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Enjoy naturally raised Vermont pastured pork, sausages and charcuterie from our butcher shop on-farm shipped to your home.
Enjoy naturally raised Vermont pastured pork, sausages and charcuterie from our butcher shop on-farm shipped to your home.
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    1. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      As we await our license for USDA inspection which will allow us to start shipping to backers outside Vermont we've been moving forward with other projects. Check out this post that goes into the details about how bacon labeling is regulated...
      And this post about pigs with handles...!

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      Bruce King on

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    3. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      Nina, I appreciate your support and your patience. Building a butcher shop to USDA regulations is a complex process. Both the federal and the state inspection heads recommend that new meat processing facilities, e.g., butcher shops, start out as state inspected and operate that way for a while to get the systems running smoothly with food safety. During that time as Vermont inspected we have been delivering to backers within Vermont for the past two years as was explained in the original project description. In July I applied for our USDA / Federal inspection license and that is now pending. Once we have the license we'll be able to deliver outside Vermont. Before we ship to you we'll contact you by email to make sure you'll be home and ready to receive your package. Cheers, -Walter

    4. Nina Davis on

      It's not that I've sat around doing nothing for the last 6 years waiting for my reward for my $100 contribution, but the biggest thing I haven't done is fund any more kickstarter projects when I don't personally know the person. Being burned for this much my first time at the rodeo was probably a cheap lesson. Thanks Walter.

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      Bruce King on

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      Bruce King on

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      Bruce King on

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      Bruce King on

      more than a month has passed since I asked about your USDA plans Mr. Jefferies. I respectfully request the courtesy of a response. This is posted June 24th, 2017.

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      David Willis on

      So awesome to see this all come together, I know it's not going as fast as you thought but keep up the good work! It has been inspiring watching it all happen.

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      Bruce King on

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      Bruce King on

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      Bruce King on

      Walter, you're years behind your own schedule for USDA slaughter. Please write an update on what is stopping you from applying, or if you have decided not to pursue that part of your project, why you have made that decision.

      You've stated that you want your project to help others do the same. Part of the learning lesson you can provide is when things don't go as you planned. Write it up, please.

      I'm posting this request on May 3rd, 2017.

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      Bruce King on

      Walter, I understand from your "winter update 2017" that you have not yet applied for your USDA license. One of your stated goals in this project was to provide a template for other people to do the same thing - you should write about why you haven't applied, and the steps you're taking in detail to fulfill your goal to your backers.

    14. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      Great news! We have almost completed filling the Vermont Kickstarter orders and had our first USDA walk through recently. I'll write more about that soon! Thanks everyone for all your support and patience and it's been great meeting for meat and then hearing back from all of those of you in Vermont who have already gotten your meat! Cheers, -Walter

    15. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      This year we have been getting settled with our Vermont State Inspection license and are almost done filling the Vermont Kickstarter rewards. Next we will be filling those rewards for backers who live in surrounding states who are able to meet us along our delivery route in Vermont or come to the farm for pickup. In April we are expecting that we will have our first USDA inspection which is part of the process leading up to when we apply for our USDA inspection license and then in one to six months they certify us and we will be able to start operating under USDA inspection.

      It's been a long journey and thank you for all of your support and patience. You have helped us along the way.


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      Mefw on

      How are things going at the butcher shop? Any more news on improvements/USDA certification?

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      Alan M. on

      Anything new on the USDA federal inspection?

    18. Bo Muller-Moore on

      I just met Ben, in Montpelier, for my "gift" for giving to the kickstarter fund. It was more than generous and more than delicious. The Chorizo Sausage is the best! It was such a treat. Yes...the "EAT MORE KALE" guy "eats more pork"...(when I know where it's coming from and how it's raised).

    19. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      Hi Judi, We've been working on fulfilling Vermont Kickstarter orders and your name is coming up soon on the list. I'll be emailing you directly to arrange delivery. Thank you for all your support. Cheers, -Walter

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      judi buczkowski on

      Walter, Still waiting, but getting impatient. When might you ship to high end backers in Vermont?

    21. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      I was just talking with the inspector today about when we'll get our USDA license and what needs to be done to get there. They're saying two to six months time frame.

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      Alan M. on

      Just curious... What is the status of applying to the USDA for federal inspection?

    23. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      Deb, when I look at your Backer Info it says you're in Lebanon, NH. if you correct that it will save confusion. You can edit that in your Kickstarter Profile. Cheers, -Walter

    24. Missing avatar

      Deb Wallis on

      Gee Walter ... I don't think they moved my town out of Vermont.

    25. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      Hi Deb, Thank you for your support. Yes, we are up and running with the butcher shop and started filling kickstarter orders last fall and have continued over the winter slowly working our way through the backers. We have begun with those in Vermont since we are currently only Vermont state inspected. Then we'll start doing people in surrounding states like your self who can meet us along our weekly delivery route. Again, thank you for your support in our big project. Cheers, -Walter

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      Deb Wallis on

      Four years ago today .... I donated. I did read the original description of the project, I did understand it. I thought it was a Kickstarted project .. not a donation. For a long time I thought Sugar Mountain would honor the Kickstarter commitment. It has never happened. I notice you celebrate your milestones and are up and running. I am respectful and considerate person. I understand when things happen and timelines change. But really, this project seems to be a fundraiser without benefits. I would have liked to know that going in.

    27. Missing avatar

      judi buczkowski on

      The website is down? What's going on?

    28. Missing avatar

      TimB21 on

      Walter's been "almost there" for quite awhile. I honestly believe he's an eternal optimist and not a crook.

    29. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      Deb, perhaps you didn't read the original description of the project or understand it. Our farm has been raising pastured pigs and selling our pastured pork for over a decade. This Kickstarter project is about helping to finance the construction of our own on-farm butcher shop for cutting the meat and making sausage - something we currently have to hire out to an outside butcher.

      We are almost there and when we having state inspection we'll begin delivering within the state of Vermont and then later when we have USDA inspection we'll start shipping outside Vermont as discussed in the original project description.

      We appreciate all the support of those who've helped along the way, both here on Kickstarter and our existing customers.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,


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      Deb Wallis on

      Yea, I don't think so. I backed this project with $117. That was years ago.
      I have received NOTHING!!!!

      I am making my Christmas breakfast with farmers market local bacon that is delicious.
      I'm not sure how good anything would taste when it comes from money taken from others,
      I don't recommend that anyone buy from this vendor, as he is selling off this website now.
      Kickstarter is a site for trust and building with the help of others.
      Please don't trust this vendor to deliver, he doesn't.

    31. Missing avatar

      Derek Chu on

      It looks like Sugar Mtn. is targeting deliveries to Kickstarter supporters by Dec. 31, 2014.

      On their Web site, , they state that cash has been rather tight: "Since banks have not been lending we are bootstrapping the construction from our savings, farm’s cash flow, sale of assets like our dump truck and selling CSA Pre-Buys where customers get free processing in exchange for buying early and generous loans from several area business, customers and other individuals."

      To contact Walter directly:
      "For some reason Kickstarter's system isn't sending messages to me so I didn't get a note that a backer had sent recently. You can always reach me at which is my direct email address"

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      Maureen Brodoff on

      You have not posted an update and expected shipping date since November. If you are still planning to meet your commitment to Kickstarter backers, it would be helpful if you would post something indicating if so and when.

    33. Missing avatar

      Deb Wallis on

      I pledged to this project in April 2012. I thought the delivery in Dec 2012 was going to happen. It didn't. And it didn't happen during 2013. And now, in 2014, it still hasn't happened. I have had such fun investing in other Kickstarter projects that delivered exactly what (and when) then promised. Today I unsubscribed from Butcher Shop updates. It just feels that you took the money two years ago and didn't deliver ..... I am very disappointed. I hope the other 368 backers were more satisfied. It wasn't fun at all investing in your project. I don't think you are a Kickstarter success, and hope you are being more honest and fair in other parts of your business. Is there somewhere I can tell Kickstarter what I think???

    34. Missing avatar

      TimB21 on

      Thank you so much for the date and schedule update. :)

    35. Kevin K. Hull on

      Great update! Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to your pigs, or parts thereof, visiting my grill in Baja next spring...

    36. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      I've posted an updated on expected shipping dates and construction schedule. It is Update #94 which leads to my blog where there are lots of details. We're down to just one page of To-Do items to complete for to be ready to open the butcher shop and start shipping rewards.

    37. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      There have been updates in the past about dates and deliveries. The updates on Kickstarter are currently tracking construction since that is what is happening right now. Obviously construction must be completed and we have to get our licenses to be able to ship out meat. I'll do an update about shipping tomorrow that addresses this in more detail.

    38. Kevin K. Hull on

      I have been following the updates on Kickstarter too (though, I do not have it in me to be reading the blog too). Just does not seem to be anything recent in the Kickstarter updates squarely addressing the problem of the long overdue deliveries. It looks like you offer meat for sale. So why isn't it being shipped to the Kickstarter backers? Are there any options? Realistic estimates of timing?

    39. Missing avatar

      TimB21 on

      I've not missed the updates but as we've discussed this privately I'll let it go. :)

    40. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      I'm sorry if you've somehow missed the updates. Check the updates section of the Kickstarter project and check my blog for all the past updates on our project. We continue to move forward. Some things were more complicated and took longer than anticipated but we continue to move forward.

    41. Missing avatar

      TimB21 on

      I'm abandoning hope on this project. I've been involved in 8 Kickstarter projects, sure there are unexpected hiccups along the way and they rarely ship onetime but updates have always included apologies, explanations and new estimates which have been met. I've just received an awesome 10 year hoodie from a hugely oversubscribed campaign and I'm delighted with it. Here, not so much. I see progress however its clear that you've bitten off more than you could chew (no pun intended), I've politely asked for date updates and received nothing in the past year. You've missed your deadline by over a year and still no explanation, no apology, no estimates. Of all the Kickstarters I've been involved with this was the one I was most excited about however this is the last time I invest in this kind of business.

    42. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      We are making progress, slowly but surely. We did the last big structural concrete pour recently which you can check out here:

      We're working on the interior stuff. I'm doing plumbing right now and testing floor coatings. I'll keep posting as we make progress.

    43. Missing avatar

      TimB21 on

      Walter we're almost at the three month mark you mentioned below, any progress on dates for the food rewards to get shipped?

    44. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      Not yet. They won't do the inspection for the license until we finish the space. I was just talking with the Vermont head of meat inspection this week on this and other topics. He too is looking forward to when we will be up and running. We're planning to get together soon informally so he can check our progress. Probably after we complete this concrete work and maybe the next one which is the final floors. I think we're still three months away from inspection looking at my to-do list.

    45. Missing avatar

      TimB21 on

      Any word on state and federal inspection dates and related rewards? :)


    46. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      I apologize for the delay. We've been cranking so hard to get closed in for winter. Now that we are able to work indoors I've been working on lining up the non-meat rewards and getting them ready for shipping. I hope to send them out within the next few weeks. We shipped some already this month.

    47. Missing avatar

      Sadie Parker

      Do you have any updates on when the $27 backers will get their rewards? The estimated delivery date is listed as June 2012 but I'm still waiting.

    48. Walter Jeffries Creator on

      Hi George, and we are thankful to you and everyone for all the help! Rewards vary in when they'll ship depending on what they are. See the reward's column at right. At the bottom of each one it gives an estimated month of delivery. Right now I'm working on setting up the first thing, the "Sponsor's Web" page which everyone at the $5 and above gets. There's a slight hitch I hadn't know about before the project ended and that is Kickstarter only lets the project creator send out one survey per pledge level. I've been working my way up through the levels creating and sending out the surveys. Some of the rewards, e.g., those involving meat from our farm done in our facility, will get filled when we have the necessary inspection (i.e., state for local and federal for those rewards shipping over state lines.) But, in the mean time we'll be sending out the thank you post cards as we get addresses in from the surveys and I'm about to put up the downloadable files too. Stay tuned for that update tonight.

    49. George Baker III on

      Walter, i am glad i could be a part of this and so glad you received your funding. keep the updates coming. i never heard about how or when the rewards would be sent out. have they been sent or are you in the process??? thanks george

    50. Ricky Parker on

      Best of luck on your venture!

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