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Dungeon Panic! - an Adventure in Friendship!'s video poster

A mobile roguelike where your goal is to collect cool stuff for your house and make new friends! Read more

Austin, TX Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on December 21, 2012.

A mobile roguelike where your goal is to collect cool stuff for your house and make new friends!

Austin, TX Video Games
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A not-so-exciting E3 announcement

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Dungeon Panic... the first game developed by Shortpach Games... has obviously been on hiatus for a little while. This is the official announcement of it.

Josh L's status is that he has been hard at work on the webcomic he started a year ago. He's now working on its first book-collection, which is about 90% done. I hope to have more time for both Princess Panic and Dungeon Panic once this project is done, and yes, I have arbitrarily just switched from third-person to first-person

Severin has been doing work for Lab Zero cleaning up the animation of the new character Big Band. And like me, he is also at work on a new weebcomic called Tove. It will be online quite soon!

Developer John is between jobs at the moment, and has found himself having to move to a completely new location. So basically he's getting his life resituated and will be back in action once that is over.

I know a haitus announcement isn't exactly super happy news, but we figured it's better than no news. At the very least, we can assure you that we did not run away from this project to hide under a bridge, waiting for it all to blow over.

Bottom line is, I have come to respect all the teams of 1-5 people making indie games out there, because it can be so easy for things to grind to a halt when anything comes up for anyone in such a small team.

We will let you know as soon as the hiatus is over.

In the meantime, I have noticed the link to the Dungeon Panic comic PDF had expired somehow. So here is a new one!

Stick with us and we'll get there


Backer sprite revealed: the Klurf!


Happy Appleday! Shmorky was kind enough to take us up on our “Name an NPC” tier, and here’s the result! Shmorky has been a huge influence on me and my work for years, so drawing these sprites was a real blast. -Severin


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Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Enjoy this Valentine's Day update!

 I know everyone is probably really busy spending some quality time with their loved ones on Valentine's Day, but we have just a few brief tidbits of information we would like to share on the development of this Kickstarter game, which was most definitely not scheduled to be released a year ago.

 This is Dr. Jeff, a recently-finished sprite from Severin based on the request of one of our backers.

 On the programming front, the dungeon mechanics are almost complete. With this, we're about ready to release something along the lines of a.... public beta.

We'll get into that more in the next post.

As... this being Valentine's Day, I'm sure everyone is too busy loving and snuggling to care about the release of a video game.

 Enjoy your Valentine's Day, everybody.

More to come!

A 2014 update


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Two weekly updates (because we forgot to post the previous one)


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