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Enjoy naturally raised Vermont pastured pork, sausages and charcuterie from our butcher shop on-farm shipped to your home.
Enjoy naturally raised Vermont pastured pork, sausages and charcuterie from our butcher shop on-farm shipped to your home.
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Greater New England Backers Contacted

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After completing† Kickstarter packages to Vermont backers we contacted everyone in the great states of NH, ME, MA, RI, CT, NY and NJ - that is to say the greater New England area. If you are in these states but haven't gotten an email from us yet then please let me know by emailing me at so we can connect.

We are still only Vermont state inspected which means we can only deliver within the borders of Vermont. But if you want to meet us along our weekly delivery route or come to the farm we can fill out of state orders now. That saves shipping costs and we'll give you a big bonus of extra meat to enjoy!



†I say completed with a qualification because there are a couple of people who have scheduled their pickups but not yet actually gotten their meat yet.

Vermont Completed


We've now delivered to all† of the Kickstarter backers in Vermont. Thank you to all of you for all of your support! It was great to meet you and hear all the wonderful feedback.

We are now contacting folks in NH, ME, MA, RI, CT and NY to arrange to get pork to those who can meet us on our weekly delivery route within Vermont or come here to the farm. This saves the cost of shipping and makes it happen sooner since we are not yet USDA inspected so we're not able to deliver or ship outside Vermont. But, if you can meet us in Vermont, either along our route or at the farm, then we'll give you an extra big bonus of meat in addition to you being able to get your pork packages sooner. If you are outside those states but going to be in Vermont this summer or fall and want to pickup your meat just let us know.

We've now been butchering in our on-farm butcher shop here at Sugar Mountain Farm for over a year and a half. The systems are getting smooth, wrinkles ironed out and routine's established. The inspector's are very pleased with our facility and how we do the job. 

In the end of March we had our first visit from a USDA inspector. They weren't technically inspecting us but rather they were inspecting the head of the Vermont meat inspection program inspect their area supervisor inspect the inspector at our plant inspect me monitor Ben as he cut and packed meat. Isn't that quite the image! While the USDA was here I got the opportunity to talk with them, show them our facility and get feedback which was great. This was one more baby-step towards us coming under USDA inspection.

Our next step down the road to USDA inspection so that we can begin shipping across state borders is to hang the evaporator for refrigeration in the cutting room. The unit is huge - it will occupy about one quarter of the ceiling space in iCutter. It is a water cooled high efficiency heat pump unit which will keep our electric bill down and drop the cutting room to refrigerator temperatures. So far we've been using the natural coolth systems built into the building. They work amazingly well, keeping the butchery room warm (35°F) in the winter when it is as low as -45°F outdoors and cool (50°F range) in the summer when it gets up to 86°F outdoors. That's pretty amazing given that there is no active heating or cooling of the butcher shop - it's all being done with the thermal mass flywheel I designed into the structure of the building.

50°F is fine for cutting the meat - it is only in the room for a brief time - but being able to have our winter temps year round will make it so that the room can be used as a walk-in cooler. The heat will be pumped into our large hot water pre-heater tank. Waste not, want not. I expect we'll have the evaporator in place in June and then the refrigeration technician will come to charge the system and start it up. After that we'll apply for our USDA inspection license which I'm told takes one to six months.

After the evaporator and a few other things are in place our next butcher shop construction project is finishing off the walk-in freezer, cooler, brine room and cave where we'll setup the initial smokehouse. Watch my blog at for details as the build-out continues.

Thank you again to everyone who's been so supportive and patient in the development of our "Big Project" - the butcher shop at Sugar Mountain Farm


Walter Jeffries

†I say all but there are a few who haven't yet responded to emails, phone calls or postcards. Never fear though! If you're one of those people just contact us at to arrange to get your delicious pork.

Status Update 2017 Winter


I hope you've all been having a good winter. We just got over a foot of snow with more to come in the next couple of days.

This year we have been getting settled with our Vermont State Inspection license and are almost done filling the Vermont Kickstarter rewards. Thanks everyone for all your support and patience and it's been great meeting for meat and then hearing back from all of those of you in Vermont who have already gotten your meat!

Once we're done with Vermont we will be filling those rewards for backers who live in surrounding states who are able to meet us along our delivery route in Vermont or come to the farm for pickup. This will be mostly people in CT, MA, ME, NH, NY and RI but if you will be vacationing in Vermont from further out than that email me ( to let me know if you would like to come by, see the butcher shop and pickup your meat.

On March 31st, 2017 we had our first USDA inspection to check out our facility. That is part of the process leading up to when we apply for our USDA inspection license. The inspectors have told me that it typically takes one to six months after we submit our application before certify us and we will be able to start operating under USDA inspection. 

It's been a long journey and thank you for all of your support and patience. You have helped us along the way.

I say status Update for 2017 Winter because we still have snow! Yes, I realize that most places now are showing green grass. A week ago we still had about 18" of snow on the ground with some patches of earth starting to show. Today it's the reverse with mostly bare ground and patches of snow. Spring is finally arriving here on Sugar Mountain!

Walter Jeffries

Vermont Kickstarters All Contacted


I have finished contacting all of the Kickstarter backers here in Vermont. If you are in Vermont and haven't gotten an email from me about your meat and goodies then please contact me via email at so we can get you your delicious meat and goodies.

Once the Vermont Kickstarter packages are all fulfilled I'll begin contacting people in surrounding states to see who can meet us on our in-state Vermont delivery route. Currently we are just Vermont inspected so that means delivery only within Vermont. I am working on upgrading to the USDA level of inspection which is our next big step in the butcher shop project so we can then deliver and ship out-of-state.

As you get your meat packages you'll notice there is extra meat - a big thank you for everyone's support and patience. There's an extra, extra bonus of meat for those who are able to meet us along our weekly delivery route or pickup here at the farm as that saves the cost of shipping.

20% Discount Pork by-the-cut
20% Discount Pork by-the-cut


With you're meat there are also brochures that I hope you'll pass out to friends and family as well as a 20% discount order form for CSA Pre-Buyers and Kickstarter backers for a future order. A big thank you for all your support! You can click through to a printable version of that special order form. The discount also extends to roasters and whole pigs for CSA Pre-Buyers and Kickstarter backers for 2016 & 2017.

The current construction project inside the butcher shop is we're installing the whole room water cooled refrigeration system for the initial cutting room. This is one of the things I need done for moving up to the USDA level of inspection.

Thank you everyone for all of your support in this huge and long project!


-Walter Jeffries

Sugar Mountain Farm

Things to do with Fresh Belly


Now that we have our Vermont State Inspection at the butcher shop we've been delivering in-state Kickstarter packages. One person recently asked for ideas of what to do with fresh belly. 

The belly which is also called side pork  comes from along the ribs and belly of the pig. Bacon is made from the belly by curing with salt, spices and then smoking. We sell a lot of that in the stores to people who make their own bacon and fresh side pork.

Fresh side pork is simply slicing the fresh belly into bacon like pieces with a knife and then frying them up. Use a very sharp knife and if the belly is a little bit frozen so it is stiff then you will find it easier to slice. Salt and pepper plus your choice of spices or perhaps maple syrup.

To make your own bacon at home there are lots of videos on YouTube:

You can smoke it or not as you like. I just did some with smoked paprika in my spice mix which gives it some of that smoked flavor without having to do smoking.

Here are some other fresh pork belly recipes on YouTube too:

and here's how to make Chicharrons too with the skin if you want to separate them - I leave the skin on my bacon:

If you haven't gotten your Kickstarter package and you're in Vermont then I'll be contacting you over the next months to verify timing for delivery. Most people are meeting us along our route or if they're right on our route we're doing home delivery. In both cases I put some extra pork in to thank you for saving us the cost of shipping as well as some extra for all your patience and support in the building of the butcher shop.

For folks outside Vermont we will start shipping their packages after we complete Vermont and get our USDA inspection which is required for shipping interstate.

If you haven't recently check out the Butcher Shop Page to see how the project turned out and thank you everyone for your support and your patience!