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A tactical science fiction game for 2-5 players, with 1000 different empires, 175 minis and many more galaxies to conquer!
A tactical science fiction game for 2-5 players, with 1000 different empires, 175 minis and many more galaxies to conquer!
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    1. Tyler Martin

      Hi Emil, When do we get to know which names you chose? Looking forward to seeing what you decided.

    2. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      Thank you so much guys - I've chosen the names for the Templars, and also some that made it to the Guardian's units.
      I wanted to do an update on it, but it's a bit too late here. I really need to go to bed.

    3. Drake Coldwinter on

      Crusader and Leviathan are names I see a couple of times on the list, I think those are cool names. Add my vote for those 2 names ;)

    4. Ray Smith on

      Dreadnought: Revelation
      Battlecruiser: Blasphemer
      Fighter: Martyr
      Titan: Leviathan
      Starbase: Basilica
      Colossus: Redeemer
      Troops: Apostles

    5. Rafael Cerrato

      Dreadnought: Sword
      Battlecruiser: Lance
      Fighter: Dagger
      Titan: Claymore
      Starbase: Fortress
      Colossus: Dragon
      Troops: Knights

    6. Nicolas Dufer on

      @Timmo, your proposal is pretty coo, but why not use Solomon for the Colossus name. (Basically a protector unit, which makes it fit no ?). Many other ideas look pretty cool, how is Emil ever going to choose :D

    7. Ian Slocombe on

      Dreadnought: Paladin
      Battlecruiser: Crusader
      Fighter: Archangel
      Titan: Ark
      Starbase: Starchapel
      Colossus: Pacifier
      Troops: Knights

    8. Marc Winter on

      Dreadnought: "Stormhammer"
      Battlecruiser: "Voidstalker"
      Fighter: "Aetherwing"
      Titan: "Guardian"
      Starbase: "Bastion"
      Colossus: "Vanquisher"
      Troops: "Blades"

      It's great to see that we managed to hit the first stretch goal, let'skeep going ^^ Addressing the concerns of a certain chance of confusion, although I assume this to be a possible problem, judging from the ships I would guess the actual size of the ship might already be a rather good indicator on what type of ship is on the board at any given time. Nevertheless, personally I'd think as with any game a big part of it is about various levels of communication AND with the different layouts for upgrade slots you'll be 'forced' to get to know your opponents ships anyhow. But that's just my two cents ;)

    9. Nathaniel Pahl

      Dreadnought: Adjudicator
      Battlecruiser: Arc Palladium
      Fighter: Praestes
      Titan: Trismegistus
      Starbase: Ataraxia
      Colossus: Praenuntium
      Troops: Incipio

    10. Iconography on

      @Emil: How long do we have before you decide on the final winners for the "Templar Naming Contest"?

    11. Robert C. on

      # Ben Rubinstein You have partly right but each unit in addition to the name has the class which is identical to the certain type of units for all players. This is similar solution used in Chaos in the Old World, and there works quite well. See Although you can always mark the assault ships somehow :)

    12. SacredRoach

      Dreadnought: Praesidium
      Battlecruiser: Arx
      Fighter: Gladius
      Titan: Peregrinus
      Starbase: Propugnaculum
      Colossus: Malleolus
      Troops: Pediatus

    13. John Foughty on

      Dreadnaught: Torrent
      Battlecruiser: Fidelitas
      Fighter: Bellator
      Titan: Titanica
      Starbase: Stella Arc
      Colossus: Magnum
      Troops: Servus

    14. Andrew James Princep

      Dreadnought: Ascendant
      Battlecruiser: Crusader
      Fighter: Vigilance
      Titan: Apocrypha
      Starbase: Megiddo
      Colossus: Repentance
      Troops: Justicar

    15. Ben Rubinstein on

      To be honest, I'm not very concerned what the names are.

      I'm more concerned that each race's units are named differently. And that, theoretically, they could all have different sculpts.

      This seems like it could add a large element of confusion to the game. "Oh, had I realized that THAT ship could attack my planet and not just fleet I would have prepared WAY differently. But it looks different from mine and is called something different from mine, so it's virtually impossible for me to know what it is/does unless I stare at your race mat" (slight hyperbole to illustrate).

      Just wanted Emil & the community to think about this.

    16. Gavin Ng on

      I already posted my suggestions earlier, but I thought of some more ^_^

      Dreadnought: "Cardinal"
      Battlecruiser: "Bishop"
      Fighter: "Chaplain"
      Titan: "Apostle"
      Starbase: "Genesis"
      Colossus: "Revelation"
      Troops: "Fanatics"

    17. Timmo Christensen on

      Dreadnought: Gonfanier
      Battlecruiser: Knight
      Fighter: Serjeants
      Titan: The Ark
      Starbase: Preceptory
      Colossus: Baphoment
      Troops: Chapter

      Comments: This is based around the original Knights Templar terminology Titan: Since there is only one of them and it can be likened to a relic, it is named after one of the relics the kights templar supposedly had in their possesion. Dreadnought: The Gonfanier was the standard bearer of the templars. Battlecruiser: Main fighting strength, the Knights Fighter: Serjeants were the non-noble footsoldiers of the templars Starbase: It is named after the places where the templars lived Colossus: Named after the evil that the templars were accused of worshipping Troops: General description of larger fighting formations

    18. Missing avatar

      T.A. de Vries on

      SInce these are templar's names which are related to religion/crusades/inquisition etc. seem to fit best...

      Dreadnought: "Grand Inquisitor"
      Battlecruiser: "Crusader"
      Fighter: "Templar"
      Titan: "Excommunicator"
      Starbase: "Cathedral"
      Colossus: "Imperator"
      Troops: "Acolytes"

    19. Mark Kessell on

      Dreadnought: Al-Damus
      Battle Cruiser: Arsuf
      Fighter: Acre
      Titan: Marj Ayyun
      Starbase: Montgisard
      Colossus: Legnica
      Troops: Noble

    20. Duncan McEwen on

      I don't really have specific suggestions for the Templar specific names, but I still think that some of the base class names should be changed. Here are those suggestions:
      Dreadnought: OK
      Battlecruiser: OK
      Fighter: Raider, Corvette, or Frigate. I don't like the idea of ump capable fighter squardons. (To Star Wars). I prefere that we have a Carrier and Fighters expansion someday.
      Titan: Flagship
      Starbase: OK, but maybe Fleet Command, or Fortress
      Colossus: I can't think of something better, but I think there are better options out there.
      Troops: Regiments?

      Just a few pet peeves on the ship names. ;)

    21. Daniel Wagner on

      Dreadnought: "Negotiator"
      Battlecruiser: "Crusader"
      Fighter: "Acolyte"
      Titan: "Nemesis"
      Starbase: "Bastion of Redemption"
      Colossus: "Purificator"
      Troops: "Paladins"

    22. Chad Coffman on

      Dreadnought: "Sentinel"
      Battlecruiser: "Executor"
      Fighter: "Acolyte"
      Titan: "Dominus"
      Starbase: "Aegis"
      Colossus: "Arbiter"
      Troops: "Disciple"

    23. Gavin Ng on

      Dreadnought: "Crusader"
      Battlecruiser: "Matyr"
      Fighter: "Initiate"
      Titan: "Inquisitor"
      Starbase: "Bastion"
      Colossus: "Castellan"
      Troops: "Chaplain Brothers"

    24. Paulo Miroslav Djordjevic on

      Dreadnought: Reckoning
      Battlecruiser: Retribution
      Fighter: Avenger
      Titan: Executor
      Starbase: Bastion
      Colossus: Judgement
      Troops: Order Militant

    25. Nasekunibert

      Dreadnought: Shield
      Battlecruiser: Sword
      Fighter: Dagger
      Titan: Man-of-war
      Starbase: Fortress
      Colossus: Cavalry
      Troops: Knights

    26. Proffejor

      Dreadnought: "Archangel"
      Battlecruiser: "Sephirah"
      Fighter: "Angel" (and the plural collective noun is a "choir")
      Titan: "Revelation"
      Starbase: "Absolution"
      Colossus: "Metatron"
      Troops: "Aspirant"

    27. matthijs on

      Dreadnought: Legatus (general)
      Battlecruiser: Centurion (commands a 100 men)
      Fighter: Venator (hunter)

      Titan: Imperator (supreme commander)
      Starbase: Quaestor (suppply officer)
      Colossus: Onager (siege engine)

      Troops: Evocati (veteran soldiers)

    28. Tyler Martin

      Dreadnought: "The Shroud"
      Battlecruiser: "The Covenant"
      Fighter: "Crusade"
      Titan: "Grand Master"
      Starbase: "The Holy Land"
      Colossus: "Baphomet"
      Troops: "Pilgrims" or "The Order"

    29. Peter Cobcroft on

      Dreadnought: Magister
      Battlecruiser: Questor
      Fighter: Lictor
      Titan: Aedile
      Starbase: Rex
      Colossus: Praetor
      Troops: Plebs

      Roman/Latin legal and official positions - fits well with a Templar structure (as in Knights Templar)

    30. Micah Rose on

      I liked a combination of what some others have done:

      Dreadnought: Seraphim (Rob Randolph)
      Battlecruiser: Cherubim (Rob Randolph)
      Fighter: Angelus (Juuso Marttila)
      Titan: Leviathan (Rob Randolph)
      Starbase: Thronos
      Colossus: Aeon
      Troops: Paladins (Rob Randolph)

    31. Javier Esteban on

      Dreadnought: "Grail"
      Battlecruiser: "Temple"
      Fighter: "Cross"
      Titan: "Solomon"
      Starbase: "Tremelay"
      Colossus: "Acre"
      Troops: "Ascalon"

    32. Missing avatar

      Juuso Marttila on

      Dreadnought: "Seraphi"
      Battlecruiser: "Archangelus"
      Fighter: "Angelus"
      Titan: "Dies Irae" (Day of Wrath
      Starbase: "Thronum Dei" (Throne of God)
      Colossus: "Flagellum Dei" (Scourge of God)
      Troops: "The Host"

    33. Rob Randolph

      The word Templar having its origins in a christian religious order, I decided to go with that theme.
      Dreadnought: "Seraphim"
      Battlecruiser: "Cherubim"
      Fighter: "Ofanim"
      Titan: "Leviathan"
      Starbase: "Pontifex"
      Colossus: "Hierophant"
      Troops: "Paladins"

    34. Peter Vandenbempt on

      Dreadnought: "Bishop"
      Battlecruiser: "Deacon"
      Fighter: "Knight(s)"
      Titan: "Pope"
      Starbase: "Basilica"
      Colossus: "Cardinal"
      Troops: "Acolyte(s)"

      Or you can do those in latin. I went for a clerical theme based on the Templars name.