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A tactical science fiction game for 2-5 players, with 1000 different empires, 175 minis and many more galaxies to conquer!
A tactical science fiction game for 2-5 players, with 1000 different empires, 175 minis and many more galaxies to conquer!
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    1. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      #Stacie > Correct, you'll have to add them to the purchase (5 x 20 stands), if you want the figures to be on stands.
      I'll update with pictures and stuff, as soon as I have some. Right now I'm still working on the stands layout. But I want to keep you guys up to date, as much as possible.
      Thanks for asking Stacie! :)

    2. Stacie Winters

      Above you say that one add on for 20 clear plastic stands is like for one additional purchased unit set so does the game come with enough clear plastic stands for all the units that are going to be coming in the base game or if we want these clear plastic stands for those base game unit sets (which are 5 I believe) than we'd need to get 5 sets of these plastic stands for them?

      Also, can we see a picture of what these ships will look like on these plastic stands?

    3. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      Sure thing Bruce, sounds great!
      Thanks a lot.
      We can take that up once I have the whole plan of backers laid out :)

    4. Bruce Gray

      BTW, if you're looking for people to go around to gaming stores and demo the game, I want in!

    5. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      Looks really awesome. Player-screen is not for this game though.
      There will be some player aids - I just haven't figured out the format yet.

    6. Robert C. on

      And what do You think about add player screens with a brief summary of rules? maybe with plastic stand somethink as this

    7. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on


    8. Senne Van den Abbeele on

      Oh you, you shouldn't, going all *Quote of the day* on me.. Oh no stop it, silly you ;p

    9. Nasekunibert

      Right, thank you for clearing that up. Anyway, some nice colony/controller models would be nice ;).

    10. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      #Leo & Eric > Those are actually stands for the NPC tokens, that's stands for the cardboard tokens not figures. I see the confusing, I'm sorry for that!
      I'll fix that during the day.
      #Nasekunibert > You'll be using your Troop Regiment tokens, which has a side with a symbol and a side with a Troop Regiment :)

    11. Nasekunibert

      Hi, I might have overread it, but is ther a way to mark which planet/system belongs to whom?
      It would be nice to have some fancy collony models or something like that. If there allready are please disregard this comment, because it is stupid.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Stolar

      @ leo - the add on is for those that want to put all of the ships on stands its a bonus that's not intended for the base game. The reason the base game comes with 15 is 3 for each of the 5 players to put the 3 die ships on. The non die ships already get set on top of stacks of chips and thus don't "need" stands but those that want them can do so via the add-ons.

    13. Leo Borg on

      @Emil Sounds all good :) About the stands, it says "15 clear stands, 10 NPC tokens..." under "WHAT IS IN THE BOX?" ... not 20.

    14. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      #Leo > There are 20 clear stands (for each flying unit in a unit set, 6+6+6+1+1).
      The reason why it's sold in a set of 20, is so that you can add the exact number for every extra unit set you might purchase. If I added 100, then you wouldn't be able to add up, if you just wanted 1 more set of units.
      You just add the right amount to the pledge, and I'll send a survey after the Kickstarter ends, asking exactly what you ordered.
      Then I'll be able to see if it adds up and is correct - and hopefully keeping it simple and straight forward from there :)
      Best regards Emil

    15. Leo Borg on

      Is it just to add the right amount to the pledge? How do I show that the extra amount is for a specific add-on?

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric Stolar

      @leo 15 covers the die ships for all 5 players the other ships are stacked on top of chips and you most likely would not want these on an additional stand

    17. Leo Borg on

      Why just 15 clear stands in the base set? Why not have more of them, so it would cover all miniatures that could be in one game, as a stretch goal instead?

    18. Timo Honold

      Only 5€ for that many a complette set of the systems?
      Is it also included in Buring avatars?! :D Just kidding ^^

    19. Teamski

      @creator -- Yay! Thanks for following up on the stands. I added my 20 Quid......


    20. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      For people who wants to build a HUGE galaxy, the request has been there several times ;)

    21. Timo Honold

      1 set of clear plastic stands (20 pieces for 1 set of units, so you can add according to how many extra sets you get).
      1 set of systems (similar to the ones already in the game)

      And they are for...?!