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Insanely delicious artisan marshmallows handcrafted with the finest ingredients, no corn syrup, and top-shelf booze!
Insanely delicious artisan marshmallows handcrafted with the finest ingredients, no corn syrup, and top-shelf booze!
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    1. Carla on

      must....resist...placing...another...order...gahhhhh!! I've promised myself that I will order when I've lost my next 10 that means that I need to get on it quick before I can't order the "Kiss and Tell"!!! MUST...HAVE...WILLPOWER!!!!!

    2. Jo on

      Mmmm, "Kiss and Tell" sounds AMAZING!! (The name as per your FB page) I'll definitely have to try those!

    3. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Hi Susan! I'm stuffing my face with a few right now. They're so good. I need to double up on a gym membership.
      We're forecasting a website debut of mid-week of next. We might have a soft opening just for the Kickstarter pledgers a few days before that. Lots and lots going on behind the scenes!

    4. Susan Ator on

      Oh. My. Goodness. Yes, I *will* have to try that. Do you have a time frame for when you think you'll get your online store up?

    5. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Yay for yummy fruity puffs! Glad you enjoyed your fruity trio (again). We'll be rolling out a Love Day flavor shortly: pomegranate, St. Germain liqueur (elderflower), with a kiss of rose water. It's ah-may-zing.

    6. Susan Ator on

      My order came in today and I did the right thing getting "back that razz up" without the chocolate. You can really smell and taste the raspberry. I just love these. I got the raspberry, strawberry and lemon. They are just the best!

    7. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Hi Susan! Just sent you an invoice, thanksabunch :) All the other kickstarters must be thinking the same thing about the free shipping cut-off, 'cuz we got a *huge* surge of reorders this weekend. We're making a ton of fresh batches today and should have out most orders by Wednesday or Thursday.

      Thanks guys, we heart you all!

    8. Susan Ator on

      How soon should I expect an email response to a new order? I just realized I'm getting close to the cutoff for the free shipping for orders +$25!

    9. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Whoo! You guys are keeping us busy with your reorders, vacation say what?! No, we love it - thanks for keeping the fire burning while we continue to work on our website, develop our February flavors (soooo romantic, dahlink), and churn out even more sweets for a few more local events we've been invited to attend.

      Sidenote: if you've placed an order and I haven't responded within a day, please resend to! I left out a letter of my email in my last update so some of you got bouncebacks, but some of you are just waiting around like, "so, yeah, what's up Jenna?"

      Keep on puffin'!

    10. Carla on

      Jenna, I just got my new order and the Nola Baby with pecans are most awesome! My son liked the ones with bacon, but they really didn't do anything for me...however, the pecan ones...mmmmmmmmm!!

    11. Carla on

      Jo, hubby was telling me he 'hoped that I got something exciting in the mail today' was hoping that I'd get my mallows and that I'd share ;)

    12. Jo on

      Boyfriend's brittle arrived in the mail today. I don't think I've ever seen him as excited as he was for a package to arrive!

    13. Carrie L Rutherford on

      Order two off and running from me too!
      Seriously I NEED more brittle!

    14. Silver on

      Order #2 sent. :)

    15. Jenna Keys Creator on

      @Jay...wha, wha, you're not waiting by your inbox anticipating my every update?! I jest, I jest :) To stop receiving updates, there's a link at the very end of each email that says: "Unsubscribe from this project's updates with one click." Just click and unsubscribe and you're good to go.

      Glad you loved your marshmallows and our project! Cheers!

    16. Jay Welshofer on

      I loved the marshmallows - great Kickstarter project. How do I stop receiving updates?

    17. Jo on

      Yay!! Can't wait to order more NOLA babies, bacon style!

    18. Jenna Keys Creator on

      @Jo, I think you'll be pleased to know that we decided to offer the NOLA Baby two ways: with bacon or with candied pecans. Thanks for your suggestion!

    19. Jenna Keys Creator on

      @Silver, whoo! Bourbonberry all day!

    20. Silver on

      Nice going! I'll be ordering some more 'mallows and brittles once it's possible. Bourbonberry FTW! :)

    21. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Thank you, Carla! Yay us! :::doing that whole clapping in a continuous circle to signify a round of applause thingy:::

      We're gonna work on getting a temporary menu together with some last minute refinements to substitute a website front for now. Do stay tuned!

    22. Carla on

      Woot! Congrats, Jenna and team, for a job well done!!! I'm eagerly looking forward to the news on how/when I can order additional mallows! :)

    23. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Bur, I have actually been to said food court in London and have tried said silky marshmallows, so all I have to say is YESSSssss - thanks for the *massive* compliment!

      BTW, sharing? That's for first graders. Let 'em get their own damn puffs ;)

    24. Bur on

      I got my package in yesterday, and wow! The only place I have tasted such a silky marshmallow was at Harrod's food court in London. So far I've tried the lemon, strawberry, and bacon ones (I know, NOLA isn't just bacon, but my goodness was that little bit of salt just the perfect thing to bring out the rest of the flavors in it), and each has been amazing. ...I... I don't know if I can share...

    25. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Ciao, Andres! Grazie mille!

    26. Missing avatar

      Andres Zanzani

      Hi from Italy

      delicius marshmallows just arrived!

      thanks again !


    27. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Hey Jo! Hmmm...something to consider :)

    28. Jo on

      I don't know if it would be a bigger hassle for you, but maybe you could consider offering NOLA with either bacon or pecans. I know Boyfriend and I love it with the bacon though. =o)

    29. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Hi Susan! The bacon for the NOLA was always meant to be temporary, and although we're pleased that it's at the top of most "yay" lists, there are other considerations too, like maximizing shelf life for bigger scale production, etc. We will have plenty of options for our bacon lovers in our Brittles, though - The Filthy Pig will continue its reign!

    30. Susan Ator on

      Jenna, you should probably keep the Nola baby recipe the way it is since there are people who love it. There will always be favorites with people. Don't let the "nay" reviews change it since there are (I'm sure) plenty of "yay" reviews. Different strokes and all that. I think my personal favorites are the "you fancy, huh", "happy holidaze", "lemonage a trois" and the raspberry (but without the chocolate). Those will always be on my "to buy" list.

    31. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Hi Susan! Excellent, thorough feedback, thank you! In regards to the NOLA Baby, that is the one flavor we've gotten mixed reviews about. Some people are head over heels crazy for it, others indifferent, a few just outright didn't like it. The original recipe is with candied pecans (my famous pralines recipe) instead of the bacon, which we wanted to try for our Kickstarter to give 'em a special kick. But, we planned to revert back to the candied pecans afterwards and we're definitely gonna keep to that. :)

    32. Susan Ator on

      Mmmmm. "Ghost ride the whip" makes a wonderful snacking marshmallow. I wouldn't want to put it in hot chocolate but it would probably be lovely on a cookie or in some other way. Me? I'll just eat 'em straight out of the bag. "Lemonage a trois" is the most fragrant, smooth and luscious marshmallow. Definitely on my "to buy" list. The "hella frangelica" was the most subtle in taste and I didn't really taste the frangelica but it is a nice vanilla marshmallow.

    33. Susan Ator on

      Mine came in today! I haven't been able to try them all yet but so far this is what I have tried.

      The "you fancy, huh" is the most absolutely strawberry perfection of a marshmallow. At first I thought the flavor was too subtle but then it blossomed. Very lovely, and definitely on my "to buy" list. Good in hot chocolate or straight out of the bag. "Happy holidaze" is a wonderful peppermint mallow. Not too strong but the peppermint flavor was really pure. It is an EXCELLENT choice for hot chocolate. Perfect, really. "Back that razz up" was too cold for me to truly get a sense of the chocolate/raspberry combo. I'm going to let it come to room temp. and try again but I'm thinking the chocolate does kind of overwhelm the raspberry a bit. Still lovely and the raspberry will go in the "to buy" list as well. "Nola, baby" didn't really work for me. I think the idea of the candied bacon was better than the reality but that is really a personal preference. It may just be the texture in a marshmallow didn't work for me but the flavor of the marshmallow was excellent.

      Of the brittle, I got samples of both "bourbonberry" and "stout daddy". Both of these are excellent but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the "stout daddy". Perfect combo of flavors, nuts and texture.

      Looking forward to trying the "ghost ride the whip", "hella frangelica" and "lemonage a trois".

      All in all, another wonderfully successful kickstarter project I am thrilled to have supported. Jenna, you can definitely count me in as a regular customer when you get your online store going!

    34. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Good morning gang! Haha, you guys are too much :). Elaine & Amanda, I'm so glad you're enjoying your candy! We're moving right along with Tier C, projected completion time: Monday the 7th. I'll send an update then to confirm final shipments (omg, talk about poppin' some bottles!), info on how you can order more, and some general updates on our progress (we found the most awesome commercial kitchen space, yo!)

      Feeling really good about Sugar Knife these days, yes we are. You all made this happen for us.

    35. Susan Ator on

      Jenna, you do realize you'll need to keep us informed of a storefront we can all order from because we WILL be ordering more.

    36. Jo on

      soooo... I second Carla's sentiments. And Boyfriend keeps asking when we can get more of that Filthy Pig... Please say we can order more of your boozy sweets!

    37. Carla on I was wondering how the Tier C mallow orders were coming?'s not like I'm greedy or anything, especially since I already got my KS mallows, but I was just starting to get a craving for more mallows...and, yeah, I was kinda wondering if, when the Tier C mallows are all shipped, if we'd, maybe, just possibly, be able to put in our next order?

    38. Elaine and Bobby Cowley on

      Package arrived today and I broke into the chocolate covered raspberry. This is the most wonderful marshmallow ever! I am even thinking about hiding them from my husband! Shame on me (kinda). Will certainly buy more in the future! CONGRATULATIONS!

    39. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      Jenna, your marshmallows are amazing! I didn't even get a chance to try the Back That Razz Up because my husband ate them all so fast. What really surprised me was how delicious the Filthy Pig brittle is. I must have more!

    40. Jenna Keys Creator on

      @Susan, pleased be, ma'am!

    41. Susan Ator on

      OMG! Thanks Jenna!

    42. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Hi Susan! We've been shipping out Tier C folks all week; your package went out on the 2nd. So, any day now you should be getting your stash (party at the Ator house!)

    43. Susan Ator on

      Hey Jenna, any thought on when you might start shipping out tier C? Not that I'm *anxious* about it or anything.

    44. Jenna Keys Creator on

      Hi Rick,

      Absolutely fabulous!

      Please tell your boys to feel free to contact me if they'd like to know more about either my puff making or Kickstarter experience. I'm more than happy to share my thoughts and am honored to have been an inspiration in any way.

      There is just simply no such thing as too many marshmallows in the world. Puff on!

    45. Jenna Keys Creator on

      @Carla, wonderful - just wonderful!

      So happy you enjoyed the flavors and I am tickled pink thinking of the family round table of marshmallow taste testers. Did you guys have scorecards, too? :) Yup, I totally agree about the Back That Razz Up - it's actually my daughter's favorite flavor sans chocolate as well 'cuz, in her words, "the raspberry gets everywhere all over your tongue." So, we did decide we'll leave the chocolate out after Kickstarter but give the option to have any flavor dipped in chocolate as an add-on. We aim to please!

      I'm honored that we were part of some family fun and hope to be part of many more family bonding moments in your future :)

      p.s. YES! Definite, concrete plans to sell both Hot Cocoa and S'mores Gift Packs in the future. You know I'm gonna make these look awesome, right?!

    46. Jenna Keys Creator on

      @Amanda: yay, we love the lifers, haha! Glad you enjoyed them and thanks again for supporting local. Go Yay Area, go!

    47. Missing avatar

      Richard Kerr on

      Jenna, these are Awesome! I've shared with family & friends and everyone praises. My two boys are now talking about how they can both make their own marshmallows and create their own kickstarter project. Thanks for the tasty treats and inspiration! -Rick

    48. Carla on

      Jenna, just got my marshmallows today and shared them with my man and my man liked your facebook page and recommended you to a friend of his before I could even get on my computer! Honestly, they were absolutely amazing! We haven't tried the brittle samples yet, but we had a taste testing party with the different flavors of mallows. Here are the results:
      "Lemonage à Trois" - These were my favorite of the samples...I loved the lemony burst of flavor that hit as soon as I slipped it into my mouth.
      "NOLA Baby" - My son loved this one...he agrees with those who think that bacon goes with absolutely anything.
      "Hella Frangelica" – This was also one that I absolutely loved. Hazelnut and vanilla are two of my favorite flavors and they really played well together in these awesome bits of wonderful.
      "Ghost Ride the Whip" - We all agreed that this one was a keeper, maybe because we all love pistachio?
      "Happy Holidaze" - These were amazing bits of mint awesomeness. They were so awesome that even my mint-hating man had a second one! Now that's something to write home about!
      "You Fancy, Huh?" and "Back That Razz Up" - I don't even have words to describe these. These are the two flavors that I ordered and I was spot on when I did. I was also batting 1000 when I asked that you leave the dark chocolate off the raspberry ones. Don't get me wrong, I love dark chocolate, but these babies don't need anything to perk up the flavor. When you offer them on your online store, I would definitely offer them without the dressing as they have the most amazing flavor and it would be a crime to overpower it!

      Everything about your product, from the handwritten thank-you note to the care instructions to the beautiful packaging just screamed what a success you will make of this. I'm waiting im(patiently) for your online store, though I'm happy that you are waiting it until all the orders here are done.

      PS Are you still looking at expanding to hot cocoa kits in the future????

    49. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      Just got my marshmallows today (they arrived a few days ago, but were left at my BF's store while it was closed for the holidays). The packaging is a great touch, very professional. I've tried two of the flavors so far (Lemonage a Trois and Back That Razz Up) and I am absolutely in love! Super thrilled that this is all coming together for you, Jenna, and I'm anxiously awaiting your online store! You've definitely got a customer for life, here~ :3

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