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Will your empire rule the galaxy of the Burning Suns in a true 4X science fiction experience?

Burning Suns is a 4X strategy game in space, where 2-5 players compete in an epic struggle to create the greatest empire in the galaxy. The game plays in 80 min for two players, you add 40 min per extra player that joins the game. In your attempt to build an empire you'll have to be cunning, strategic and willing to face both great risks and difficult decisions. Remember, only one empire can ever rule the galaxy as the supreme power!

Besides the cool Dieships and minis - 3 features give you a new and exciting game experience every time you play Burning Suns with your friends.

In a game of Burning Suns you'll create an empire consisting of 3 combinations, which are - Ideology, Race and Structure.

You'll be able to play hundreds of games without ever meeting the same enemy or use the same empire. 

With 4 action boards, all actions in Burning Suns are carried out in various orders every time and has immediate effect on the game. Players are, therefore involved throughout the game, continuously having to improve their strategies.

There are many ways to victory in a game of Burning Suns. Depending upon your empire, how you use abilities, leaders, units and agents, different strategies will unfold. You must choose to ally or conquer worlds, and finally, you must decide how to engage your opponents. 

Burning Suns lets you create an almost endless assortment of different galaxies and each galaxy will develop as you play the game. Galactic Events will create and destroy worlds, while rebels, aliens and artifacts will appear over the course of the game.

These are just some of the many worlds in the galaxy of the Burning Suns.

  • Use different upgrades in various combinations on your units.
  • Research new units and buildings to benefit your empire.
  • Stand fast against dark fleets and call upon allied alien ships.
  • Scan for artifacts and exploit them against your enemies.

- Save money by joining your friends and buy 2, 3 or 4 games -

Burning Suns is set up to be played out in a very intuitive way. This leaves lots of room for different styles of play and planning. 

The rhythm of the game and play sequences can be taught in about 20 minutes. Though, the sheer amount of details will keep people in the learning curve for 2 or 3 games. Even after a few games, there will still be plenty of strategies and combinations to explore for many more games to come! 

  • "It's oozing with theme and atmosphere!"
  • "You're tossed straight into the fray, conflict and strategy from first turn."
  • "Great to see some mechanics that really rewards initiative and fits the theme."
  • "I wanted to play when I looked at it - after playing - I want to own it."
  • "I'm hyped!"

Read a game tester's overview of his experience.

  • "The rules are clear and intuitive and are looking to be further streamlined".
  • "The worker placement part of the game takes away a lot of downtime, it's tactically interesting and just works".
  • "You might have a strategy for your race but you will have to rely on tactics in the meantime".

Before you can start playing Burning Suns, you'll have to setup a galaxy to play in. This can be accomplished by using one of the several layouts described in the rulebook or, by using your own design. Symbols will make it easy to create a fair yet unknown galaxy.

These are just a few examples, the rulebook will have a whole chapter on galaxy creation.

As the first step in a game of Burning Suns, you and your opponents will create empires from which you'll try to conquer or unite the galaxy.

This is done by either selecting individually or, randomly picking the empire combinations. 

Burning Suns has no elements of king-making, player elimination or sudden victories.

Taking actions > Place leaders to conduct actions, these leader's abilities might affect the success rate. You have a total of 12 actions (max of 3 per turn), and some actions even have different targets, giving you yet more choices!

Technology / Development > There are many upgrades/buildings you'll be able to utilize, such as being able to upgrade your ships' weapons and abilities. On some unique constructions you'll even be able to place cities or planetary defenses. 

Conflict > Compete against empires through units of war, agents and leaders. Empire combinations will focus on different aspects, such as war, peace, reactionary combat, unity, sabotage, rebellion, fear and retaliation. 

Politics / Negotiation > How will you conquer and exploit systems? Will you leave them exposed to rebellion? Events will happen that demand a vote - Use planets and agents under your control, and perhaps, even other empires to favor your choices. 

Luck > Combat/mission involves die rolling (mitigated by upgrades and commanders), Galactic Event (mitigated by time for preparation), Draw of exploration/agent (mitigated by abilities and powers). 

* Will it be possible to play the game solitaire or cooperative? We are currently planning on creating some scenarios related to the plot and story of the Burning Suns novel, where you're fighting against the game itself. Hopefully this could then continue on with more novels and scenarios, maybe fan made too? :)

A game of Burning Suns is won as soon as one empire reaches the critical level of Antimatter, leaving this empire as the strongest faction in the galaxy!

- - - Make sure to get a copy for your game evenings! - - - 

  • Over 30 systems and zones (size: 10cm radius).
  • 6 different Empire, Ideologies (size: 11 * 19cm).
  • 6 different Empire, Races (size: 17 * 19cm)
  • 6 different Empire, Structures (size: 11 * 19cm).
  • 4 regular units: Troop Regiments, Fighter Squadrons, Battlecruisers and Dreadnoughts. 
  • 3 unique units: Titan, Starbase and Colossus.
  • Alien ships, Dark fleets and Rebel militias.
  • Over 20 different upgrades and buildings (size: 3 * 3cm).
  • Leader-, resource-, control- and planet tokens (size: 4 * 4cm).
  • Over 40 cards with Galactic Events, Agents and Explorations. Plus 6 specific ability cards for each race (size: std. Blackjack cards).

(We're planning on providing backers with a PDF rulebook in English, German, French and Spanish)

  • 10 Combat dice (d8) and a starter token.
  • A big box to fit it all into.

(Download picture of package here, 20mb)

Way over 300 game pieces, and over 100 cards. 

Every piece in Burning Suns will be produced in Panda Game Manufactoring's well-known high quality.

NOTE: This list is subject to change, e.g. if we reach our stretch goals :)

We know there are many great space games out there, and we're fans of quite a few of them. We can imagine what you will be wondering if you have one or more of these games in your collection. 

How is Burning Suns different?

Disclaimer: We're not trying to pass judgement on other games, we love them for what they are. We're trying to help you find out whether or not you want Burning Suns :)

- Get a copy of Burning Suns by selecting your perk to the right -

To keep it simple, we've chosen to focus on transparent pledges - "pledges up till the game", "the game (incl. early bird offer and multiple games)" and "the game + stand alone features".

PS: Don't know how many dollars or euros that is? - Here's a currency converter

* Why are most of your special items digital? One answer: because it's easier to handle. We want to stay focused on creating the best possible game for you guys :)

* Burning Names/Empire > Can I call the leader or item anything I want? It has to be true to the game's theme. We have spend too much time on the atmosphere through illustrations, to mess it up by calling a leader "Bob" or "Darth John". 

* Burning Names > Is there any chance that the name I choose could be used in the novel? There's a very good chance of that, it's our plan that the novel and (hopefully) its successors will be filled with the names given by backers. 

Due to the fact that shipping cost always seems to be a hurdle and (hopefully) that people may order Burning Suns from all over the world - we have decided to keep the prices on perks simple and transparent. 

Every perk which needs to be shipped has a world wide shipping fee included in the price (£20 or similar in $) - easy :)

- Save money on shipping by ordering 2, 3 or 4 copies of the game -

* Why isn't there any "Essen '13 pickup" pledge? Mainly because this pledge would put another deadline on the whole project. We've estimated the game to be delivered in mid to late November. But do we find ourselves in a situation where the game is done for Essen '13, we'll work things out with the backers who come to pick it up. 

You – our backers – have all wished for us to redo our stretch goals towards the minis for the game. We have therefore looked into the production estimation and stretched the budget to fit the expenses in order for us to get you these cool minis.  

3 unique units in 5 different colors, 15 minis with dice. 

3 fleet units, 6 of each in 5 different colors, 90 minis. 

* Will the stretch goals change the base game? No, these goals have only been made to give us a chance of upgrading the components and add even more pieces. 

* I'm pledging in hope of getting plastic minis (especially the "Dieships"), what if we don't reach the goals? If we don't reach all stretch goals, we'll create these as our next campaigns (e.g. a campaign only offering plastic minis). See our project plan here. 

* Will it be possible to buy more plastic minis separately from the base game? It's our plan to get a production of any funded plastic mini going after the end of the first production. So, yes :)

- Want more goodies? :) Spread the word and pledge for a copy! -

We have - like many other board game developers - asked ourselves...

  • How can we give our board game the best conditions for success - and by that give our supporters the best possible game?
  • How can we get supporters and gamers to participate in the production and development of the game?
  • Crowdfunding is the answer!

And when you think Crowdfunding - you think Kickstarter, the biggest and baddest Crowdfunding website there is ;)

Win a copy of Burning Suns + (if you're a backer) a unique piece of art! 

All you have to do is guess what movie scenes these pictures of Burning Suns minis are suppose to represent. Easy - it's my favorite movies :) 

Submit your answers through one of the following forms.

Non-backers // Backers (requires log in)

Remember: You can only participate once, and a backer's entry counts as double. Remember also to share this contest, for every 100 participants we'll add one extra price. Contest ends on the 3rd of May.

Our goal with Burning Suns is to bring you a new and engaging space board game experience every time you play!

- Another goal is to create the game as a "language-neutral game" which means that we can include several languages in the same game.

- Furthermore we want to make sure that Burning Suns is colorblind friendly, so that being colorblind won't hinter you from enjoying the game :)

Our goal with this project is to successfully launch Burning Suns - making way for expansions and an extended universe that board gamers around the world can enjoy.

Our goal with this Kickstarter campaign is to raise £20.000 for the 1st production of Burning Suns. Reaching a lot of backers who will share our vision - and share the fun we have had playing/developing the game!

Learn more on:

- Help us reach our goals - find your pledge and be part of a great experience! -

If you want to help us spread the word - Click here to download "Burning Suns - Fan kit", with wallpapers, pictures and more.

If you want to create a news article - Click here to download "Burning Suns - news package", with both illustrations, photos and logos.

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If we - with your help - hit the goal of £20.000 and the future of Burning Suns is secured, we'll launch:

  • A Kickstarter celebration party (and you're all invited).
  • Website from which other people can buy Burning Suns (when the Kickstarter Campaign ends).

See our plan for the future here.

Burning Suns has been (and still is) a huge undertaking which wouldn't be possible without this great team that has been working on it for months!

In the end making it possible... to unfold the ideas and bring Burning Suns to life! For that, we thank our team and our backers!!!

Now there's only one question left to answer!

- Pledge now and join the galactic struggle in Burning Suns! -

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Like every other project on Kickstarter - this project has its risks.

- - - ( Delays ) - - -
Delays are always a threat to deliveries which is why we have given 7 months to complete and ship the game from the time this campaign ends.
Furthermore it's important to notice that development is ongoing during the campaign, for us to get as far ahead as possible.

- - - ( Project scope and cost ) - - -
Here I'm talking about the mere amount and size of the production. What if production runs into being too costly or difficult to make?

I have of course had the whole board game production estimated by PGM, this includes the basic game and with that a wide range of expandable areas concerning "stretch goals".

Furthermore, I've ensured that the budget includes an economical buffer from which we can draw upon - should it be necessary. Every calculation has been done using "worst case scenario".

- - - ( Production ) - - -
By ensuring that the board game is only accompanied by digital special items, we can focus entirely on creating a great game with lots of nice components - and not be hampered by shipping challenges or 3rd party production.

- - - ( Force majeure ) - - -
There are many things I/we can't control. But this is where we'll try to put some insurances to good use (e.g. insurance on cargo transportation).
We have a continuously dialog in the team - making sure nobody is left out of the loop, which also helps us to confirm everyone is still "going strong" and is able to meet their deadlines etc..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope that this was yet another good argument for you to back our project.
No matter what - you have my thanks for getting this far :)

Happy gaming and best regards Emil Larsen, founder of SunTzuGames


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