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Enjoy naturally raised Vermont pastured pork, sausages and charcuterie from our butcher shop on-farm shipped to your home.
Enjoy naturally raised Vermont pastured pork, sausages and charcuterie from our butcher shop on-farm shipped to your home.
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USDA Walk Through!


On this past Thursday morning, March 15th 2018, Dr. C, the regional head of meat inspection from the USDA came to view our on-farm butcher shop here at Sugar Mountain Farm. This was the big inspection we've been waiting for!

We've been operating our butcher shop now for about two and a half years under state inspection. Both the USDA and state recommend starting operations at the state level for several years and then upgrading to USDA once any kinks have been smoothed out in operations.

Last August, several months before our two year mark, the local inspectors encouraged us to fill out the paperwork for upgrading from Vermont state inspected to USDA inspected. Once that was done it was a matter of waiting until the stars and snow storms aligned for us to get a chance to go the next step.

This month, prior to the USDA's region head coming to our plant, I had emailed him our HACCP (food safety) plans, forms, label master and other documents and he had emailed me several megabytes of forms to fill out and additional material to read.

This week Dr. C visited our Big Project, right after the third major snow storm of the year. We weren't sure if he would be able to make it up the mountain. We had only gotten about two feet of snow but hadn't gotten plowed out as our mountain road is a lower priority than the major roads. But the plows aligned and our road was clear in time. 

He was here for several hours along with the Vermont head of inspection and our regular in operations inspector - a big crowd in our tiny little butcher shop! I gave them the grand tour - he was very interested and impressed with the design and construction of the building. In addition to looking at the finished portion where we do meat processing I also showed him some of the unfinished building where we'll later build out the slaughter floor. Together we went over operations, our HACCP plan, labels, paperwork and other details. Lots of questions and he approved of all of our innovative methods.

And the big question on your mind... Yes! We passed!

Dr. C said that he will recommend to the USDA national head office that we be approved for the upgrade from Vermont state inspection to federal (USDA) inspection. We now have our establishment number (46195) which will go on our labels and in about two weeks we'll get the official approval. The next issue is getting all of our labels and formulations approved by FSIS at the USDA. Sometime in April we'll officially begin operation as a USDA inspect meat processing facility, a.k.a. a butcher shop, and be able to start shipping our products out-of-state.

Sugar Mountain Farm Master Label with USDA Inspection Mark
Sugar Mountain Farm Master Label with USDA Inspection Mark


It's been a long haul. We've done it, step-by-step, with the help of a lot of people including Kickstarter backers, CSA Pre-Buyers, friends, family and government officials who all made it possible for us to build our own on-farm USDA inspected butcher shop here at Sugar Mountain Farm.

Thank you everyone for all of your help!


Walter Jeffries

PS. Once we have the final labels and formulations approved we will be able to start shipping across state lines. At that point we'll be contact backers to get your final orders. We have a lot of new products like our corned pork, dry rub maple bacon and many varieties of sausages for you to choose from and we'll be including extra meat in your packages as our thank you for all of your support and patience!

Almost to USDA


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USDA Inspection Application In Process


Our USDA application is in process. I have a few items on my list that I'm working on changing in the butcher shop and then we'll have our first official walk-through with the regional head of inspection. I'm hoping that will be this coming month so maybe we'll have USDA inspection before the end of the year and be able to start shipping packages interstate! A big step!

Meanwhile, you might find these two posts about the new Porchetta and Dry Rub Maple Bacon and back story on the whole topic of cured vs uncured natural celery salt cures interesting... 

Once we can start shipping we'll be contacting people to finalize what you would like in your pork packages with options to change things around a bit as we have several new types of sausage, corn pork, dry rub bacon, about to be released salt pork, the porchetta and other goodies in addition to what we had when we first opened under Vermont state inspection.

We've had snow for about two weeks now here on Sugar Mountain. Down in the valleys it is still fall, e.g., no snow, but at our higher elevation we tend to see the white stuff sooner. Hopefully that will be good news for the ski areas. Last year was a normal snow year but the year before was a low snow year.

Happy holidays to everyone!



Official Letter from the USDA


Today received the official letter from the USDA verifying for federal inspection at our on-farm butcher shop assigning us our Establishment Number and Frontline Supervisor.

The next steps are label approval and a visit from the supervisor to review our facility and food safety plan.[1, 2, 3]

Another step along the journey to USDA inspection!

Call from the USDA


Monday afternoon I got a call and an email from the USDA verifying various items on our application for federal inspection at our on-farm butcher shop. A little while later the agent called back to inform me that we had preliminary approval and she would be sending out the official letter which would have our USDA Establishment number and the name of the supervisor for our area. The next step is a visit from the supervisor to review our food safety plan.[1, 2, 3]

One more step along the journey to USDA inspection!