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Following on from SuperByte 2012 and Chipfest 7's success, we're hosting a two day chipmusic & 8 bit arts festival in Manchester, UK!

In September 2012 we hosted SuperByte 2012 - a musical and cultural first for Manchester in the form of an all day micromusic and retro gaming festival which was the largest of it's kind in the UK and attracted visitors from all over the UK and mainland Europe.  

"With this inaugural event an absolute success it's hard not to conclude a bigger and event better sequel is more than deserved and achievable. This was billed as Manchester's Micromusic Festival. That's way too modest. This was big enough and good enough for SuperByte to justifiably be called the UK's Micromusic Festival, comfortably earning its place alongside its established international counterparts." -

We're aiming to be back bigger than ever next year and make the festival an annual event; expanding the event to 2 days (a Friday evening and Saturday all day) on the 13th & 14th of September 2013. We'll be hosting the event at the prestigious Jabez Clegg Beer Hall in Manchester. MegaByte have teamed up with CalmDownKidder (promoters of Liverpool's successful Chipfest events) combining our two festivals to bring you a bigger, bolder and bleepier event what we hope will become a cornerstone in the international chipmusic scene.

More than just a music festival, we're working to create a grass roots community of like minded people within the UK and to provide a platform for networking, the sharing of ideas and skills. While showcasing the work of some of the amazing local and international musicians and artists within the chipmusic community, we're always working to attract new audiences to this exciting and unique style of music and art and create the ultimate party atmosphere.

We're planning:
  • Two days of live chipmusic, micromusic and 8 bit inspired artists 
  • An open stage segment 
  • Live visuals and glitch art throughout the day 
  • Retro gaming free play and big-screen tournaments 
  • A retro-tech market area 
  • Film screenings 
  • Workshops and circuit bending demo's 
  • ...much more! 

SuperByte is entirely run, promoted and funded from ticket sales and the pockets of two guys with a love for chipmusic and old games consoles.

The venue is booked, we've already started confirming and announcing artists on our website and we're raring to go, but to make this happen we need your help. 

By pledging to our Kickstarter you can score weekend festival tickets at a super early bird discount price along with exclusive merchandise only available to backers. That means you're effectively buying tickets and swag way in advance, and by doing this you're giving us the much-needed capital for venue hire, artist travel and promotional materials which will help us make SB13 one of the biggest chipmusic events the UK has ever seen.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Once we've received the funding to get us on the way we'll have a pretty monumental task ahead of us in terms of organising travel, creating a full programme of activities and promoting the event for a good few months.

No event of this size is without it's hiccups but we're confident that building on the successes and lessons learned from 2012, coupled with our mutual experience of event running and promotion within the chiptune community will set SB13 up to be a great event.


  • Simples!

    Pledge the appropriate amount, select the ticket option as a reward and then drop us a message to let us know and we'll hook you up. Same goes for rewards above £20 - just pledge an extra £20 per advance ticket you want and drop us a message.

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