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A tactical science fiction game for 2-5 players, with 1000 different empires, 175 minis and many more galaxies to conquer!
A tactical science fiction game for 2-5 players, with 1000 different empires, 175 minis and many more galaxies to conquer!
1,313 backers pledged £89,537 to help bring this project to life.

Status, the final sprint and 6th mission

Dear backers, 

This is it - we're entering the final stage of this campaign... and you guys have been awesome all the way! I couldn't have wished for better support during the campaign.


I've just hired a 3D artist to take care of some of the new models. Previously it was done by me and one of my illustrators, but since we're completely tied down on other tasks, it's going to be a relief to have one more in the team. 

I'm starting to prepare for VikingCon in Copenhagen, where the first tournament of Burning Suns will be held.

After VikingCon I'm continuing to GeekCore (also in Copenhagen), where I'll be doing some presentation of both the game and myself. 

And like many of you - I'll be finishing October month with a trip to SPIEL in Essen - yeah, see you there :) 

The final sprint

I'm preparing the last efforts to reach the outer rims of cyberspace... 

I talked to the guys from KickTotal for two hours about different Kickstarter topics, and of course Burning Suns - You can read the interview with me here.

If everything goes as planned - we'll have the last Kickstarter facilitated vote tomorrow, where the Guardian concepts will be revealed :)

6th mission

Since we still have Burning Suns on the Hotness list on BoardGameGeek, I'll focus these missions on trying to keep it there. 

  • Mission Radio link > Go to Burning Suns on BGG and add a comment to the game. E.g. "Kickstarted" or "Looking forward to this" or... something more original ;)
  • Mission Battlecry > Go to this thread and add your battlecry to the comments!
  • Mission Intel > And of course... those of you who've played one of the prototypes, or P'n'P versions, you're very welcome to rate the game on BGG

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lets punch our way through the next couple of stretch goals - and we'll be celebrating with the Changelings and 50 more minis... Troop Regiments :)

Best regards Emil

Quote of the day - Phil: "Oh man, dice ships. Possibly the sweetest pairing of words ever."

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    1. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      Thank you so much for your kind words all of you :) It really makes my day!
      I'm happy you're following the project and campaign so close.

      I hope I can share many more great things both of experience and new games with you in the future :)

      Best regards Emil

    2. Val Teixeira on

      I'm so glad things have been working so well (and continue to do so). As someone who has been following (and supporting) this from the first time the product launched, I must admit that you've done a fantastic job of this campaign.

      I hope we will still hear a lot coming out of your brilliant mind after this campaign is done. You've obviously learned so much and it would be awesome to hear about the ups and downs of your campaign. My hat is off to you. Well done.

    3. Patrick Kraft on

      Do you already know which Hall you will be at Spiel in Essen?

    4. Tyler Martin

      Wow. Up to number 7 on the hotness list. A lucky number for many surely it's fate saying the troopers are on their way.

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron S Dona on

      You can do it Emil! Go for 70K!

    6. Dave Doolin on

      Awesome, 70k is doable!

    7. Teamski

      I want those plastic troop tokens!!!!!