing avatar

      Karen Eldridge on January 15

      Hi Chris

      Since you were wondering what was going through my head - though of course I can't speak for everyone.

      I know time frames are never guaranteed, but I'd have preferred more *proactive* updates on significant issues which affect the published timelines and to manage backer expectations. The updates we've been getting are always a response to questions (sometimes multiple) from backers.

      I would have preferred a greater level of detail in the updates, for example:

      On boat from [x date] to [y date]
      Expected delivery: 01/27/2017
      [next phase]: [z date]
      [next phase +1]: [xx date]
      [next phase +2]: [yy date]
      [shipping to backers]: [zz date]

      Adjusted timelines could then be easily communicated when the inevitable issues do occur.

      As someone who works very closely with Project Managers, I feel like this approach keeps all stakeholders informed and happy.

      Have a great day!

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris on January 12

      Sometimes I wonder what goes through the heads of some of these people. Do people not realize that yes, they are buying a product, but no the time frame is never guaranteed? We are getting the products at a discounted price in order to help kickstarter companies get the product off the ground. If you arent ok with this, then go to the store and buy something thats already on the shelves, it will save you a lot of stress wondering "will i ever get my product?"

      To everyone wanting more updates, why? They have been sending about once a month (maybe month and a half) and theres not much more to update on in that kind of time frame. December we got an update that the items are on a boat heading here, and you want another update now? For what? To see where the boat is on the water?

      Supermechanical, thank you for your hard work, cant wait to enjoy using this in the upcoming grilling season and seeing what other products you have up your sleeves in the future.

    37. Missing avatar

      Karen Eldridge on January 8

      Realistically when can we expect delivery of the range dials? I understand that you're expecting a "metric ton" on 27 January, but how long until these are actually shipped out to backers?

      I also understand and appreciate that you want to get this right, but in all likelihood this will be over a year late.

      And I'm sure you are busy and working hard, but I would have preferred more frequent updates - particularly as everything is running so late.

      Is it possible to obtain a refund at this stage?

    38. Federico Cossetta on January 6

      Estimated delivery: Mar 2016.
      No much more to say.
      Refund me please, I am no more interested in see what's coming.

    39. Supermechanical 4-time creator on January 6

      Grant, just waiting for the shipment to arrive. We'll have over a metric ton of Range Dials due to our doorstep on the 27th. Meanwhile we're working on the app - there's always work to be done there.

    40. Grant Smith on January 3

      How is inspection coming along?

    41. Supermechanical 4-time creator on December 13

      Jason, you should see a "View pledge" button above. On the page that then loads, click on the Survey tab to change your shipping address.

    42. Jason Bostick on December 13

      Did a backerkit go out for this that I can't find a link to? I have moved and need to make sure I get this when it finally ships.

    43. Supermechanical 4-time creator on December 4

      Sorry, guys — answer a bunch of messages and forget to add public comments here. Or, I did on the last update's comments. In a nutshell, we're finally expecting our first incoming shipment next week. The first batch is all Range Dial ($64) and Kitchen Pro ($79) units, with Grill Pro to be arriving the week after that. You can expect the next update when we start sending the first Dials out after a personal inspection. The upgrading backers, I've been behind on the email but expect it by Tuesday.

    44. Ray Triana on December 3

      Any update on timing/process for original backers who are purchasing an upgrade? Haven't seen much since we were asked to submit photos of our original units (which i did). Thx.

    45. Roland Lim on December 1

      According to the last update, it was supposed to start shipping end of November. Has the shipping started yet?

    46. Mal Curtis on November 8

      Would love to get an update. Seems like lots of update promises but nothing coming through…

    47. fresa on November 5

      update will be great!

    48. Missing avatar

      Calvin Cheung on November 3

      any update? �

    49. Joe Albano on October 31

      SO ... any hope of using this on this year's Thanksgiving turkey?

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