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A mobile roguelike where your goal is to collect cool stuff for your house and make new friends!
A mobile roguelike where your goal is to collect cool stuff for your house and make new friends!
A mobile roguelike where your goal is to collect cool stuff for your house and make new friends!
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Return of the coding stream


He's done with his paying gigs and back to work on this... mobile game.

Been such an interesting year for indie gaming, hasn't it? Goes without saying we wish we knew then what we know now. But I guess you're not living life correctly if you don't feel this way every year.

Head here to stare at John while he works. Coding and coding... that's all we got left!

DP Programming Stream LIVE


I said I would make a post when the next programming stream would be, and there is one going on now! Right now!

@ Kutani's Picarto Channel

come by if you like... there will be more!

A Couple of questions from my worth reposting here

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From :

How is Dungeon Panic going at the moment? Will there be any surprise cameos from your previous characters like from Girly, YouSuck, Wendy etc?

John is still working on the code almost every day and we plan to do more streams soon! Now that I'm just about done with the You Suck Kickstarter I'll be getting back to my job with Dungeon Panic too, which is basically helping move things along and also assuring the backers it's still going. Work on DP never actually stopped since we jumpstarted the project earlier this year, it's just been hard to find things to say, really! 

Sooo... about those cameos for Dungeon Panic? Yay or nay?

oh! uh... nay, sorry. There just isn't time to add content beyond what was planned without delaying the game even more. We were lucky to have two of the three custom named NPCs backed by Shmorky and KC Green though, so the game will include the klurf Happy Appleday... and Crange, who is an egg wizard in this reality (development on DP began way before hiagb)

Despite it being hard to find things to say, I really shouldn't let the Kickstarter go for more than a month without posting an update, even if it's just a short message sayin' "we're still at it!" I'll be sure to stay on top of that. And as the answer said, streams are on the way, cause we're all folks who are encouraged to stay on task when people are watching. There will be streams of John's programming and possibly streams of whatever bits of sprite work remain.

Watch for announcement of the next stream in the next update!


Dungeon Panic spritework STREAM... in one hour!

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Interested in the process of making mobile game sprite art? Well, DunPan artist Matt will be doing some tonight, and this time he'd like people to watch while he does it! You can join him at in about one hour! That's 9 EST on June 9th. We're hoping for this to be the first stream of many! See you there...

That's !

A May update from Developer John!


Programmer Update! Things have been going rather well, aside from having to fit DunPan work around paying gigs. The lighting system has made strong leaps since the last alpha release, and visually the game is starting to look really very nice. Multiple weapon types are now supported graphically, and once all necessary graphical assets are complete we will have attack animations for fists, daggers, swords, and bows.

The special UI parts for DunPan Lite have been coming along, though almost entirely in code form so far, so I have nothing fancy to show yet. All our earlier work building UI stuff for the CharaMaker is paying off in spades here, though; building new UI layouts is relatively easy.

All in all, the biggest task ahead of us is testing and debugging. There are a thousand little cuts of minor graphical and UI bugs that need to be ironed out. We're trying hard to meet our release goal, but if there is any delay it will be in the debugging stage.

It is likely that we'll do a limited backers-only release through Google Play before pushing to the store proper, in any case, so we can try to catch any last-minute issues. We'll have more information about that when the time comes. -John