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Will you save Rome, or destroy her? A quick tactical card game with ancient battles, deck construction and lots of replayability.
Will you save Rome, or destroy her? A quick tactical card game with ancient battles, deck construction and lots of replayability.
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Burning Rome Prototypes, Rulebook and This Month

Posted by SunTzuGames (Creator)

Attention Legionaries, 

As the physical production of Burning Rome gets closer, the time has come to unleash the final wave of prototypes on the world.. soon to be followed by our Barbarian neighbors. 

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Burning Rome Prototypes

I finally got the prototype boxes from LaserTryk. They look really nice, but is of course still far from the final more traditional 2-pieces game box :) 

These prototype boxes has to be folded and the lid opens from the front and up. 

I'm really happy with the concept of the box. The torn Roman cloth wrapping the game content looks and feels right for the game's theme. 

As you can see above, the prototype box is larger than the final design, but I had to go with a standard size (A5) to not screw up the budget ;) 

The box above illustrates how the final box will be packed (box will come with specific insert). Two decks on each side of the tokens and the cardboard on top, followed by the rulebook/battle catalog. 

The content of the Burning Rome Prototypes. 

The content of the Barbarian Uprising Prototypes will be similar. The only different of course being the cards :)

I'll be packing and shipping 10-ish Burning Rome Prototypes this weekend. 

  • If you're a backer of the Burning Rome Prototype (not Barbarian Uprising), please don't hesitate to answer the PM I've send you, so I can get your address on time :) 

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I'm currently finalizing the first draft of the new rulebook. Nothing in terms of game play has changed, but as you can imagine, I won't be able to fit an A4 sized rulebook into the final box. So everything has been remapped for A6 sized pages. 

This means that the final rulebook will end up on 24-28 pages, as I need 1-2 A6 pages to clearly illustrate different rule concepts. 

Furthermore I'd rather have 4 extra pages with clear illustrations, instead of ending up cramming it all into a too small area.

I'm also very happy with the final prototype cards, they have turned out really nice, and the small tweaks to the balance of the cards seem to work. 

Head over to the Burning Rome Facebook page if you want to see more cards revealed during this month :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This Month

My to-do for this month (November) looks like this: 

  • Finalize the Rulebook (several iterations with feedback, hopefully also from the soon to be new testers).
  • Finalize the Ancient Battles catalog.
  • Get the digital approvals on box and cardboard from Whatz Games.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Next update will be in the beginning of December.

Thanks again for your support - I'm super excited to hear your reactions to the last prototypes, rules and of course the soon final game :)

Best regards Emil

Quote of the day - Kaede: "Gorgeous and amazing. It's great to hear from you. I really love the new "general" and "auxilia" cards. Incredible art."

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    1. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      --- Small Update ---
      If you're interested in seeing the first draft of the final rules, you can read them here: - and if you have time, please comment on errors and what not.
      Thanks a lot :)
      Best regards Emil

      @Matthew: Thanks a lot Matthew :)

    2. Matthew Hanna on

      Thanks for the update! Its all looking great to me, cant wait to finally have the product in hand. You have always done well keeping your backers informed.

    3. SunTzuGames 4-time creator on

      @Angelika: I'm expecting a crunch period in early December, followed by print and shipping mid-December. Slightly delayed from my initial plan, but in time for some Christmas testing for everyone. I'll write more about it in the next update :)

      @MadScientist: Thanks... and you're right. I've considered that, so hopefully the manufacturer can come up with a solution that is big enough for sleeves, and tight enough that things don't fly around.

      @Kaede: Thanks a lot :)

    4. Angelika Fröhlich on

      Cool, what about the "Barbarian Uprising" Prototypes? :)

    5. MadScientist

      Oh and of course; the cards look great and glad with your plans to ensure clarity in the rulebook.

    6. MadScientist

      You mention a box insert.
      Have you taken into account enough room for sleeved cards?
      If not, please consider this in your design.

    7. Kaede11 on

      Amazing! I have high hopes for this game and every single update makes me proud of being a day 1 backer!

      Plus, I'm the Quote of the day :P