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A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Heiko Rath on

      @Richard thank you for compiling the history on Android promises. I am very disappointed as the RangeDials are basically only useful as paperweights to me at this point.

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Today I tried to use my Range Dial, which has been sitting in the box up until then. It's been a frustrating experience in a variety of ways.

      I started by deciding to use the Kitchen Pro instead of the Grill Pro. I opened the box and while removing it from the package it either came apart or wasn't packaged assembled. That's not really a big deal. It was simple to put together.

      After that I read the "Get Started" and I went to the website to get the app. There isn't an Android app. At first I thought I'd look into that later because I'm not supposed to need an app in order to use it.

      The "Get Started" is short and sweet, but it's missing some critical information. What are the default temperatures for each preset? I don't want to contact anyone for this information. It should be readily available. Apparently, you need the IOS app in order to find out what these are.

      At this point I want to know the timeline for the development of the Android app, so I tried to find everything Supermechanical has said about the Android app. Here's what I found -

      2015-10-13: $180,000 stretch goal. However, even if the stretch goal isn't met, an Android App will be made eventually.

      2015-10-19: "Thanks, and thanks for hanging in there, Craig. We'll probably lower the Android goal a bit, and even if we don't get there, we still plan to make it eventually. It's just a matter of knowing we have the resources."

      2015-10-22: "Will it work with Android?
      Yes, eventually. If we raise well beyond our goal, we'll be able to hire another developer to do this while Range Dial is in production. Otherwise, we'll do it sometime next year."

      2015-11-09: "Heiko, we'll be working on Android support but no promise on schedule yet. We've already got an iOS app and our top priority now will be getting manufacturing started. With the original Range, I've seen homebrewers drill a hole for the probe and get a rubber grommet to seal it. If you have a good solution, we can probably put together the needed parts to make it easier."

      2015-11-10: "Art, thanks for liking it enough that you're almost convinced! (I have a Windows Phone myself, ironically.) We'll send a note out when we add Android support. In the meantime, do an iPhone-owning friend of yours a favor and tell him/her. (You do have friends who use iOS, right?)"

      2015-11-12: "Thanks, Sara! Yes, you'll be able to use it with the presets, and yes, you can borrow an iOS device to change them until we ship an Android app. What do you want to change the presets to?"

      2016-09-16: "We know iOS well, so it’s the first platform we’re supporting. We’ve had our hands full with getting Range Dial out the door, but we want to hire another developer to tackle Android once that’s done. (If you know any with experience in Bluetooth LE, let us know.)"

      2017-02-09: "Android: as you can probably guess, we've had our hands full completing everything for iOS. While an Android app will take a while yet, as soon as we're done shipping and everyone on iOS is running smoothly, we'll publish the BLE protocol for Jerome and others. Best to get on our developer mailing list to get that:"

      2017-03-23: "Does Range work with Android?
      The current Range does not work with Android. We're a small team and try to focus on doing one thing well at a time.

      But we haven't forgotten Android users! We're planning a solution that we think you'll like. Sign up for our infrequent mailing list to hear about anything new first:
      Last Updated: 148d • Permalink"

      2017-05-18: "@Jessica, @Betsy, sorry that Android isn't the priority I'd also like it to be. I hate to let backers down, and I don't like that any part of this has taken as long as it has. Anything I can help with, please contact me through the in-app support or - and I'll continue to plug away at everything."


      Supermechanical is looking for a coder to work on our iOS apps, starting with the one for Range and Range Dial, our cooking thermometers. You'll be coding everything that people use to interact with their Supermechanical hardware, from the Bluetooth interface to the look and feel of the app. You're organized and move fast but on target. You're making an app, but your goal is to make it invisible for people who just want to get stuff done.

      You know Objective C, perhaps dabbling in Swift. You have knowledge of other client or server-side languages like Javascript and Python. Any experience with Android or embedded C is a bonus, and you'll get an opportunity to pick it up. You also have an eye for design and can contribute to beautiful work. We care more about your experiences working and learning than your qualifications.

      This is currently a contract position in Austin, TX. Contact us with work samples, GitHub repo, resume, favorite font, etc."

      To find those references I looked at the project's comments, the supermechanical website, the project's updates, and the e-mails we've been sent. If there's an error, please correct me.

      When responding to Jessica about the lack of an Android app part of your response is, "Anything I can help with, please contact me through the in-app support." That just strikes me as wrong.

      You mention that you use a Windows phone. Didn't it ever occur to you that the device you've created is delivered without the necessary information to be used without the IOS app? Without publishing the default temperatures for the settings there's no way to know what temperature the alert is going off at. Looking up the USDA recommended temperatures for cooking meats reveals that of the four presets (beef, pork, chicken, fish) fish would be the lowest at 140 degrees. I found that on the ThermWorks website, but how's one to know what your source was?

      With the existence of an IOS app one may logically conclude that Supermechanical has at least one IOS developer as a resource. That said, if Supermechanical had a genuine intention to have an Android app developed then the Mobile Developer position on their website's jobs page would indicate that being an Android developer is a must and not just a plus.

      At this point I feel that there are very significant oversights regarding the functionality of the product as a standalone device with the information it's distributed with. I also feel that the information provided to the backers regarding the development of an Android app has been or become disingenuous to the point of lying.

      The Supermechanical support page states that Supermechanical hasn't forgotten about Android users, and that Supermechanical is planning a solution it believes Android users will like. It directs readers to sign up for a mailing list to hear about any new first. Why doesn't Supermechanical just tell those that sponsored the project what that plan is? After all, we're already on a mailing list. If the solution is still in the planning phase then add someone in project management to the list of those that haven't done their job.

      I've backed a number of projects and from my experiences with those projects I can say that the communication and execution on this one is in the lowest possible tier. We're 17 months passed the estimated delivery date for this project and the IOS app isn't running smoothly yet? For as long as prototypes have been in hand one has to wonder where the effort has been going.

    3. Missing avatar


      Hi John

      I have left you a message regarding not receiving the Range Dial. Please do let me know as I haven't heard back from anyone regarding this yet.



    4. Betsy Lipes

      Any news on the duty? I was expecting a message. All mine are still sitting in a box, because there is no android app. I would be happy to be a beta test for a simple app that just told me the darned temperature. It doesn't have to do anything else. Just that and I could use them!

    5. Martin Vagn Hansen on

      After a bit more fidling, I got them to work, so everything is now running on all cylinders. Can't wait to put them to the test.

    6. Martin Vagn Hansen on

      Got mine yesterday, and after a quick test I have found out that the Kitchen Pro doesn't connect to any device. It lights up, but no connection, so my best guess is that it is defective, seeing as the Grill Pro connects without problems.
      Any idea on how these kind of issues are going to be handled?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason Belec on

      Got mine. Thoroughly tested smoking and bbq’ing for days. Excellent product out of the gate. Thanks.

    8. Missing avatar


      Got both my Grill Pro and Kitchen Pro last week. Got to use the Grill Pro on Sunday. I used one probe in a pork loin and the other to check the smoker temp. I must have bumped the dial when I set it to the side of the smoker box as it mooed when it hit temps for all of the beef settings. Will be vigorously testing it over the next few weeks as I rev up for the 4th. Plenty of different meats and temperatures.

      One quick question, can I put the Kitchen Pro probe in the smoker box (not directly near any flame) to check temps? At times, I will have multiple meats and pull temps going and want to keep/monitor the smoker box temp as constant as possible.

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Price on

      My Grill Pro has arrived! (In New Zealand).
      It looks great! Can't wait to try it out.

    10. Tim Hindman on

      Just got mine today! The battery compartment is a little loose but that is an easy fix. Over the week I will have to put them to the test.

    11. JMak on

      After a full day of testing on my fridge I noticed a few things. When leaving the bluetooth range, the thermometer fully disconnected and the data from the prior readings was not restored. For quick roasts, this should't be a big deal, but for long smokes-this could be problematic.

      After about 2:30 of logging, I noticed the graph went away. It seems the full range of data was still captured, but I noticed the intervals changing to accomodate for 1024 or so datapoints. Within a 2 hour duration it was every 5 seconds, but after a 6 hour duration it turned to 30 seconds. I found this a slightly odd behavior.

      One interesting feature was that I had my ipad connect to the device and then I paired my phone to the ipad. It seemed the ipad was broadcasting the same readings to my phone.

      Let's see how reliable these are.

    12. JMak on

      Received the regular and the pro yesterday. An initial hot water test and I recorded temps on all 4 probes through the app. Yeah! I've been testing it with my fridge as I think my fridge has been acting up. Seems to work okay. Will try with a BBQ or roast this weekend.

      Aside from the other comments about the batteries, fit, and clicking (the pro BTW feels better fit wise), it's okay. It's not as polished of a feel as I would have liked, but the real test is how well it records temps.

      Would love if the apps were Mac OS compatible as I want to run longer experiments with my computer logging the data.

    13. Ken Mencher

      Got mine yesterday...and now that it's grilling season, i'd like to add grilling probes - when will we be able to order them? (I know, you're still shipping out KS fulfillment!)

    14. Missing avatar

      Heiko Rath on

      Got mine today but with no Android support will likely have to give them to some friends in Apple households.

    15. Matthew Forsyth on

      I got mine in Australia last week. Grill Pro

    16. Christoffer McCarthy Mors on

      Any news on international shipping? We are now well in to bbq season and I havent even received a shipping email yet

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Black on

      @Craig, @Betsy
      Mine arrived today, and I know exactly what you mean. For a start, I had to go and collect it from the UK sorting office, as there was £25 worth of VAT and handling charge to pay.
      I was expecting a high quality product, particularly given all the updates about exacting design, but it feels plastic-y and not robust. As @Craig said, the light flickers as you turn the knob and it lights up between selections. It's also not obvious how to pair with the app. Clicking the button appears to do nothing. Finally, the batteries are loose, and the unit often fails to work without resetting them. I've tried to squeeze a little on the clips, but I'm afraid the metal is very flimsy and might break. All very disappointing.
      It's not a customer support issue, so I'm not raising this through the app, and I want to hear the views of others.

    18. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      A note to everyone: if you've got issues I can help you with, please contact me through the app (Settings gear icon > Customer support).

      @Sj, sent you a message.

      @Betsy, @Craig, thanks for the honest feedback. I agree, the batteries are finicky. In our caution, we underestimated the dimensions on the sides, and the clips were sometimes placed too far apart (we let too many of these through QA at first, but it can be fixed by bending them toward each other). Once the silicone cover is firmly in place, that should make sure the batteries are sitting correctly. And yeah, the magnets are powerful enough that they want to pull the batteries out if you shake them loose, but that shouldn't happen if the clips are bent in and the cover's on.

      @Betsy, that sucks that you got overcharged for duty. Going to check into this and send you a message.

      @Craig, re: the dial feel, the amount of variation in a couple of components has given us headaches. (There's probably another manufacturing post just on this topic.) Part of our own QA has been weeding out bad ones, but I know what you mean. Please contact me through the app.

      @Jessica, @Betsy, sorry that Android isn't the priority I'd also like it to be. I hate to let backers down, and I don't like that any part of this has taken as long as it has. Anything I can help with, please contact me through the in-app support or - and I'll continue to plug away at everything.

    19. Betsy Lipes

      @Craig Little Indeed. I expected do much more. I also knew android wasn't a priority, and yet I thought it would be available or at least in the works. So these will stay in their boxes, unused for a long time.

    20. Missing avatar

      Craig Little on

      @Betsy Lipes Totally agree, the batteries need to be in a better fitting compartment. The dial unit *looks* the business, but it doesn't feel great when you turn it. It needs to snap into place better. There's so much play when trying to line it up over the picture and the LED indicator flickers sometimes. The app recognised the presets ok, but I don't think I could trust the Range Dial without it. Considering a lot of updates were made over the fit of the dial, I'm disappointed with the end result. It would have to be a lot more robust if it were to go into mass production.

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Shakesby on

      Still waiting for a response from my previous ask. When will MY order ship?

    22. Missing avatar

      Jessica Cardin on

      Any updates on the development for the Android version of the App?

    23. Betsy Lipes

      Got mine today. Not impressed. The batteries don't stay in or make contact. A shake or 2 and they bounce out and get stuck to the magnet. Also the value declared was 75$ more than I spent, so I got charged much more for duty when it arrived here in Canada.. 50$.

    24. Sj Brown on

      yep, just got mine and tried the yogurt, had a time getting it connected and yogurt needs to be precise, so temp did not show exactly in the app like it did with my old range. Hmm
      ipad MD786LL/A

    25. Missing avatar

      Adam Gaver on

      My phone doesn't haven have a headphone jack anymore, so I can't use the old ones. I hope these ship sometime soon.

    26. Missing avatar

      Thomas Leemann on

      Dear Supermechanicals
      By when should I expect my Range Dials arriving in Switzerland?

      Best regards

    27. Jeffrey M Murphy on

      Woohoooo, got em!

    28. Bobby Hughes on

      Kinda buggy doesn't link up on first time ever... not as easy or fool proof as I'd expect.

    29. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      All right! Let us know from within the app if you have any questions, and otherwise we'd love to see an action photo of the first thing you cook.

    30. Robyn Johnston on

      Range Dial has arrived! Thank you!

    31. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Sure, Julian - I'll be posting one in the next few days. There isn't much to say so I've been putting the info in comments as people ask. If yours hasn't shipped yet, it's likely because 1) you have a probe upgrade or order change, 2) you're international, 3) you pledged toward the end of the campaign, 4) we're slow.

    32. julian on

      Any chance of another update? It's been a couple more months and mine still doesn't seem to have shipped yet :(.

    33. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      @Seth, of course. Contact us within the app (Settings gear icon > Customer support) or

    34. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      @Seth, of course. Contact us within the app (Settings gear icon > Customer support) or

    35. Seth on

      I received my range dials today. I received both but unfortunately my grill dial is defective. I tried finding a way to contact you guys through the support link on your site but I failed to find a proper email address. The metal knob appears to be completely snapped off the dial and there is no way to reattach which has left the dial on.. Battery removal killed it. I have photos, is there any way I can return it for a new one? Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Gavin Gam on

      Still waiting for my delivery please

    37. Cliff Lin on

      Echo Roland,
      Have not receive yet, please help to check on shipment status.

    38. Roland Lim on

      I would like to know the shipping situation now as I still have not received my kitchen pro yet. My backer is 200+. Thanks!

    39. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Brian, glad to hear you got it. Everyone should make sure they have the latest version of the app (2.0.4), as we're fixing bugs as quickly as y'all are finding them. :)

      Joe, I already responded to you through support. Sorry about that.

    40. Brian Salge

      Received mine in the mail today. Quite late but nevertheless in am looking forward to putting it to good use. Gave it a small trial run and it seemed to work quite well.

    41. Joe Albano on

      Hi - Just received my Grill Pro today. I supported at the "KITCHEN+GRILL PRO: Both Kitchen Pro and Grill Pro models." level.

      Was the Kitchen Pro shipped separately?

    42. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Julian, it's hard to say how long transit will be once we get yours in the mail, so I'd change it to the new address, and I'll make sure we hold on to yours until you'll be there. On the Kickstarter campaign page ( ), you should see a blue "View Pledge" button. From there, click on Survey and you'll see a place to edit your shipping address.

    43. julian on

      How can I change my shipping address? The address I gave is closing at the end of the month and unless my Range Dial will be in the UK by then, it'll get rejected/end up in confusing delivery limbo.

    44. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      We've got about a third of the units out so far. Not as much as we'd like, either. There's been continued delays in setting up the shipper as I mentioned in the update, but we're going to get an answer from them one way or another next week and finally start pushing out packages in earnest.

      I've also thrown a wrench in the works by getting pulled away to find a complicated bug affecting remote temperature display. That should be fixed in the v2.0.1 update that went out this week — but I've gotten two reports of crashing when Range Dial connects. If that happens to anyone else, please contact us through the in-app customer support so we can get your assistance in debugging it.

      Josh, contact us through the app (Settings gear icon > Customer support) and we'll take care of it.

      I am so ready to get all your Dials out the door, and turn to working on features that backers have already suggested.


    45. Peter on

      Hi, can you offer us some stats on shipping? How many have gone out, how many still to go. Seem to be scant few comments from people who have actually received one. Cheers

    46. Brian Salge

      Update? Come on and ship them! :)

    47. Missing avatar

      John Mchale on

      Hi. When can we expect to see shipping confirmations / deliveries?

    48. Josh

      I received my mine today. The dial doesn't match up with the app. If I move the dial to the pig, chicken comes up on the app. If I move it to the chicken, fish comes up.

    49. Supermechanical 4-time creator on

      Kendra, yes - right now, you'll get an email confirmation with tracking number as we print the shipping label, and then we generally hold it a day to give y'all one last chance to update your address, if you notice it's not up to date in the email.

      Still getting through them slowly, in rough order of when you backed (but grouped a bit for convenience, and holding back ones that have special orders).

    50. Missing avatar

      Kendra H on


      Just to follow up from the last update and per the comments, it's safe to say that if we've backed, we would know it's been shipped based on an email confirmation, correct? Meaning it won't the package won't be shipped without an email confirmation I hope?

      Thank you for all the hard work!

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