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You Suck - the print collection of the webcomic's video poster

After a long, hard year... Josh's new sexy slice-of-life webcomic You Suck is ready for its first print collection... Read more

Minneapolis, MN Comics
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This project was successfully funded on April 25, 2014.

After a long, hard year... Josh's new sexy slice-of-life webcomic You Suck is ready for its first print collection...

Minneapolis, MN Comics
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About this project

In 2010, Josh L finished up a somewhat long-running comic known as Girly. The following Spring, he created a Kickstarter project for a complete collection of the series, and it ended up being a fairly early example of a successful webcomic-related Kickstarter. Neat, huh?

Following that, he spent quite some time deciding just what to do with himself. And to be quite honest, this quest has yet to finish, but nonetheless he did manage to begin a new webcomic on July 2012.

 You Suck opens with a frustrated gal named Anna, who wants nothing more than a bit of "spice" in her life. During a movie date, she makes attempts to get her current boyfriend to roll with her, but he just can't handle the pressure, and runs off.

After the movie, it doesn't take long to discover where here beau wandered off to. To her surprise, she finds him engaged in outdoor sex... with a willowy succubus!

Needless to say, she breaks up with him... and as bizarre as the whole experience was, this was... as they say... only the beginning. You see, the succubus ended up feeling awful about what she did, and took it upon herself to help Anna out in any way she could.

The succubus who came to be known as Izobel may be a bit of a klutz, she doesn't know how or why she ended up in our world, and she speaks no earthly language, but she nonetheless proves to be pretty good at helping Anna live out whatever various perverted fantasies she has. With this, an interesting friendship forms.

Having run the popular adult paysite Slipshine since 2001, Josh L has made it a life goal to help provide the internet with comics that are unique and sex-positive, with You Suck being his latest solo effort to do so. It is a day-to-day, slice-of-life story with some sexy twists intended to be enjoyed by everyone ages 18 to 139.


The You Suck book will be printed in a square format, size 11"x11", and in color so the comics match the look on the website as close as possible. It shall include chapters 1 through 4 (200 comics total) as well as the three bonus "You Suck IAP" stories originally published on Slipshine.
And perhaps more things will be added, if this Kickstarter does well enough!

One upgrade that will come with the book by default is a remastering of the early comics:

The early You Suck comics have pretty shaky art. This wasn't entirely due to my skills; it was mostly because I intentionally drew the early comics very, very, very, very fast. This was not originally intended to be a series I would put a lot of effort into. Of course, that ended up changing in the long run.

I'll simply be re-inking the first twenty comics and relettering the first 31 comics. There won't be any changes to the layouts or designs of the characters, no changes in the dialogue, nothing like that. It'll simply be a further cleaning up of the original comics, to bring them more in line with the rest of the series.

A little more about the rewards...

I suppose it's a little moot to describe the commission rewards at this point in time, sine they're all taken, but regardless...

The sketch card tier will include a pencil sketch of the backer's choice on a 2.5"x3.5" bristol card (please excuse the slight size error in the description on the right)

The digital commission will include a color character commission fairly similar to the drawing of Anna & Izzy at the top of this page. The backer will get a 400dpi print-sized PNG of the commission.

There's also the recently-added limited print! And here is what it looks like:

The print features Anna & Izzy (and a few other You Suck friends) spending some quality time with the bats at the Congress Bridge in Austin! Limited to a run of 20, signed & numbered, sized 16"x9".

Finally, there's the Girly book collection

This is a completely complete collection of my previous webcomic Girly. A very fine collection indeed, that originally went on sale right here at Kickstarter! It normally costs $100 and rarely goes on sale. Normally you have to see me at a convention to get a priced-down version of the book, but now you can drop $100 to got both it and the new You Suck book... a very fine discount indeed!

That about does it for the rewards...

Now... should the funding go better than planned...

why yes, there are stretch goals, of course!

STRETCH #1 - $8500: The Guest comics

You Suck has already had some pretty nice guest comics throughout it short existence. If this goal is hit, I'll include them in the book and use the stretch money to pay each artist for their contribution!


If this project somehow makes this much money, I shall be pleased to add extra comics to the book that are 100% exclusive. Hey, you never know. Let's see how it goes!

Risks and challenges

The usual risks that come with backing a webcomic-related books tend to involve printer disputes and postage pricing issues. Learning from other Kickstarters in the past, I've included a decent buffer in the goal amount to help alleviate this.

Along with that, one comic in the book still needs to be finished, and sometimes my productivity in such things varies. I'm pretty confident all the pages will be finished by May, but if there's anything that will delay the book, it'll probably be this.

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    A download link for the PDF of the You Suck book is all yours if you pledge a fiver. This doesn't include a bookmark or sticker, but I'll go ahead and include print-sized PDFs of those as well.

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    This is probably the one you're looking for. You shall reserve yourself a copy of the book by backing this tier. All tiers from this point on also include the bookmark and sticker, as well as special thanks in the back of the book.

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    A BOOK AND A SKETCH - Get yourself a You Suck book and a 2"x3" sketch of your choice by Josh sent along with it!

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    A BOOK AND A PRINT - Along with the book, you shall be mailed a signed and numbered copy of You Suck's first limited print "Anna and Izzy at Congress Bridge"

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    A BOOK AND A COMMISH - Get equipped with You Suck book and a single-character digital color commission, emailed to you as a print-sized PDF.

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    THE YOU SUCK/GIRLY COMBO - Reserve yourself a copy of the You Suck book, and once it's delivered, you will also get a copy of the Girly collection, at a special price!

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